Transfers for Sept. 28 to Oct. 4


Ambassador Drive 304: $40,100, Mellon Bank of New York and JP Morgan Chase Bank Na to Candace C. Murdock.

Carita Drive 161: Donation, Stephen K. Smolen to Terri Cangelosi.

Clara Drive 116: $57,200, Sheila M. F. Lawshe to Phillip W. Dziubla.

Layman St. 256: $70,000, Murphy White and Mary E. A. White to Gerald Rhodes and Kim T. Rhodes.


Bayou Harbor subdivision, lot 79: $27,000, Kerry D. Calegan to Holden S. Fabre.

Privateer Blvd. 5315: $92,500, Thomas J. Favaloro to Gros Poisson LLC.


Second St. 149: $35,000, Mable L. H. Bruce to Terrance M. Hampton.


Fig Lane 114: $100,000, Tracy P. Delatte and Angela O. Delatte to Edgar B. Gillis Jr. and Janis S. W. Gillis.


Alison Drive 1560: $175,700, Robert M. Buisson Jr. to Shanitca G. Quillin.

Baywood Drive 2936: $50,000, Marshall J. Sanford and Quviona Q. Sanford to Miriam J. Brown and Caesar A. Brown.

Carol Sue Ave. 1913: $225,000, Tat V. Le and Tien H. H. Le to Mindy H. Le.

Derbigny St. 20: Donation, Geanie Flanagan to Dionne Ordoyne, Dione O. Magness and Keith L. Magness.

East Marlin Court 637: $179,000, Carlos F. Sheran Sr. and Ana A. Sheran to Diandra M. Pittman.

Flamingo Road 1472: $124,000, Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLC to Majdi A. Hamed and Wafa S. Odeh.

Gaudin St. 100: $150,000, Anthony T. Nguyen to Van Nguyen.

Hanging Moss Lane 1520: $125,000, J. Sercovich LLC to Joe Dang and Brooke T. V. Nguyen.

Solon St. 705: $90,000, Jascot Investments LLC to Joycelyn J. Scott.

Vermillion Drive 226: $148,000, Shirell Picot to Tan V. Pham and Trang T. V. Pham.


Agateway Drive 3845: $201,882, Selene Finance LP to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Barkley Estates subdivision, lot 37, square 3: $351,000, Loni Valence and Jared P. Valence to Richard C. Wheeler and Stephanie Wheeler.

Chadwood Drive 3720: $62,500, Mervat Minias, Albert B. Minias, Madlein Minias and Osama B. Minias to D&E Homes LLP.

Deercreek Lane 3868: $132,500, Vincent D. Ferrell and Winnifer M. Ferrell to Johnny R. Williams Jr.

Deerpark Drive 3912: $130,000, James Miles to Latoija T. Baptiste.

Hyde Park Avenue North 2744: Donation, Beverly Marcello and Michael Marcello to John Marcello.

Keith Way Drive 3128: $130,000, Jerry I. Reyes and Chunee Reyes to Yvonne M. Thomas.

Lake Timberlane Estates Extension 2. subdivision, lot 19, square B: $150,000, Dietric L. Hennings to Dandre R. Barrios.

Lake Timberlane Estates Extension 3. subdivision, lot 1: $185,400, Jeanne A. Prevost to Sandra Joseph.

Patrick Place 3904: $147,000, Shawn O. Hartman to Colin J. Lacy and Ashley M. Lacy.

Third Ave. 715: $102,800, Brittany Peirce to Chris M. Ditta.

Timbers Drive 2313: $158,000, Rhodes Life Insurance Company to R&D Realty Interest Inc.

Touchwood Drive 3104: $158,000, Armstrong Construction & Realty Inc. to Danielle M. Posey and Henry Joseph.


Allo St. 431: $133,000, Anita M. T. Boles to Ryan M. Roussell.

Ames Blvd. 3469: $250,000, Touch of Love Ministries Inc. to Whole Family Church.

Anchorage Drive 28: Donation, Darlene H. Wingfield to Darlene H. Wingfield Revocable Trust.

Avenue B. 510: $128,000, Michael A. Gonzales II and Alyssa K. M. Gonzales to Shannon M. Runnels.

Avenue J. 529: Donation, Kandice E. Hanks to Dustin A. Hanks.

Blanc Drive 2953: $118,000, Property Specialists LLC to Yerson M. Rodriguez.

Bourgeois Lane 2508: $205,000, Claire Pellegrin and Chad D. Dufrene to Cheryl Williams and Harry J. Whiting III.

Caitlin Court 1708: $197,500, Hien Q. Trinh to Latanya M. James.

Cakebread Drive 7405: $238,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Larry A. Baldwin.

Carmadelle St. 604: $99,000, Debra G. Hamdan to Cynthia Z. Benoit.

Cedar Creek St. 2496: $262,575, JBL Properties Ltd to Christopher S. Thompson.

Evans Drive 5225: Donation, Malindann Vinet and Joseph V. Sylve Jr. to Malindann Vinet and Joseph V. Sylve Jr.

Jared Lane 2558: $206,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Sebron L. Magee Jr.

Jeanne St. 2424: $138,000, WAJ Investments LLC to Richard L. Burke.

Le Mans Drive 4301: $165,000, 1445 Angus Dr LLC to Alisca M. Hill.

Lincolnshire Drive 2069: $14,000, Sarah Green and Alana Smith to Nola Better Homes LLC.

Louis I. Ave. 5820: $120,000, Tri Cung to Travon A. Brocks.

Louis U. Ave. 5813: $139,900, Maria G. Pina and Jose D. Trejo to Brette A. Adams and Edward A. Brunt IV.

Mansfield Ave. 1500: $51,334, Quicken Loans Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Melba Place 1901: Donation, Albert Minias and Mervat Girgis to Kentucky Trust.

Meyers Blvd. 528: $89,000, Nola Better Homes LLC to Jamie O. Jones.

Midden Drive 2724: Donation, Shawn Lake and Anthony Lake to Big D. Land & Cattle Company LLC.

Mill Grove Lane 4856: $287,000, Theodore J. Horridge Jr. and Gina Z. Horridge to Marcelo Morales and Jose G. Perez.

New Iberia Circle 2500: $309,000, JBL Properties Ltd to Theodore J. Horridge Jr. and Gina Z. Horridge.

Nicholson Place subdivision, lot 1A, square K: $80,000, Rita P. Bertucci to Phuong B. L. Pham.

Orleans Village 4. subdivision, lot 12, square G: Donation, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development and Information Systems Network Corp.

Parc Helene Drive 1033: $239,900, Bilal A. Zughayer and Ahlam Zughayer to Tre E. Scott.


Adonis Way 237: $55,000, Beverly Barrios to 3CG LLC.

Concorde Estates subdivision, lot 102, square 3: $60,000, Nguyet Trinh to Blue Sky Contractor LLC.

Rue St Michael 682: $65,000, Khai V. Truong to Blue Sky Contractor LLC.


533 Avenue E. 531: $124,500, Andy J. Dupre to 531 Avenue E. LLC.

Central Ave. 606: $80,000, US Bank NA to Johnny Nobles.

Victory /’ Victory Annex subdivision, lot 1, square J: Donation, Westwego Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses Inc. to Jesus Christ Apostolic Lighthouse Wordwide Faith Inc.