Ling Lin and You Wang sold this home at 3625 Metairie Heights Ave. in Metairie to Konnie Duncan and Kurt D. Duncan for $491,000.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Jan. 10-16


Doescher Drive 20: $553,000, Frances A. Reed to Russell J. Alexis and Judy G. Alexis.

East Ave. 315: $125,000, Wallace W. Goodney III and Lynne Courts to WFM Properties LLC.

Hickory St. 2132: $128,400, Judy C. F. Kanellos to Claire S. Commagere.

Kenmore Drive 513: $237,500, Catherine F. P. Hendricks and Justin M. Hendricks to Brent M. Ernst.


Harding St. 339: $228,000, Senor GP LLC to Stephanie MacClellan and Joel P. MacClellan.

Newman Ave. 510: $201,500, Karen Fisher and Daniel B. Stanton to Daina Marshall and Erik L. Golson.

San Jose Ave. 7: $125,000, Victoria Williams and Chase E. Williams to High Avenue Rentals LLC.


26th St. 2221: Donation, Adelaide Brennan and Jennifer Waterman to Fathia Brakta and Abdelhafid Brakta.

Bainbridge Office & Industrial Park subdivision, lot 7, square 82: Donation, CAP Properties Inc. to Jendar Enterprises LLC.

Calcasieu Court 7: $195,000, Jynnifer Walker to Guillermo L. Gutierrez and Eni Gutierrez.

Chateau Estates North 1. subdivision, lot 22, square 4: $257,000, Andra A. Capaci to George Webber.

Chateau Palmer Drive 30: $415,000, Oksana Troescher and Oleksandr M. Gorbachov to Arlett Mena-mullen and Michael A. Mullen.

Clemson Drive 148: $139,500, Christopher I. Egenti and Angela I. Egenti to Juan M. Alfonso.

David Drive 4721: $242,000, John J. Callaghan Jr. and Jeannette Callaghan to Darrin C. Conaway.

Iowa Ave. 1939: Donation, Barbara G. Bellaci and Diana Genovese to Helen P. Cusumano.

John Hopkins Drive 74: Donation, Kimloan Nguyen and Tuan H. Nguyen to Ngat T. Nguyen.

Kenner Project 7. subdivision, lot 4A, square 152: $5,000, Kelly Jones Jr. to Darnester Nora and Kenneth Nora.

Kenner Project subdivision, lot 4D, square 512: $285,000, Helen Hughes and Robert T. Hughes to Tuan J. Nguyen, Kimloan Nguyen and Kiamloan N. Thi.

Lesan Drive 931: Donation, Baylee Bass and Jeremy P. Bass to Milissa Credeur.

Loire Drive 4152: $210,000, Ayesha Khan, Syesha Sarmast and Abdul M. Khan to Nibal Saj and Ammar M. Diri.

Massachusetts Ave. 2425: $32,501, Clinton E. Parker Jr. to A&e Real Estate&investment LLC.

Michigan Ave. 2000: $65,000, Three F. Properties LLC to Butterworth Development LLC.

Michigan Ave. 2000: $60,000, Genevieve L. Spizale, Lawrence J. Spizale and Genevieve S. LeBlanc to Three F. Properties LLC.


Aris Ave. 1550: $360,000, George M. Benedetto to Kazi N. Islam and Shahnaz Parveen.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot B, square 18: Donation, Kathleen G. Carbajal to Heather N. Carbajal.

Bonnabel Place, lot 10, square 56: $6,000, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to James A. Stapp and Maria R. Stapp.

Bunche Village subdivision, lot 227, square G: $94,775, 7909 Macon LLC to Katerine Soriano and Rudys V. Mendez.

Donald Court 5: $180,000, Robert N. Cochran and Angie S. Cochran to Michael W. Jonkers and Gemma T. Jonkers.

E. St Mary St. 4516: $110,000, Catherine H. Burtis to Sumner Street LLC.

Elmeer Ave. 423: $255,000, Joseph L. Toujas to Janel Stamand and Stephen Stamand.

Eureka Landing condo, unit 305: $15,000, William J. Stoddard to Christina S. Wilson.

Farnham Place 2: $100, Shannon M. Quebedeau and Christopher P. Quebedeau to AVD LLC.

Farnham Place 4: $100, Shannon M. Quebedeau and Christopher P. Quebedeau to AVD LLC.

Fountain Court condo, unit 27: $25,000, Dan Q. Nguyen to Phuong L. Q. Nguyen and Huy A. Duong.

Grand Drive 501: $238,000, Christopher D. Newman to Daniel C. Munson and Tamera M. Munson.

Green Acres Road 3017: $110,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Assoc to Walter M. Construction LLC.

Lexington Drive 2701-03: $235,000, Carlos D. Herrara to Fang Wang.

Metairie Heights 3625: $491,000, Ling Lin and You Wang to Konnie Duncan and Kurt D. Duncan.

N. Cumberland St. 1708: $205,000, Prasanta Biswas and Bhabanamrita Das to Jared Kattengell and Megan Bates.

Neyrey Drive 20123: $269,000, Hilary H. Landry LLC to Hue Truong and Huy A. Tran.

One Metairie Place condo, unit 215: $74,000, Elaine G. Leitz, Paul M. Gautreau, Robert J. Gautreau, Marsha G. Cazeaux and Lisa G. Cerniglia to Elaine B. Mead.

S. Elm St. 1342: $45,000, Ailene Cabrera to Saturnino Pena.

Sena Drive 1104: $399,900, Brenda Reilly to Glenn R. Davis and Alison H. Davis.

Sena Drive 928: $245,000, Matthew J. Pincus Irrevocable Trust and Joslyn Dinh to Lourdes Martinez and Placido J. Martinez.

Sylvia Ave. 1455: $207,500, Michelle M. Schlaudecker and Raymond J. Schlaudecker Jr. to Ryan Schlaudecker.


Rensu Drive 9025: Donation, Eric H. Williams and Aline W. Williams to Jordan M. Lambert and Christine D. Lambert.

Sauve Oaks 10005: $875,000, Thomas W. Maag and Melinda H. Maag to Charlotte S. Sears.