Transfers for Dec. 19 and 20


Funston St. 235: $254,000, Clayton W. Campbell to Funston Hord Properties LLC.

Research Drive 24: $77,000, Wendy M. Guillie, Paul S. Guillie and Wendy M.G. Duhon to Joni T. Rockwell, Daniel R. Rockwell Jr. and Joni R. Thiele.


Coolidge St. 324: Donation, Grigorios Koufakis to Melissa H. Elkhan.

Rio Vista Ave. 324: $355,000, Howard B. Kaplan and Jeannine E. D. Kaplan to Kathie A. Pearse.

Riverdale Drive 317: $327,000, Estate Acquisition Inc. to Vincent R. Hamblin, Megan P. Hamblin and Vincent Hamblin.


20th St. 2001: Donation, Wai M. Ku to Gui D. Lin and Hui Y. Zhou.

Antigua Drive 38: $249,900, Avanti Home Rebuilding & Sales LLC to William M. Brown and Aimee M. Brown.

Highway Park subdivision, lot B, square 331-332: Donation, Dharmadasa Kumarsinghe to Himasa J. Wijetunge.

Taylor St. 1426: $135,000, Bernadine F. Dawson and Ronald H. Dawson to Teresa M. Brenan.

Town Of Kenner subdivision, lot 21, square 2A: $227,338, Osie Santini and Barbara Santini to Hampton P. Myers.

Tupelo St. 3108: $114,000, PDIV Enterprises LLC and Paul Duhon IV to Kaitlyn J. Ruffin.

W. Esplanade Ave., 1500, unit 38E: $110,000, Dana Grant and Ellen M. Grant to ENA Investments LLC.


Airline Park North subdivision, lot 19, square 109: Donation, Todd A. Calamari and Kristopher K. Anderson to Smokey A. Wilburn and Racheal Wilburn.

Alicia condo, units A, C and D: $137,500, 4508 Laplace Street LLC to Kamal Zeitoun.

Beverly Knoll subdivision, lot 35, square 18: $528,348, Chad J. Birkhoff and Jessica R. Birkhoff to Lyle J. Theriot, Giorgio Scala Jr. and Courtney T. Scala.

Brentwood Drive 12: $229,000, Gary R. McCann to Kurt T. Kreamer Sr. and Stephanie M. M. Kreamer.

Canal Street 201, unit F: $121,500, Jane C. Shiu to Mary L. D. Vanteylingen.

Chateau Ridgelake condo, unit 220: Donation, Charleston A. Myles to Caroline K. Myles.

David Drive 3901: $245,000, Emile Zapulla to Humberto R. Sa and Celia C. Arantes.

Hastings St. 6608: $262,000, Gem Investments LLC to Charles M. Landry and Danielle W. Landry.

Jasper St. 4417: Donation, Carmencita D. Wise to Mark A. Bearchild.

Lake Avenue 1401, unit B6: $140,000, Andrea Apuzzo to Marc O. Rabun.

Maryland Ave. 1404: $68,500, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Qi Ji.

Meadowdale St. 4824: $310,000, Estate Acquisition Inc. to Valcour M. Mccoy.

Melody Drive 1216: $243,500, Two Pearls LLC to James K. Sticker III and Katharine S. Sticker.

Metairie Heights 2725: $282,000, Irene C. Dantonio to Arthur A. Arseneaux III and Angelle D. Arseneaux.

Metairie Nursery subdivision, lot 7A, square 15: $235,000, James I. Johannesen to Garrett E. Ryan.

New York 5712: $122,500, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Terrance J. Gomez and Louis H. Gomez Sr.

Neyrey Drive 1917: $205,000, Cynthia Enright, Colleen Cullens and Joseph E. Cullens Jr. to Garrett Lee, Grover Lee and Sherry Lee.

Page Drive 4741: $265,000, Edward J. Martin Jr. and Loretta Martin to Barry L. Tanner Jr. and Desiree Martin.

Pontchartrain Gardens subdivision, lot J, square 41, 11A: Donation, Darleen C. Mcnamara, Lonwood P. Keogh and John S. Creevy to Jack Creevy Properties LLC.

Sonfield St. 4500: $278,000, River Ridge Investments LLC to Guy A. Adams and Terri B. Adams.


5th St. 9324: $83,000, Raymond Malinda, Frank Malinda, Victor Malinda, Mary J. S. Malinda, James A. Malinda and Mary J. M. Swan to Community Rehab Investors LLC.

Andrea St. 157: $60,000, Charles W. Veneralla Jr. to Cheryl L. Monk.

Camille Drive 8912: $250,000, Lacey L. Landry and Stephen A. Cheralla to Angela Willis.

Steamship Circle 2936. unit D: $160,000, Judith D. Wallace to Cary L. Berthelot.