• Transfers for July 17 to July 23


  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 90 WEST 3900: $100,000, DMD Corp. to Lien Dinh.


  • DISTRICT OF BARATARIA, PORTION OF GROUND: $7,750, Gerald M. Victoriano and Catherine F. Victoriano to Jennifer A. Victoriano.


  • N. CLARK LANE 909: $10,00, donation, Tyri M. Walker to Sharon Walker.


  • AMARIS BLVD. 1054: $165,000, 4H Rentals LLC to Ross P. Sampey.
  • FIG LANE 123: $75,000, Shayne E. Lawrence and Teresa K. Lawrence to Harper Metal Building Services.
  • GRAND BEACH NO. 11 SUBDIVISION, LOT 8, SQUARE 12: $182,580, Josh J. Jambon to Shawn McGuire and Teresa D. Kiser McGuire.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 1 1851: $100,000, Grand Isle Marina Acquisitions LLC to PSH of Grand Isle LLC.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 1 3774: $585,000, Jeffrey M. Gossen and Charlene M. D. Gossen to Double E Rentals LLC.
  • ROSETHORNE LANE 161: $120,000, Michael L. Grimmer and Janet F. B. Grimmer to Michael W. Adams and Julia M. A. Adams.


  • BELLEMEADE BLVD. 544: $149,900, Ingrid M. Leverett to Edwige S. Saint Juste and Marie J. Cazeau.
  • BRIARWOOD DRIVE 233: $90,000, donation, Muoi V. Vo and Huong T. Ly to Hung T. Vo.
  • CREAGAN AVE. 90: $140,000, Sandra & A. Stucco LLC to Melanie M. Mullen.
  • DEERFIELD ROAD 2121: $40,000, Phuong Nguyen to Duc H. Vu.
  • DERBIGNY ST. 1115: $31,000, Bradley J. Gattuso and Patricia M. Gattuso to Eric L. Manuel.
  • FRIEDRICHS ST. 1010: $200,000, Sunny Side Cafe Inc. to WLJ Enterprises Inc.
  • HOLYOKE PLACE 813: $80,000, Christopher A. McGar, Alison M. Sauviac, Heather A. M. Diaz, Holly L. M. Wingerter and Heather A. M. Diaz to Kevin S. Faucheaux.
  • HUEY P. LONG AVE. 818: $500,000, Kenneth J. Kamas Sr. and Deborah L. Kamas to Bryan K. Bordelon and Angele N. Bordelon.
  • LAUREL AVE. 2157: $155,000, Jason A. Clement to Felix A. Roque-Marte and Ana S. Rosario Reyes.
  • MYSTIC AVE. 869: $67,001, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • NEL PLACE 625: $190,320, M&T Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • OAKDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT T-9, SQUARE 7, LOT B, SQUARE 8: $534,474, Ochsner Community Hospitals to Meadowcrest Professional Building Partnership LLC.
  • OAKWOOD DRIVE 549: donation, no value stated, Yanyan Shen to Xiaokang Li.
  • PETER ANNEX SUBDIVISION, LOTS A, B, C, D: $80,000, Lawrence J. Molaison Jr. and Elaine M. Johnson to MNW LLC.
  • SOUTHWOOD WEST SUBDIVISION, LOT 4, SQUARE 4: $233,693, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • TERRY PARKWAY 793: $195,000, David P. Hotard to Steven J. Wagner.
  • VILLAGE OF GRETNA SUBDIVISION, LOT 8-A-O, SQUARE 9: $184,000, Sondra F. D. Bernich to Jonathan Kendrick.
  • WESTSIDE DRIVE 2420: $169,000, James A. Barse and Robin L. K. Barse to Philip M. Yam and Louise Huang.
  • WEYER ST. 622: $225,000, Joseph C. Messina Jr. to Christopher Loisel and Megan Fuller.
  • WILLOW DRIVE 178: $180,000,donation, Donald J. Lemonier Sr. to Lori L. Adams.
  • WILLOW DRIVE 220: $125,000, Rita A. Mangano to Jesus R. Martin and Marta V. Martin.
  • WILLOWBROOK DRIVE 516: $143,000, Chad M. Braud and Brandi M. L. Braud to Dara Carpenter.


  • ASPEN DRIVE 3921: $150,000, Gregory Tripps and Delisa Tripps to Tanya H. Ross.
  • EASTVIEW DRIVE 3816: $120,000, Ted Nguyen LLC to Loi V. Tran and Amy Huynh.
  • KNIGHTSBRIDGE PLACE 3401: $390,000, Frank Kelly and Carolyn S. Kelly to Deric Williams and Eleshia M. Williams.
  • MAGNOLIA TRACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE 2: $70,000, Kevin G. Orgeron to Randolph J. Bundy Jr. and Renita R. Bundy.
  • N. WINDMERE ST. 4029: $108,000, Henry Relayson and Jacquelyn F. Relayson to Chantell M. Dixon.
  • N. WINDMERE ST. 4056: $102,000, Ngoc Bui and Pham Bui to Alex Garcia and Angelica M. Reyes.
  • OLIVE AVE. 437: $33,333, donation, Charles R. Thibodeaux and Suzanne Thibodeaux to Peggy T. Harris.
  • RED CEDAR LANE 3718: $120,000, Gregory Francis to Reshone M. Watts.
  • SHADOW LAKE COURT 1628: $230,000, Robenson Bontemps to Isperkens Mesidor and Carmelite Saintvil.
  • SPANISH OAKS SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2, LOT 151: $145,000, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. Asset Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-HE2 to Mary A. Lewis.
  • WEDGWOOD DRIVE 3524: $375,000, Cuong V. Nguyen and Suong Thu Nguyen to Thang Tran and Amanda N. Tram Tran.


