Transfers for Dec. 11-14


Colonial Club Drive 225: $247,000, Richard L. Lindholm to Villagama LLC.

Elmwood Business Park subdivision, lot 1, square 1: Donation, Dieudonne Properties LLC to HMA Investments LLC.

Gordon Ave. 240: $392,000, Bryan J. Bode to Richard C. Schmidt.

Harahan City subdivision, lot 12, square F: $189,000, Oak Avenue LLC and Avenue LLC Oak to Edward F. Obrien Jr.

Oak Ave. 243: $189,000, Oak Avenue LLC to Meghan L. Green.

Ren Pass St. 82: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Bobbie J. Maloney.

West Shannon Lane 230: $165,000, Barbara Burke to Dolores C. Ougel and Michael M. Ougel.

West Shannon Lane 284: $131,000, Robert W. Lee Jr. to Shepherd & Smith Construction LLC.

Woodward Ave. 611: $277,500, Gregory S. Abel and Kelly D. Abel to Frank J. Stouder II.


Jefferson Heights subdivision, lot 68, square 5: $51,000, DTJ Properties LLC to Dydier A. H. Palma.


Avant Garde condo, building 21, unit 54: $108,000, Kira Berggren and Brad M. Berggren to Stephen Link.

Bimini Ave. 52: $220,000, Gerald R. Crise and Suzanne L. Crise to Umair A. Mohammed and Ruqaya S. Mohammed.

Chateau Pontet Canet Drive 2: $510,000, Farhan A. Khan and Nazneen J. F. Khan to Mostafa Elaasar and Rifat Elaasar.

Chateau Pontet Canet Drive 2: $310,000, Rifat Elaasar and Mostafa Elaasar to Devon Bank.

Chateau Pontet Canet Drive 2: $310,000, Devon Bank to Rifat Elaasar and Mostafa Elaasar.

Cobblestone Village condo, unit 214: Donation, Rosell F. Ferrara to Joann Zapata and Jeffrey L. Zapata.

Delaware Ave. 3630: $137,000, Gerald M. Leone and Dorothy J. Leone to Brenda M. Alleman.

Georgia Ave. 3200: $500,000, Sri Lakshimi LLC to 3200 Georgia Property LLC.

Kansas Avenue condo, unit 2907: $142,000, Ester Trepagnier to Tonya Veal.

Loyola Drive 3428: $149,000, Paul S. Delise and Angele Delise to Brandon L. McCormick and Katelynn Bauer.

Rhone Drive 4244: $136,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Labit.

University Center subdivision, lot 46A, square 9: $118,500, Maria Martinez to Karla M. Degollado.

Upland subdivision, lot 4, square 13: $170,000, Carol C. Jones to Albert Nutter III.

Woodlake subdivision, lot 2, square C: $365,000, Peggy Kippers and Scott J. Kippers to Toni M. Indorf and Randy Indorf.


Elmeer Ave. 205: Donation, R. C. Cox III to Gulf South Development LLC.

Cypress St. 3760: $207,000, Charlene Faller and John L. Faller III to Nancy Bonomolo and David Bonomolo.

Alexander Drive 4429: $172,000, Tina D. Nguyen to Trinh Vo LLC.

Amhurst St. 6116: $101,619, Kimberly L. Gill to Aubin Lane LLC.

Avron Blvd. 4828: $267,000, Gerald G. Breaux and Audrey Breaux to Lester Rodriguez and Stacy Rodriguez.

Bengal Road 2420: $190,000, Katherine H. Hmidan to Bahaa Hmidan and Katherine H. Hmidan.

Blanke St. 7220: $228,000, Kyle M. Hughes to Taylon N. Tom.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 10, square 56: $200,000, Peggy Choi, Jacqulin Joe, Ernest Choi, Irene Choi, Howard Choi, Tinne Choi and Mui L. Choi to Maria Stapp and James A. Stapp.

Bore St. 3120: $470,000, PWS Properties LLC to Score Four LLC.

Bridgedale subdivision, lot 26, square 170B: $240,000, Michelle L. B. Rousse and Melissa B. Lay to Yanping Cen and Runjian Deng.

Canal Street subdivision, lot 30, square 30: $1,000, Thecla Platz LLC to Gulf South Development LLC.

Chalfant Drive 4517: $42,900, Murray G. Hauschild to Sharon H. Robinson.

Clifford Drive 3533: $289,000, Beverly F. Stelly to Richard J. Kelly and Sandra J. D. Kelly.

Derbigny St. 3601-03: $177,500, John J. Morise III and Suzanne Morise to Harry Y. Deviney.

Durham Square condo, unit 103: $135,000, David L. Walgamotte Jr. to Ester Trepagnier.

