• Transfers for Sept. 30 to Oct. 2


  • DOROTHY DRIVE 117: $80,000, Walter Bertot to Walter Solis.
  • JEANNE DRIVE 136: donation, no value stated, Ireyania J. Kelly to Elaine Robertson.
  • JUNE DRIVE 184: $20,000, Succession of Florio D. Barreiro and Clara M. Barreiro to Pearl Homes Construction Co. Inc.


  • ANTHONY LANE 4942: $280,000, Craig E. Degruise and Karry O. Degruise to Ryan Guidry.


  • ENGELBACK SUBDIVISON, LOT 6, PLOT B: donation, no value stated, Grand Isle Property Management LLC to Laine P. Landry and Bridgett B. Landry.


  • 10TH ST. 1122: $123,000, Alvin H. Dugas Sr., Alvin H. Dugas Jr. and Sherri D. Scheid to CSSV LLC.
  • CEDAR WOOD AVE. 1912: donation, no value stated, Lee S. Ragas to Carol A. Hummel Selvidge.
  • CRESTVIEW OFFICE AND INDUSTRIAL PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 39, 41-A, SQUARE 20: $375,000, Jessie’s Properties LLC to Rylee & Jayden Investments LLC.
  • EVERGREEN DRIVE 601: $195,000, Lisa Foret Fite Goodwyne to William R. Magsig and Melinda S. Magsig.
  • FAIRLAWN DRIVE 526: $113,000, Lloyd J. Autin and succession of Anetta S. Autin to Brandon Granger and Shelby G. Granger.
  • HOMEDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT 4, SQUARE 5: $120,000, Roy A. Boudreaux III to Mary M. Cuenca.
  • HUEY P. LONG AVE. 2000: $80,000, Milton L. Crosby Sr. and Jacqueline L. Crosby to Good Hope Baptist Church of Gretna.
  • KENNEDY DRIVE 104: $189,000, Jill I. Myers, Shayne I. Meyers and Kay I. Smith to Tracy J. Schultz.
  • KINGSWAY DRIVE WEST 949: $162,000, Perry Alexis Jr. and Spencine H. Alexis to Marianne Gieger.
  • MARIE DRIVE 50: $186,000, Kenneth J. Donewar to Michael P. Hoyt and Nicole B. Hoyt.
  • MONROE ST. 1112: $270,000, Dwayne P. Plaisance and Maria R. Plaisance to Jack P. Bradley.
  • NINTH ST. 910: $133,000, Adam J. Cook and Desire L. Cook to Joyce B. Kinler.
  • PETERS ANNEX SUBDIVISION, LOT J: $112,500, Fraser Rental Properties LLC to Derrick J. Gunn Jr.
  • SEVENTH ST. 1001-03: $115,000, Succession of Leoncia Callais C. Dongen to Drooksee LLC.
  • SOUTHWOOD WEST SUBDIVISION, LOT 12, SQUARE 1: $199,000, Eugene C. Geary and Julie A. Geary to Euton H. Blackhall.
  • SURFWOOD DRIVE 2917: donation, no value stated, Bradley J. Barrios to Judith P. Barrios.
  • TOWN OF MCDONOGHVILLE SUBDIVISION, LOT 15, SQUARE 120: $59,000, Jefferson Financial Credit Union to Jerome G. McBride Jr.
  • WALL BLVD. 315: $144,000, Betty B. Cruse to Beverly B. Brooks and Leslie W. Brooks.


  • EIGHT ST. 1525: $340,000, Dawson LLC to Salvadore J. Saputo.
  • ESTALOTE AVE. 1619: donation, no vaue stated, Leroy J. Poche and Diamond Poche to Richard Blatcher Jr. and Kendril C. Blatcher.
  • FAIRMONT DRIVE 501: $200,000, Succession of Felicia T. Ditta, Phyllis A. Ditta, Lillian D. Uhl, Carlo J. Ditta, Shelly R. D. Doucet, Joseph C. Ditta III and Nicole A. D. Ciaccio to Albert P. Gaude III and Rosalyn R. Ditta.
  • JOSEPH RATHBORNE LAND COMPANY SUBDIVISION, LOT 1-A, SQUARE B: $450,000, Rathborne Properties LLC to Executive Holdings LLC.
  • LAQUINTA VIA 2036: $165,000, Thanh M. Nguyen to Tin M. Nguyen.
  • NATHAN KORMAN DRIVE 3856: $2,815 and other good and valauble consideration, U. S. Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • OAKMERE DRIVE 2320: $55,000, Jefferson Financial Credit Union to Bayou Investments of New Orleans LLC.
  • RED CEDAR LANE 3704: $135,000, Maurice N. Washington and Sharon W. Washington to Brenton A. Clement.
  • SAULET PLACE 2049: $138,000, Donald W. Thompson and Bridgitt M. Thompson to Kwovadus F. Ford.
  • STALL DRIVE 1808: $139,500, Crystal Do to Justin Raymond.
  • WOODLAND WEST SUBDIVISION, LOT 215-A, SQUARE 50: $189,000, Succession of Harry N. Danos Sr. and Claris L. Danos to Leslie F. Nolden.


