• Transfers for Feb. 3 TO Feb. 5

    • OAK AVE. 42: $165,000, Blaine A. Desselle to Eric Fruchtnicht II.

    Plauche St. 265: $305,000, By & Bette Office LLC to Paul J. Funel and Jennifer Funel.


    • CAROL DRIVE 548: $165,000, Morgan G. Stewart to Bert Dupre Jr.
    • CLAIBORNE COURT 212-214: $130,000, Frank A. Simone Jr. to Acosta Properties LLC.

    Jefferson Park West 722: $185,000, Staci K. Arceneaux to Elizabeth C. Caffery.


    • EAST LOUISIANA STATE DRIVE 412: $127,000, Cheryl Bossenmeyer and Rene C. Bossenmeyer Jr. to Victor Bossenmeyer.
    • FLEURIE DRIVE 604: $10, Linda Rognon to Michel C. Rognon.
    • FLORIDA AVE. 4134: $489,000, Martina Properties LLC to A. L. Morel Properties LLC.
    • GABRIEL SUBDIVISION, LOT 58A: $280,000, VFC Properties 33 Cedar LLC to Ricky W. Decastro Sr. and Mary J. M. Decastro.
    • GREENLAWN TERRACE SUBDIVISION, LOT E, SQUARE 105: $84,334, Ditech Financial LLC and Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae.
    • MASSACHUSETTS AVE. 2017: Donation, David F. Clark Jr., Daniel J. Clark and Dean J. Clark to Deborah M. Warren.
    • MOSS BAYOU LANE 220: Donation, Raymond E. Poliquit to Ezekial J. Moore.
    • UNIVERSITY CITY SUBDIVISION, LOT 16A, SQUARE 37: $82,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Javier V. Medrano and Reyna Perez.
    • WILLIAMS BLVD. 4340: $740,000, 7200 Dowman Rd LLC to Shilpa Gadde and Kamal K. Mandalapu.


    • ACKEL STREET 6200, NO. 417: $40,000, Farrukh Ijaz and Sadia Ijaz to Shahzad Shabbeer and Samina Shabbeer.
    • BEVERLY KNOLL EXTENDED SUBDIVISION, LOT 30, SQUARE 15: Donation, Kevin T. Jacobs to Lynn Jacobs and Linda Condit.
    • BISSONET PLAZA 3. SUBDIVISION, LOT 301: $89,874, Gregory S. Lacour and James H. Ward to High Performance Properties LLC.
    • BONNABEL BLVD. 808: $332,500, Frankie M. Quin to Cuny Family LLC.
    • BROCKENBRAUGH COURT, LOT 124; BROCKENBRAUGH COURT, LOT 126; ELMEER, LOT 28, SQUARE 5; ELMEER, LOT 29, SQUARE 5.: $1,600,000, Bertrand A. Wilson and Mariann T. Wilson to Amy D. Dannen and Troy A. Dannen, .
    • BULLARD AVE. 1308: $185,000, Adrienne Z. Dussel to Casy J. Ruckert and Catherine E. Ruckert.
    • CANAL STREET SUBDIVISION, LOT 23, SQUARE 30: $28,570, Caljoan Inc. to Thecla Platz LLC.
    • CECILE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE 1: $600,000, Morning Park LLC to Sophy A. Jancich.
    • ELIZABETH AVE. 1613: $185,000, Demetrios Petratos and Angeline Petratos to Steven D. Hirstius and Majorie Hirstius.
    • FERRAN DRIVE 3909: $307,000, Midcity Modern Nola LLC to John R. V. White and Alysha White.
    • FOCIS ST. 1315: $140,000, James G. Murphy and Josephine D. Murphy to Aaron J. Schaefer, Jerry E. Schaefer and Kathleen M. Schaefer.
    • GILLEN ST. 7005: Donation, Muriel B. Machauer to Cheryl E. Machauer.
    • GREEN ACRES 4. SUBDIVISION, LOT 19, SQUARE 5: Donation, Milena Garay to Manuel S. Garay, .
    • GREEN ACRES 4. SUBDIVISION, LOT 5, SQUARE 7: $153,401, Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development of Washington DC to Allan R. Farber.
    • GREEN ACRES ROAD 1620: $161,046, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary Of Veterans Affairs.
    • INDEPENDENCE ST. 3017: $280,000, Frank Concepcion & Luz Concepcion Revocable Living Trust, to Ahmed Salem.
    • LANDRY SUBDIVISION, LOT 37, SQUARE 4: $70,000, Mae R. Fremin to 715 Central Ave LLC.
    • LAPLACE ST. 4517: $154,500, Hans Bogatsch to Timothy J. Boehm and Sheri Boehm.
    • LINWOOD MANOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 12, SQUARE 1: Donation, Jose M. Sevilla, Carmen F. Sevilla and Thomas R. Lowrie to Carmen S. Schneider, Mayra S. Lowrie, Thomas R. Sevilla and Luis Schneider.
    • MADISON ST. 1108: $147,000, Larry J. Buccola and Sonya Buccola to Gasper L. Zuppardo and Lenard K. Zuppardo.
    • METAIRIE ROAD 401, UNIT 717: $115,000, Margaret M. Maglio to Seinna Lagniappe LLC.
    • MISSISSIPPI AVE. 2601: $140,000, Jun M. Liao and Nian Liao to Marcos Majia, Juana D. Savinon and Marcos H. Majia.
    • NORTH WOODLAWN AVE. 3501: $212,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to David R. Zimmer and Raynel C. Zimmer.
    • ROHLI TRACT ST GEORGE PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOT C, SQUARE 1: $75,000, Lawrence B. Rabalais to RVB Holdings LLC.
    • TRANSCONTINENTAL DRIVE 1316: $399,850, U.S. Bank NA, Bank One NA to Ryan R. Aucoin and Jill B. Aucoin.
    • VETERANS BOULEVARD UNIT 33 6901: $10, Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development of Washington DC to Natalia Borta.
    • ZINNIA AVE. 720: $26,500, Samantha Baudry and Stacie Leaycraft to David J. Stokes.