• Transfers for June 26 to July 1


  • ANNE DRIVE 113: $115,000, Jillian A. Bernard, Timothy R. Bernard and Betty S. Bernard to Craig S. Percle Jr. and Jessica A. Percle.
  • PHYLLIS DRIVE 548: $28,000, Balsa NCM LLC to Noel J. Harney and Elizabeth Harney.
  • W. TISH DRIVE 245: $100,000, Marlene F.R. Verdin to Georgia V. Ortego.


  • BAYOU BARABARY SUBDIVISION, LOT 1: $85,000, A+ Family Enterprises LLC to Jamie D. Martin and Stephanie H. Martin.


  • EIGHTH ST. 153: $35,000, Russell C. Slate and Patricia G. Slate to Natividad C. Barahona and Asahel B. Turcois.


  • CARLY LANE 4011: $75,000, Godfrey P. Chabert Jr. to DD Waitz Properties LLC.
  • PIRATES COVE MARINA CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 7: $35,000, Bryan Arceneaux and Darnelle B. Arceneaux to Burkhalter Boats LLC.


  • BELLE CHASSE HIGHWAY 2512, 2518: $675,000, Redstone Properties LLC to Car Wash LLC.
  • DUPAS ST. 1410: donation, no value stated, Rachael E. Donahue, Stephanie D. Scorsone, Jennifer E. Donahue, Rebecca D. O’Brien, James W. Donahue III and Sean C. Donahue to Marion D. Williams.
  • FAIRFIELD AVE. 405: $250,000, Desiree Frances Arnoult B. Lisotta to Robert I. Lawson and Patricia B. Lawson.
  • LAVOISIER ST. 627: $275,000, Bryan K. Bordelon and Angele N. Bordelon to Dale B. Sutherland and Dannon W. Sutherland.
  • MASON AVE. 96: $80,000, Janet Van Hees Scaruffi to Karen H. Hartfield.
  • MASON AVE. 96: $8,000, donation, James A. Scaruffi to Janet V. Scaruffi.
  • MASON AVE. 96: $24,000, donation, Patricia S. Angell, Kathleen S. Kelly and Julie S. Gaspard to Janet Van Hees Scaruffi.
  • MASON AVE. 96: $8,000, donation, Louis A. Scaruffi to Janet V. Scaruffi.
  • MONROE ST. 1005: $73,000, Loch Lomond Enterprises LLC to Peter J. Spera III and Meghan K. Spera.
  • OXFORD PLACE 2425, UNIT 136: $58,403, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • PARK PLACE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 3, LOT 539, SQUARE B: donation, no value stated, Raione L. Winchester and Sedale B. Harris to Sedale B. Harris and Raione L. Harris.
  • RICHARD LANE 825: $144,900, Succession of Paula S. Eidson and Eric Eidson to Kindy A. Martinez and Eugene W. Carter.
  • SUBURBAN PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 12, 13, 14, 15, SQUARE 9: $12,000, Merrill T. Steel and Carol C. Steel to Brandon S. Zimmerman.
  • TULIP DRIVE 31: $115,000, Brandon J. LeBlanc to Kathryn S. Talbot.