Eastbank subdivision, lot 74, square 55: $72,000, Jencie Bates, Clarence R. Bates Jr. and Sonya Bates to JSSH Enterprises LLC.

Edenborn Ave. 820: $162,000, Donna D. Brouillette, Lorene L. Demesia, Judy F. Demesia, Susan M. Demesia, Lorene D. Laiche, Judy D. Fouchi and Karen M. Coig to Jonathan M. Yan.

Fairfield St. 4836: $495,000, Todd A. Peterson and Vanessa V. Peterson to Christopher E. Toth and Christine H. Toth.

Highway Park, square 271, lots 23 and 24, ptl 14 through 22 and ptl 25 through 27: Donation, RGMC Properties LLC to Ronnie Lamarque Properties LLC.

Iona St. 620: $3,431,500, Robert Weinmann and Cynthia H. Weinmann to Arnold L. Kirschman.

Ithaca St. 4440: Donation, Peyton G. Bullock to Kimberly R. W. Bulloch.

James Drive 4501: $325,000, Deborah Stolzenthaler and Brian J. Stolzenthaler to Hermelia Mitchell and Steven L. Mitchell.

Khan Drive 1902: $365,000, Lori M. Lemoine to Belkis J. Natale and Armando R. Natale.

Lelia Place subdivision, lot 1A, square 4: $550,000, Elvia A. Saenz and Juan C. Saenz to D&L Real Estate LLC.

Lemon St. 4301: $360,000, Robert M. Porter to Adam Loup and Lindsay Loup.

Lexington Drive 2901-03: $263,000, Melanie L. Boue to Ngoc L. Le and Wai F. Chan.

Lighthouse Square condo, unit A: $190,000, Bridget M. Hemstreet to Kristie Powers and William E. Powers.

MA Green subdivision, lot 4, square D: $126,400, Ruth G. Mcdaniel and Barbara Blanchard to Paul Leitzelar.

North Howard Ave. 509: $170,000, Lindsay Loup and Adam D. Loup to Rae L. Heidbrink and Lori Heidbrink.

Old Homestead subdivision, lot 7, square 19: Donation, Scott B. Simeon and Sandra P. Simeon to Gina Castro and Tatiana Delllano.

Old Metairie Place 940: $280,000, Cheryl M. Fischer, Ronald M. Fischer and Cheryl F. Martin to Jensue LLC.

Phosphor Ave. 303: Donation, Kenneth J. Grevemberg to Iris L. Grevemberg.

Rose Garden Drive 1353: $270,000, Nicole E. Comeaux to Dale L. Hanan and Alexandra F. Hanan.

Sena Drive 1021: $248,000, Catherine H. Alba and Arienne Culbertson to OB1 LLC.

Severn Place subdivision, lot 3, square 102: $268,500, Danna Properties LLC to John J. Taylor.

Shrewsbury subdivision, lot 11, square 126: $5,000, Walter J. Mcdowell to Christian A. Lombardo.

South Upland Ave. 1000: $10,000, Brenda Allen and James D. Allen to Pierre Wilbourn.

St Martin St. 4433: $220,000, Julie Valdes and Randall P. Neider to Julie Alley.

Trudeau subdivision, lot H12: $128,500, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to John Cole.

Veterans Heights subdivision, lot 21A, square 105: $150,000, Arleeta Jackson and Ramon Jackson to Tia A. Sorapuru.

Wabash St. 5020: Donation, William P. Spencer to Rae Cames.

West Metairie South 3208: $85,000, Shirley E. Fontana to 720 N. Dilton LLC.

Whitney Place condo, unit 734: $115,000, James H. Roth to Seong A. Gee.

Wisteria Drive 1425: $205,000, Richard J. Andry Sr. to Boston Haley LLC.

Woodridge condo, unit 211: $57,000, Mohammad H. Amini to Mitra A. Iskandari.


Celeste Ave. 621: $245,000, Pamela L.L. Schmitt, Blake G. Lamantia, Lance L. Lamantia, Neil H. Lamantia, Mario A. Lamantia and Gladys H. Lamantia Revocable Living Trust to Barry J. Boudreaux and Connie Z. Boudreaux.

Cypress Park 1 condo, unit A: $189,000, Amos A. Plante to Claire H. Aubrey.

Levee View Drive 104: $626,000, Brett Guidry and Stephanie Guidry to Bryan J. Bode.

Tanglewild Place 8812: $335,000, Martin E. Dunn III and Melissa H. Dunn to Guanghua Qiu and Guilian Wu.

Virginia Gardens subdivision, lot 1, square A: $180,000, Lloyd F. Pellegrin and Josephine Pellegrin to Hc Fusion Investment Inc.