• Transfers for May 20 to May 27


  • BAILEY ST. 126: $200,000, Gayle J. Dommer and John C. Reetz to Cheryl B. Pigott and Karl J. Burkhardt.
  • HALSEY DRIVE 258: $142,000, Gerald Kimball and Dawleen Kimball to Kristin A. Gardner.
  • OK AVE. 61: $225,000, John V. Valenza III to Heather Riley.
  • REN-PASS AVE. 157: $53,000, Ronald S. Scioneaux, Patricia S. Houin and Kimberly S. Held to 85 Sedgefield LLC.
  • RIVER OAKS PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE 4: $4,500, Cynthia Hale to Melanie C. Bertucci.
  • ROYLAND SUBDIVISION , PORTION OF LOT 7, SQUARE 6: donation, no value stated, Deborah B. Kennedy, Tammy B. Seals, Lynnell Bordelon and Michelle B. Young to Shirley B. Castigliola.


  • IRIS AVE. 320: $185,000, Kevin J. Clark Sr. to Alexander D. Sloss.
  • JEFFERSON HEIGHTS AVE. 350: $315,000, Ernest R. Stierwald Sr. and Ivy C. Stierwald to Laurence J. Durante and Melinda A. Durante.
  • ORLEANS PARKWAY SUBDIVISION, LOT 2-A, SQUARE H: $464,000, Ronald A. Barnes and Linda B. Barnes to Jason A. Clement and Ashley C. Clement.


  • 21ST ST. 2505: donation, no value stated, Barbara C. Bunker to Korey R. Barbetta.
  • 29TH ST. 813: $17,000, Credo LLC to Krista M. Lezcano.
  • ALABAMA AVE. 4000: $62,000, Loi T. Dang and Hein T. K. Tran to MLT Holdings LLC.
  • ARIZONA AVE. 4009: donation, no value stated, Adam W. Clifton to Adam W. Lalumia.
  • ARKANSAS AVE. 3501: $60,000, David L. Stallings and Gloria S. Mayfield to Richard C. Gieseler Sr. and Richard C. Gieseler.
  • AVANT GARDE CIRCLE 161: $96,800, Frank E. Raab and Judy P. Raab to Maria R. Morantine.
  • AVANT GARDE CIRCLE 63: $70,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony J. Schlosser III and Robin A. Schlosser.
  • CAMELIA GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOT 37, SQUARE C: $165,500, Suisse First Boston Heat 2004-7 to Michael Adams.
  • CHATEAU ST. MICHEL DRIVE 128: $320,000, Michael K. Plambeck to Tammy F. Toca.
  • CLAY ST. 1504: $117,000, David W. Upton and Virginia E. Upton to Christopher R. Howard Jr.
  • COLORADO AVE. 3303: $43,500, Bruce M. Phillips and Ivy M. P. Phillips to A&B Brown Muller Properties LLC.
  • CONTINENTAL DRIVE 3249: $106,000, Billy R. Webb and Caylee J. Clancy to Kenneth Yambra and Alicia Yambra.
  • DELAWARE AVE. 1924: donation, no value stated, Carol L. Stevens to Scott E. Stevens and Joel S. Benefield.
  • EVERGLADES ST. 35: $312,500, Wayne A. March, Barbara T. March and Stanley R. March to Steven T. Bucher and Terri L. Bucher.
  • FAIRWAY DRIVE 1624: $103,700, Bank of New York Mellon to Mark C. Knight.
  • ILLINOIS AVE. 3041: $169,000, Gong Y. Wang and Yan L. Zou to Jose A. T. Avelino.
  • ILLINOIS AVE. 3229: $158,000, Succession of Elaine R. Aucoin to Jeffrey P. Fontenot.
  • KENNER PROJECT SUBDIVISION, LOTS 33, 34, 35, SQUARE 146: donation, no value stated, Melvin W. Spooner and Almena A. Spooner to Melvin R. Spooner.
  • LISA AVE. 84: $127,500, MTGLQ Investors LP to Cade Austin, Summer Austin and Vicki Walker.
  • MASSACHUSETTS AVE. 1604: $258,000, Michele A. Gernon, Rickie J. Camet and Michele G. Camet to Paul A. Catalano.
  • MASSACHUSETTS AVE. 2109: $153,000, Richard B. Bridges and Bree F. Bridges to Mickey D. Pigg and Carly G. Pigg.
  • NORMANDY DRIVE 57: $205,000, Doris S. Reine and Luke W. Reine to Jeffrey W. Rentfrow and Jessica R. Rentfrow.
  • ROOSEVELT BLVD. 2457: $43,000, Kelly P. Callaghan and Amy E. Raziano to Ashis Halder and Rita Halder.
  • SOUTH KENNER SUBDIVISION, LOT 67-A: $115,000, Jaime D. Martinez Sr., Connie C. Martinez and Jaime D. Martinez Jr. to Bobby Mays and Gina P. Mays.

Stanridge Park subdivision, lot 22, square 4: $150,000, Denise C. Lynch and Lawrence R. Lynch to Christopher Carden and Lauren Lynch.

