St. Charles

  • Transfers for March 16 to March 20


  • ELLEN STREET 423: $133,500, James Adam Haines and Lauren Boudreaux Haines to Kolby Kristopher Donnaud.


  • COTEAU DE FRANCE LOT 19: $5,500, Albert L. Dufrene to Ray Edward Vanacor.
  • WENGER ROAD 278: $154,000, Dunn Homes LLC to Michael J. Vanacor and Jackie Crochet Vanacor.


  • CARRIAGE LANE 58-D: $76,000, Stacy Scullin to Charles V. Sheefel, Ruby Higgins Sheefel and Wright Hale.
  • MURRAY HILL DRIVE 110: $240,000, Adele St. Pierre Lacinak, Denis H. St. Pierre, Emile R. St. Pierre, Adrian C. St. Pierre, Jerome J. St. Pierre, Anne M. St. Pierre, Hubert J. St. Pierre and Marie St. Pierre Gilmore to David Paul Gilmore and Marie St. Pierre Gilmore.
  • ORMOND VILLAGE DRIVE 141: $189,000, Mario Arturo Mora Jr. to Richard Borne.


  • ASHTON PLANTATION ESTATES PHASE 1-B SQUARE 1 LOT 8: $54,000, Wayne G. Messina and Veronica Cannon Messina to Kenneth R. Joseph.
  • ASHTON PLANTATION ESTATES PHASE 1-B SQUARE 1 LOT 13: Donation, Lisa Lukawski Victory to Melvin J. Victory Jr.
  • LAC BARRE DRIVE 103: $68,500, First National Bank USA to Christopher M. Janeau and Cyntrell Howard Janeau.
  • SOUTH LAKEWOOD SUBDIVISION LOT 178: $98,900, RJM Enterprises Inc. to Gabriel J. Oubre and Jeanne Zeringue Oubre.


  • LIZA COURT 206: $220,000, Alison A. Amedee to Scott Thomas Catalanotto and Calli LeBlanc Catalanotto.


  • OAK STREET 234: $208,000, Wayne M. Vasseur and Linda Lambremont Vasseur to Ronald Joseph Lemoine Jr.