Thomas R. Herauf Jr. and Karen L.B. Nelson sold this home at 417 Weidman St. in Gretna to Vicki R. Drago for $262,000.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Nov. 16-20


Elvie Court 109: Donation, Gordon A. Verdin Jr. and Shalon M. L. Verdin to David R. Morell II.

Felicia Drive 173: $50,000, Betty Gainey and Thomas J. Maury Jr. to TJC Properties LLC.


Marvis Grove subdivision, lot 97A2: $55,000, Keith R. Kiraly and Joni Langlinais to James D. Elmore and Betty J. Dasch.


Pirate Cove Marina, Dock O, unit 11: $60,000, Gulf Wide Marine Leasing LLC to C&E Real Estate LLC.

Rebecca Lane 3007: $92,000, Amaris Isle Plantation LLC to Joshua P. Leblanc.


Belle Meade A. subdivision, lot 19A, square 2: $165,000, Marci A. Guilbeau to Christopher Ricouard.

Cottonwood Drive 288: Donation, Kevin B. Lauricella Jr. to Jean S. McCoy.

Evergreen Drive 926: $125,000, Joann F. Toomy to Kasey L. Johnson.

Rupp St. 1030: $150,000, Leona L. Green to Brandon J. Prejean.

Thomas St. 1506: $189,900, James R. Broome to Mayra Cucullu.

Weidman St. 417: $262,000, Thomas R. Herauf Jr. and Karen L.B. Nelson to Vicki R. Drago.


Barkley Estates subdivision, lot 20A, square 16: $49,000, Brenda M. W. Irvin and Kendel Irvin Sr. to Kyle M. Green Sr. and Kara M. W. Green.

Bayou Oaks Drive 4005: $177,000, Jessica M. Norton to Chantell N. Johnson.

Chriswood Lane 3876: Donation, Sullivan Brown to Stacia E. Brown.

Grefer Ave. 604: $106,000, Joseph R. Dauzat to Patricia C. Maone Jr.

Lac Du Bay Drive 4144: $126,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Patricia A. Paige.

Macarthur Ave. 530: Donation, Jemet Inc. to Skye I. Noble.

Sunny Meade Drive 2456: Donation, Lucy Nguyen to Giau V. Nguyen and Kay T. Nguyen.

Terraza Del Sur 37: Donation, Mark A. James to Monique T. Spruill.

West Catawba Drive 2560: $160,000, Shelton Becnell Sr. and Delores M. Becnell to Travis Nathan.

West Friendship Drive 2532: $196,100, NEI Global Relocation Co. to Romaine Rousset and Mary Rousset.


Allyson Lane 2549: $206,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Kerry J. Wilson and Brandi G. Wilson.

Avenue G. 715: $261,500, Frank F. Schultz to Morris Williams.

Bienvenue Ave. 5800: $42,500, Irvin D. Stewart Jr. to Mohamed E. Morsy.

Foliage Drive 2601: $172,000, Sandra F. Roberts to Stephen D. Ellinger Jr. and Rosa A. Ellinger.

Long Branch Drive 2729: Donation, Hidalgo Properties LLC to Sheryl H. Hidalgo.

Maharry Drive 2065: Donation, Esther Louis to Richard Louis.

Marrero Addition subdivision, lot 10, square 5: $77,500, Ocean View Real Estate LLC to Paula Coussou and Brent W. Coussou.

Segnette Drive 5833: $130,000, Bayou Investments of New Orleans LLC to Thomas A. Paretti IV.

Village Court 2760: $216,000, JBL Properties Ltd to Sean P. Byrnes.


Avenue Mont Martre 2461: $247,000, Boles Construction LLC to Brittney Caver.

Oakwood Drive 640: $182,000, Brice H. Bond to Mario A. Marroquin.


Catalpa Loop 9511: $292,900, Coast Builders LLC to Elizabeth J. Johnson and Ralph S. Jones Jr.

Catalpa Loop 9546: $344,000, Coast Builders LLC to Leon I. James Jr. and Daniella P. James.


Avenue A. 319: $28,000, Judy Dufrene, Jane Thieler and Coral J. Bouvier to Maria Lainez and Angel Alvarez.

Avenue C. 713: $15,000, Mary L. Orsburn and Lucille M. Orsburn to Recreative Investments LLC.

Churchill Farms, no further data: Donation, Churchill Farms Inc. to Jefferson Parish Economic Development & Port District.

Coteau Chene Estates, Phase 2, lot 10, square 2: $308,000, Reve Inc. to April C. Walker.

Laroussini St. 261: $70,000, Melissa L. Comardelle to Stuart M. Conrad.

Oak Ave. 823: Donation, Phyllis Coomer, Bruce G. Pontiff and Court Pontiff to Anita M. Pontiff.

Oak Ave. 910: $40,000, Bernice Mazarac to Glenn M. Wilson Jr. and Jerry H. Wilson.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 5, square 56: Donation, Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Maria Torres and Allen Torres.