Susan Park subdivision, lot 24: $40,000, Daryn A. Clark to Lloyd J. Juneau.

Toby Lane 5008: $325,000, Succession of Edna G. Macaluso to Daniel J. Osborne and Amanda P. Osborne.

Village Road 728, Unit A: donation, no value stated, Fernando Moreno to Sylvia M. Freeman.

Village Road 728-A: $82,000, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Fernando Moreno.

W. Louisiana State Drive 3633: $64,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to M&M Rentals LLC.


  • 49TH ST. 3119: $240,000, L&M Sales Inc. to Airline Ventures LLC.
  • ACADEMY DRIVE 4948: $183,000, Gladys N. Lamia to Patrick J. Mansfield and Laura T. Mansfield.
  • AIRLINE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 4, SQUARE C: $53,200, Ronald B. Roshto and Linda G. R. Nelson to Christopher Roshto.
  • ANDREWS AVE. 1012: $157,500, Ronald Klumpp and Elizabeth P. Klumpp to Andrews 1012 LLC.
  • ARLENE ST. 5516: $114,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Raymond Rossignol.
  • ATHANIA PARKWAY 2716: $172,000, Isma Z. Luquette to Glorioso Properties LLC.
  • BAUVAIS ST. 3828, UNIT B: $245,000, Mark D. Waller and Christine N. B. Waller to Amanda L. Allison and Brian M. Godshaw.
  • BELLE DRIVE 4920: $255,000, Brian L. Freese to Aaron T. Severio and Amber F. Severio.
  • BELMONT PLACE 913: $184,000, Jeanne B. Graffagnini to Daniel J. Dauterive.
  • BETZ PLACE 435: $425,000, Frederic K. Newburger and Susan M. Newburger to Thomas E. O’Keefe and Darra H. O’Keefe.
  • BOUTALL ST. 5809: $91,000, CWABS Inc. Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-15 to Mark Hemstad and Mollie M. Hemstad.
  • CARIBOU COURT 26: $120,000, Judy M. P. Brannon to Norman Q. Blakely III and An P. Blakely.
  • CLEARLAKE DRIVE 4408: $244,000, Nella R. D. Nothaft to Shelbi R. Giadone.
  • CLIFFORD DRIVE 3209: $100,000, Gary M. Silva Jr. to Kevin J. Silva.
  • COTTAM PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 19-A, SQUARE 5: $539,000, Thomas A. Gennusa III to Jarrod M. Champagne and Jennifer P. Champagne.
  • CRAWFORD ST. 8647: $267,900, Jouandot Enterprises LLC to Donald A. Batiste II and Patrice P. Batiste.
  • CYPRESS ST. 3803: $167,000, Carrie A. M. Cole to Michael L. Travis and Pamela M. Travis.
  • CYPRESS ST. 3833: $65,000, Ronald R. Russo to Carol R. Hasney.
  • DESOTO ST. 8127: donation, no value stated, Cody W. Taylor to Jessica S. Taylor.
  • EDENBORN AVE. 1701: $200,000, Catherine Bloemer Hodges irrevocable trust to Mark D. Waller and Christine B. Waller.
  • EDENBORN AVE. 1701: donation, no value stated, Cathy B. Lusco and Jo Ann B. Greiner to Catherine Bloemer Hodges irrevocable trust.
  • FRANCIS AVE. 1525: $180,000, Norma S. Pelletteri, Milton P. Saling II and Robert P. Saling to Louis M. Pelletteri III.
  • GIUFFRAIS AVE. 600: $108,000, Harringly A. Rivero Jr. and succession of Emelda B. Bernard to Dale V. Brewster.
  • GLENN ST. 6900: $207,500, Donelson C. Jackson to Dennis Bragg and Stacy L. Bragg.
  • GREEN ACRES ROAD 1900: donation, no value stated, Hall Holdings of Louisiana LLC to JSH Investments LLC.
  • GROVE ST. 409: $35,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to James Rousset.
  • HARING ROAD 1702: $252,000, Jeffrey M. Reynolds and Kellin K. Reynolds to Christine Pecoraro Faust Neely.
  • HARING ROAD 2809: $120,000, Darlene K. Manuel to Stephen J. Kippers Jr.
  • HARING ROAD 4313: $125,000, Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • HENICAN PLACE 4100: $175,000, Daniel J. Osborne and Amanda P. Osborne to Meredith M. Halphen.
  • HOUMA BLVD. 2500, UNIT 106: $80,000, Julia T. Currie to Jules L. Bourgeois Jr. and Alicia C. Bourgeois.
  • HOUMA BLVD. 3805, UNIT A-120: $82,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Rapina Properties LLC.
  • JEANNETTE DRIVE 4800: $250,000, Thomas M. Sinon and Kristine A. Sinon to Jared E. Berges and Lauren P. Berges.
  • KAWANEE AVE. 7009: $75,000, Succession of Erna A. Theriot, Glenn J. Theriot, Keith H. Theriot, Derek Theriot, Eric Theriot and Mary I. Theriot to Impastato Properties LLC.