  • BRECKENRIDGE DRIVE 2244: $76,500, CWABS Inc. Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2007-BC3 to The T. Nguyen.
  • GREFER AVE. 641: $94,000, Kristine J. B. Gangi to Charles D. Williams.
  • HARVEY CANAL SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1, 2, SQUARE 59: donation, no value stated, Samuel Hines Jr. to Brandon S. McDonald.
  • JUPITER ST. 2672: $191,450, Walter H. Wilson III and Jennifer B. Wilson to Eric C. Smith and Cynthia G. Smith.
  • LA QUINTA VIA 2048: $159,900, John Q. Le to Francisco J. Flores.
  • N. WINDMERE ST. 4005: $115,000, Eric Eldson and succession of Paula S. Eldson to Jorge L. Rivero and Marina A. Cumbicos.
  • NATHAN KORNMAN DRIVE 3913: donation, no value stated, Gemma Yumul to Thelma F. Yumul.
  • ORCHID DRIVE 1313: $70,000, Darnel G. Sabio to Danny Gaspar.
  • RED CYPRESS DRIVE 3932: $115,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Corey A. Ware.
  • SHADOW LAKE COURT 1624: donation, no value stated, Griffith Family Trust B to Rebecca Boudreaux.
  • TEAKWOOD DRIVE 1105: $53,000, William A. Gates Jr. and Anna G. Maness to Khanh P. Vu, Ngoc Vu and Dung T. Thuy Vu.
  • TIMBERVIEW LANE 3857: $132,000, Chequita S. Williams to Tiffany M. Taylor.
  • WOODMERE SUBDIVISION, LOT 943, SQUARE V: $133,900, Derbigny St. LLC to Thomas C. Rhodes Jr. and Carmen R. Rhodes.


  • WILLIE MAE DOLAN SUBDIVISION, LOT 25, SQUARE 9: $15,000, Steven C. Roberts and Karen R. Roberts to Jason P. Bourgeois.


  • AUGUSTINE LANE 3845: $223,000, John G. Burgess Jr. to Jack A. Glenn Jr. and Rhonda D. Glenn.
  • AVENUE A. 1112: $144,500, Kathryn B. Donsereaux to Steven P. Adams Jr.
  • AVENUE C 500: $149,150, Joseph N. Distefano Estate and Vincent J. Distefano Jr. Estate to Samuel T. Stewart.
  • AZALEA LANE 18: $130,000, David P. Ponthieux and Stephanie C. Ponthieux to Anh V. Le and Thanh P.T. Nguyen.
  • BAY VIEW DRIVE 4513: $172,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Jason C. Anderson and Ariane C. Anderson.
  • BIENVENUE AVE. 5848: donation, no value stated, Lisa S. Bossier to Patricia C. Lackey.
  • BONNIE ANN DRIVE 1936: $90,000, Shelley O. Cantrelle to Frederick Eugene Endom Trust.
  • BRITANNICA DRIVE 2809: $118,000, Beverly L. Albert to Joshua A. Stetler and Jennifer A.R. Stetler.
  • DOLORES DRIVE 2549: $93,172, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • KAREN DRIVE 5324: $132,000, Quang S. Nguyen to Esterlin G. Ramirez.
  • LEAF LANE 2600: $177,000, Gary L. Carraway Jr. and Haley M. Carraway to Carlos J. Courtiade and Damaris A. Courtiade.
  • MARRERO ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOTS 18, 19, SQUARE 32: $30,000, Barrios Properties LLC to Leslie Homes Inc..
  • PAGE ST. 5253: $185,000, Michael J. Fortunato to Christopher J. Savoie.
  • REGINA COELI COURT 4036: $128,000, Latoya C.L. Johnson to Tanya O. Watts.
  • WOODCREST DRIVE 5065: donation, no value stated, Jean Nelson to Michelle S. Nelson.


  • CAROL SUE AVE. 1841: $49,500, Lawrence M. Piglia Jr. to Lawrence M. Piglia Sr..


  • BUTTERCUP DRIVE 359: $104,932, Sasco Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-RF1 to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • GARDENIA LANE 140: $118,000, Artistic Solutions Inc. to Patrece M.J. Poche.
  • HALLE PLACE 19: $92,050, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • CHIPLEY ST. 718: $110,000, Succession of Shirley M. Hartman and Raymond Hartman to Sara E. Diaz.
  • JAMIE BLVD. 328: $110,000, Succession of Moshe DeCastro and Nina D. DeCastro to Teddy L. Maury Jr.
  • LANE ST. 135: $172,470, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • NORMANDY DRIVE 664: $245,000, Ronald L. Gonzales and Linda L. Thompson Gonzales to Paul M. Avery and Marianna Avery.