Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Barney J. Ross and Jessica Irick Ross sold this home at 541 Good Hope Street in Norco to Richard Lawrence Ball II and April Hawkins Ball for $158,000.


  • Transfers for Sept. 29 to Oct. 3


  • BADEAUX LANE 230: $172,000, Willie Joseph Badeaux, Adam Badeaux Jr., Lester Charles Badeaux, Wayne Paul Badeaux, Rickey John Badeaux, Larry Lee Landry Jr., Robert Louis Landry, Rose Landry Orgeron, Timmy Paul Badeaux Jr., Lana Landry Shields, Chanda Badeaux Dean, Charlotte Dufrene Liner, Cynthia Dufrene Jones, Brian Keith Dufrene Sr and Cherly Ann Dufrene to Lynward Louis Benoit Jr. and Connie Rogers Benoit.


  • LONGVIEW DRIVE 385: $179,900, David J. Griffin and Jenna Dufrene Griffin to Bryan A. Lee.
  • ORMOND OAKS 310: $215,000, Aubiegene B. Allen III and Dianne Miller Allen to Amey Jo Hughes.
  • RIVER POINT DRIVE 200: $160,000, Christopher C. Sarver to Raymond A. Duffel and Vickie K. Duffel.
  • STANTON HALL DRIVE 44: $110,000, Nathan L. Carmadelle Jr., to Constance Constancio Comstock.
  • STANTON HALL DRIVE 44: Donation, Constance Constancio Comstock to Constance Lee Constancio Comstock Irrevocable Trust.


  • S. FASHION BLOUVARD 608: $275,000, Rebeka K. Seemann to Gerver R. Bran and Nicole E. Jeandron.
  • TRAILWAYS DRIVE 339: Donation, Demetre Anthony Campbell and Monica Jefferson Campbell to Demetre Anthony Campbell.


  • ASHTON PLANTATION ESTATES PHASE I-C SQUARE 8 LOT 12: $62,500, Ashton Plantation Estates LLC to Bentley A. Babin and Michelle Wester Babin.
  • BEAUPRE DRIVE 206: $225,000, Ron Paul Haydel to Stevie Jo Bryant and Dian Gautreaux Stillinger.
  • BRADEN DRIVE 113: $293,800, Dunn Homes LLC to Armond J. Eitmann Jr. and Tonya Touchard Eitmann.
  • DAVIS DRIVE 103: $117,000, BK-Flagstar Bank-FSB to Paul H. Robertson and Gay S. Robertson.
  • DAVIS DRIVE 348: $140,000, Genisa Alvarez-Uzzetta to Dallas M. Kinler.
  • HAWTHORN DRIVE 204: $225,000, Paul J. D’Amico to Daniel S. Glynn Jr. and Karrah Lynne Vila.
  • LAKEWOOD DRIVE 414: $260,000, Gary James Muller to Alphonse Lawrence Richard IV and Amanda Sacco Richard.
  • RIVER ROAD 12581: $55,000, Martin P. Mongrue and Mandy Mongrue to Lingle M. Mongrue.


  • RIVER ROAD 17884: $315,000, Dwight J. Clement Jr. and Jeanne Jacobs Clement to Jason R. Collura and Beth C. Digirolamo.


  • NEW SARPY SUBDIVISION LOT 21-25: $70,132, BK-Bank of America-N A to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • GOOD HOPE STREET 541: $158,000, Barney J. Ross and Jessica Irick Ross to Richard Lawrence Ball II and April Hawkins Ball.
  • OAK STREET 450: $168,000, Michael James Stein to Louis Rodriguez Jr.


  • BARBER ROAD 712: $57,500, Roy Anthony Estay and Rose Estay Schaubhut to Truston Michael Jones.
  • LYNN STREET 107: $30,000, Sandra Gayle Loper Bellew to Terri Thomas Causey.
  • TOWNSITE OF PARADIS LOT 8: Donation, Rose Mae Cancienne Estay Schaubhut to Roy Anthony Estay.


  • ANN LANE 135: $135,000, Todd J. Perilloux and Jan Sevin Perilloux to Grant D. Bordelon and Megan Lincks Bordelon.
  • OAKLAWN RIDGE LANE 139: $319,294, Moore New Homes LLC to Thomas Louis Plaisance and Kristen Guillot Plaisance.
  • RIVERVIEW DRIVE 206: $145,000, Dunn Homes LLC to Lamar Ellis and Ruthell Dixon Ellis.