  • LAKE AVE. 1120: $44,000, Sylvester Hung and Mary G. Hung to Patrice M. Pruitt.
  • LAKE CASTLE CONDOMINIUM, LOTS 1-A, 2-A, 3-A: $60,000, Samir Karagic to Arnad Kubat.
  • LAUX MANOR DRIVE 6: $222,000, John W. Orscher Jr., Ian Orscher and Rachel Orscher to Kristel E. Payne.
  • LINDEN ST. 509: $60,000, Susan De. Lacroix to Canaan Properties LLC.
  • MAGNOLIA PLAZA SUBDIVISION, LOT F, SQUARE D: $22,000, Terri T. Mathews to Olivia C. LaVie.
  • MARION AVE. 1017: $125,000, Shawn E. Sanne to Nicole E. Phegley.
  • MASSACHUSETTS AVE. 2420: $160,000, Lien T. Vo to Ronnie J. Pitre and Jessica L. Bergeron.
  • MELODY DRIVE 1208: $200,000, S. Steven Gorin and Abbye A. Gorin revocable living trust to Bennett C. Montz and Lauren C. Montz.
  • METAIRIE CLUB GARDENS SUBDIVISION, LOT A: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, B.L.U. LLC and VC Properties LP to Iwanta Oil LLC.
  • METAIRIE LAWN DRIVE 536: $219,900, Robin Vicknair and Rachel L. Vicknair to Brett C. Bordelon.
  • METAIRIE ROAD 1040: $1,100,000, Robert A. Nelson and Virginia C. Nelson to Otha J. Jacobus and Kathryn S. Jacobus.
  • METAIRIE ROAD 401, UNIT 706: $112,000, Veronica Austin Haydel Family irrevocable trust to Theresa A. Broome.
  • N. ARNOULT ROAD 3320, APARTMENT 233: $50,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Jihua Qiu.
  • N. LESTER AVE. 508: $73,994, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
  • N. WOODLAND AVE. 2005: $195,000, Elmer K. Nicely and Mary S. M. Nicely to Yu M. Sin and Gregory T. Shin.
  • OLD METAIRIE PLACE 1032: $300,000, Gayle M. Shearer to Warren Horn and Nicole M. Benitez.
  • OLD METAIRIE ST. 1720: $242,000, Matthew Fitzgerald to Jessica A. Sanborn.
  • ORION AVE. 734: $162,000, Penelope J. Bradford, Elizabeth B. Lopez, Rebecca B. Randolph and Barton R. Bradford III to Peggy A. M. Mccranie.
  • PAGE DRIVE 4216: $145,000, Edward H. Williams Jr. to Scott M. Bell.
  • PHOSPHOR AVE. 303: donation, no value stated, Kenneth J. Grevemberg to Iris L. Grevemberg.
  • PIER AVE. 1333: $192,000, Walter C. Bernard Jr. and/or Doris M. Bernard revocable living trust to GMH Plus LLC.
  • POMONA ST. 1607: $165,000, Joy W. Asevedo to Michael G. Asevedo.
  • PONTCHARTRAIN SHORES SUBDIVISION, LOT 19, SQUARE 33: donation, no value stated, Virgil D. Reich and Margaret E. Reich to Lynette D. Reich.
  • RIDGELAKE DRIVE 3629, UNIT 2: $114,000, Lawrence T. Faucheux and Kelley F. Faucheux to Anthony M. Pellegrini.
  • RIVERSIDE DRIVE 6220: $103,000, Essential Home Realty LLC to JMR Promotion Corp.
  • SENA DRIVE 501: $775,000, Jean M. Carr to Janice C. Bruner, Mary C. Domingue, Judy C. Wischkaemper, Patrick E. Carr Jr., Karen C. Krips, Brian T. Carr and Stanley P. Carr.
  • SIMONE GARDEN ST. 3809: $232,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Jindi Wu.
  • SONFIELD ST. 4621: $215,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Jill L. Thevenot.
  • SONFIELD ST. 4716: $260,000, John A. Tsatsoulis, Angela H. Tsatsoulis and Antoni Tsatsoulis to Jue Wang and Hui Y. Wang.
  • TARTAN DRIVE 3704: $188,000, Jennifer A. K. McCoy to Christopher M. Murray and Amanda P. Murray.
  • W. METAIRIE NORTH 3417: $87,357, Aames Mortgage Trust 2001-4 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series to Victor Pazos and Cheri Pazos.
  • WHITNEY PLACE 2700, 2704, 2708, 2712, 2716, 2720, 2724, 2728, 2732: $108,000, Earl F. Sundmaker Jr., Pamela P. Sundmaker, Kenneth R. Carite Jr., Kelly B. Carite and Karen C. Jenkins to James C. Farrelly Sr. and Ann B. Farrelly.
  • YALE ST. 4621: $236,000, John E. Kelly III and Lidia P. Kelly to Prisca M. Galvez and Cynthia M. Tejeda.
  • YORK ST. 6201: $72,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kyle A. Clark.


  • CITRUS ROAD 122: $290,000, Gretchen E. Solino and Richard C. Eiserloh to John A. Blackwood.
  • REX LANE 176: $195,000, Betty F. Ordogne to Michael P. Gauthreaux.