  • PLANTATION ST. 1962: $240,000, Byron J. Despaux Jr. and Mindy B. Despaux to Slade A. Rogers Sr. and Mandy B. Rogers.


  • AMES FARMS SUBDIVISION, LOT XY-A-1: $1,533,334, DMM Holdings LLC to McVey Properties 9 LLC.
  • AMES FARMS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 6A, 9A, 10A, 13A, 14A, 20A: no value stated, David V. Adler and Jeannie Radosta to Henry Radosta Jr. Estate.
  • AVENUE A 1329: $139,000, Tanya B. Reeves to Brandi E. Tregre.
  • AVENUE C 1345: $157,000, William F. Buquoi and Thelma C. Buquoi revocable living trust to Karon P. Evans and Zelma S. Evans.
  • BARATARIA BLVD. 7651: $208,500, Masmenio P. Mueller III and Julie B. Mueller to Stephanie M. Rogers and Dearl W. Rudisaile Jr.
  • CARDINAL DRIVE 2841: $134,500, Kevin Faucheaux to Adam J. Prestenbach.
  • CONOR COURT 2845: $123,000, CWABS Inc. Asset-Backed Certficates Series 2006-20 to David Jones and Alise Breaux.
  • GOLDEN HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT 8, SQUARE Q: $78,000, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Tuyet T. Vu.
  • JUNG BLVD. 1014: $70,000, James E. Batiste and Trenette M. Elliott to Lan Dinh.
  • LONG BRANCH DRIVE 2589: $130,000, Tricia S. Skaggs to Jessica L. Santos.
  • MARRERO ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 17, SQUARE 6: $60,000, Elmo J. Chauvin and Laurie A. P. Chauvin to Wayne P. Breaux.
  • MOUNT KENNEDY DRIVE 2900: $75,000, Quick Pawn Inc. to Tina Nguyen.
  • OAKLEAF DRIVE 2733: $65,000, Federal Home Laon Mortgage Corp. to Armstrong Construction & Realty Inc.
  • RANCH ACRES EXTENSION SUBDIVISION, LOT 9, SQUARE 12: $45,200, Federal National Mortgage Association to New Beginning Homes LLC.
  • WYOMING DRIVE 2624: $140,000, Rodney V. Breaux Jr. to Christopher C. Calamari and Monika Calamari.


  • DEERFIELD ROAD 556: $135,000, Sandra P. Catalanotto, Paul M. Catalanotto and Chris J. Catalanotto to Daniel C. Flores and Olga C. Flores.
  • TERRYTOWN NO. 7 SUBDIVISION, LOT 41, SQUARE 118: donation, no value stated, Paul G. Caronna to Nathalie Y. Stegeman.


  • JEAN ST. 261: $25,000, Nemour A. Breaud Jr., Diane B. Spencer, Nona B. Beasley, Antoinette B. Troxler, Brenda B. Boudreaux and Lisa Breaux to Milton F. Spencer.
  • N. DARYL COURT 22: $177,000, Albert A. Gros and Tara H. Gros to Ricardo F. Rey and Esther J. P. Rey.


  • BARBE DRIVE 1216: $222,000, Patrick K. Melancon and Ellen G. Melancon to Rhonda L. Jenkins.
  • BAYOU SEGNETTE SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $10,000, J. Burton LeBlanc Jr. to Gulf Properties Ltd.
  • CHIPLEY ST. 1220: $177,500, Lyris J. Romero Jr. and Rhonda Z. Romero to Travis C. Barker.
  • FLORAL ACRES SUBDIVISION, LOT 325, SQUARE 26: $194,599, U.S. Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
  • LECOMPTE DRIVE 1328: $112,244, Christine M. Duplessis to Gina M. Victoriano.
  • N. BETTY ST. 120: $58,103, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Yvette M. Guidry.
  • SALAVILLE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 54, 56: $65,000, City of Westwego to Weihong Zhu and Hang T. Truong.
  • VIC A. PITRE DRIVE 601: $35,000, Kevin S. Gaubert and Sherry L. Gaubert to Nora E. Adkiins.