  • CHURCH ST. 5141: $267,000, Huey M. Pizani and Lauren P. Summerville to Ernest T. Adams Jr. and Sharon A. Adams.
  • CHURCH ST. 5236: donation, no value stated, Penney B. Perez and Patty B. Fernandez to Vivian P. Badeaux.


  • ALLO AVE. 657: $77,000, Kirt J. Talamo to Joseph Spangler.
  • BAYOU DES FAMILLES DRIVE 4628: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to RPM Ventures LLC.
  • BOWDEN ST. 5072: $110,000, Chad B. Guidroz to Dianne Raiford.
  • CANTRELLE ST. 713: $107,000, Reva B. Millet to Mason F. Toups and Trisha B. Toups.
  • DANIEL COURT 2624: $285,000, Daniel J. Rousse Sr. and Christina C. Rousse to Ryan A. Foret and Tara L. Foret.
  • DIMARCO DRIVE 909: $108,150, Bank of America NA to Tina Investments LLC.
  • DOREEN LANE 2924: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mitchell D. Rockweiler.
  • FOURTH ST. 7405: $40,000, Succession of Rodell Houston to Pastorello Properties LLC.
  • FRANCIS ST. 530: $60,000, Jacob D. Giardina Jr. and Patricia Giardina White to Jacob D. Giardina III.
  • FRANCIS ST. 541: $48,000, V Mortgage Reo 1 LLC to John W. McLaughlin.
  • GIAISE ST. 1815: donation, no value stated, Jessica B. C. Sisto to Carlos Sisto.
  • JOY ANN DRIVE 2613: $42,101, Bank of New York Mellon to George Sartor.
  • KAREN DRIVE 5235: $150,000, Jacqueline E. Bergeron to Bob L. Pierce and Heather D. Pierce.
  • MAHARRY DRIVE 2061: $56,000, RMAC Trust Series 2013-1T to John L. Dalsan and Simone J. Dalsan.
  • MARRERO ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOTS 10, 11, 12, 13, SQUARE, PORTION OF LOTS 7, 8, 9, SQUARE 11: $343,500, LavigneBaker Petroleum LLC to 7-Eleven Inc.
  • NOTTINGHAM DRIVE 1696: $220,000, Phan Nguyen and Linh H. Nguyen to Nhat D. Pham and An T. Nfuyen.
  • OAK ST. 537: $40,000, Steven J. Guidry and Tim M. Guidry to Diane G. Smith.
  • ORLEANS WAY 5276: $145,000, Brian J. Klause and Patricia L. Smith Klause to Earnest J. Guidry Jr. and Terri B. Guidry.
  • ROBINSON AVE. 437: $25,000, St. Tammany Homestead Savings and Loan Association to Jason G. Beasley.
  • SAVANNAH LANE 5257: donation, no value stated, Brett M. LeBlanc to Brett M. LeBlanc and Heather LeBlanc.
  • ST. ANN ST. 501: $80,000, Denny Trosclair Jr. to JL Entities LLC.
  • STELLA PLACE 1501: $86,300, Heather R. V. Bavaret to Edwin J. Vicknair Jr. and Charlene G. Vicknair.
  • TOWERING OAKS DRIVE 5108: $125,000, Ruben J. Bailey and Sheila R. Bailey to Shirley S. Higgins.
  • VIRGINIA LEE DRIVE 2836: donation, no value stated, Joseph H. Lee and Jennie N. Lee to James V. Lee.
  • WEATHERLY PLACE 2520: $185,000, Curtis J. Roy and Sharon S. Roy to Mark J. Domizio and Pamela E. Kucera.
  • WEATHERLY PLACE 2557: $180,000, Randy A. Roberts and Natasha S. Roberts to Nathan Leonard and Yvette Leonard.
  • WESTWOOD SUBDIVISION, LOTS 9, 10, SQUARE F: $35,000, Alvin J. Camardelle Sr. to Henry Dang and Thanh K. Pham Dang.
  • WILLOWTREE ROAD 5220: $134,000, Paulette T. Lawson to Donna M. Simms.
  • WOOD FOREST DRIVE 4813: $225,000, Carl A. Flores and Heather F. Flores to Ly Nguyen and Lisa T. Nguyen.
  • WOOD FOREST DRIVE 4916: $199,000, Jonathan C. Williams and Pamela S. Williams to Nicholas Powell.


  • BLUEBONNET ST. 419: $40,000, Susan M. Palmer to Vingt Deux Development LLC.
  • DIPLOMAT ST. 621: $179,900, Alfredo M. Silva to Bryant Andrew and Aisha Green.
  • DUPONT DRIVE 2020: $57,000, Fay M. L. Forvendel, Kay C. L. Danna and Daymond E. Martin to Mahendara B. Patel.


  • RICHELLE ST. 58: $28,000, Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates 1997-HUD1 to Donald Rauch.


  • AVENUE B 654: $59,000, Lurline T. H. Pitre and succession of Mark M. Pitre to Dustin P. Pertuit.
  • AVENUE B 828: $89,900, Mark S. Poole and Christy T. Poole to Gary L. Brown Sr. and Jacqueline C. White.
  • BARBE ST. 625: $120,000, Donna M. Bourg to Jane E. B. LeBlanc and Susan B. Giammolva.
  • SALA AVE. 154: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Everest Development LLC.
  • SECOND ST. 329: $57,500, Randall J. Volpi and Anthony R. Kientz to TBF LLC.
  • VICTORY ANNEX SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1-5: $414,500, LavigneBaker Petroleum LLC to 7-Eleven Inc.
  • WHITEHOUSE SUBDIVISION, LOTS B, C, D, SQUARE 76: $340,900, LavigneBaker Petroleum LLC to 7-Eleven Inc.