Transfers for March 31 to April 6


Avondale Homes 2. subdivision, lot 4, square D: $84,900, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Esteban J. R. Meza and Maria F. P. Meza.

Carmen Drive 145: $85,000, Deborah M. Boudreaux to Vincent Burnetter.


Cheramie’s Landing condo, boat shed unit 12: $50,000, Raimy D. Eymard and Lacie G. Eymard to GGRM Properties Inc.

Cheramie’s Landing condo, RV camper unit 3: $40,000, John R. Stewart and Nanzy P. Stewart to GGRM Properties Inc.

Town Of Grand Isle subdivision, lot D: $10, Josh J. Jambon to Grand Island Investments LLC.


Avenue Mont Martre 2432: $184,900, Jerry J. Blanchard and Tracey B. Blanchard to Whitney Taylor.

Bellemeade B. subdivision, lot 371, square 13: $135,000, Henry R. Pitre and/’or Vivian M. Pitre Revocable Living Trust, to 381 Westmeade Dr LLC.

Briant St. 136: $45,000, Wallace Lee Walker Consulting LLC to Pearl Homes Construction Company Inc.

Cypress Park Townhome condo, unit 230: $135,000, Debra H. Campbell to Cheyanna P. Tezeno.

Derbes Park subdivision, lot H1, square H: $50,800, Cypress Park Offices LLC to City of Gretna.

E. Lexington Ave. 977: $170,126, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Enterprise Drive 126: $225,000, Brent E. Trauth to Crank LLC and Jocrank LLC.

Fairfax Drive Unit 188 701: $45,700, Mellon Bank of New York to Michele Mercado.

Fairfield Ave. 128: Donation, Thomas Hawkins to Carisa Cook, Jonisha K. Cennett and Jeremy J. Davis.

Fifth St. 301: $250,000, Anthony J. Dazet Sr. and Donna B. Dazet to G&K Tire & Auto Care LLC.

Gretna Greens subdivision, lot 5, square J: $45,000, Ditech Financial LLC and Green Tree Servicing LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Lafayette St. 124: $185,000, Alison E. Rodriguez to Michael R. Saxer.

Marlene Drive 860: $43,000, Kelli Rogers and Donald F. Rulh Jr. to Amy Guillot and Keith A. Kliebert.

North Village Court 2345: $164,175, RTV Real Estate Holding LLC to Thom Truong and Diane Q. Truong.

Oakdale, no further data: Delterre Limited to Xi T. Nguyen, $260,000.

Ocean Ave. 319: $88,000, Darryl J. Allemond to Stephen M. Ehret Trust 1.

Olivia Lane 717: $178,000, Thomas M. Plute and Charlotte Plute to Thanh T. Tran and Son N. Nguyen.

Oxford Place 2450: $42,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Joseph LeBouef.

Palfrey St. 1721: Donation, Cheramie Trust to Kent Contractors Inc.

Swan Court 1541: $126,000, US Bank Trust NA to Ping Liu.

Westmeade Drive 492: $210,000, William H. Nungesser and Cher N. Taffaro to Bayan A. Ayyad.


Bayou Oaks Estates subdivision, lot 14: $80,000, Donald J. Villarrubia and Mildred P. Villarrubia to Joshua P. Clement and Raelyn L. Clement.

Bellanger St. 741: $169,900, Done Deal Property Resources LLC to Harry G. Bonnet and Monique Bonnet.

Curtis St. 1320: $114,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Industrial Blvd. 1949: $139,900, Farhad Kaviani and Maryam F. Kaviani to WW&W Property Managers LLC.

Lake Michigan Drive 1704: $252,000, Edward W. Fidler III to Thang Q. Le and Kim D. T. Nguyen.

Max Drive 2628: Donation, Daymond L. Webber to Maria Linh LLC.

Paige Janette Drive 2412: $58,000, Terry L. Smith Sr. and Dionne M. Smith to Greater Nola Homes LLC.

Price Drive 1017: $101,000, Karen A. B. Stutler, Kirk Beverung, Kenneth Beverung, Karl Beverung and Karen A. R. Beverung to Luong V. Tran and Thuy T. V. Tran.

Primwood Drive 3149: $96,683, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.12.

Saulet Place 2108: $155,000, WAJ Investments LLC to Hong T. Cipriani.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 18, square 57: Donation, Vannessa E. Washington to Frances Washington.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 21, square 71: $5,200, Cedric Kent to Harry Williams Jr.

South Parc Green St. 2313: $150,000, Jayda L. Jones to Richard M. Tran and Ann A. Nguyen.

Sugarloaf Drive 2113: $73,000, Thanh T. Nguyen, Nhan T. N. Nguyen, Don T. Nguyen and Thach T. Nguyen to Trung T. Nguyen.

Sunset Drive 2453: $125,000, Wendy Panepinto and Gregory A. Maclean to Shirley H. Tran.

Vulcan St. 2617: $180,000, James E. Hennessey and Sharon B. Hennessey to Tito A. Martinez and Aura C. Martinez.


Arizona Drive 2508: $37,500, Bay Ngo and Tu T. P. Ngo to Brenda Stamper, Luan Ngo, Zachariah Ngo and Leon Ngo.

Avenue B. 552: Donation, Jeremy A. Venable and Sheena M. L. Venable to Robert L. Travis.

Batiste Drive 2624: $124,000, Desmond J. Quebedeaux and Tabitha M. Quebedeaux to Jordain Franklin.

Cedar Creek St. 2620: $165,000, Reagan Clay to Courtney A. Foret and David M. Fazende.

Dolores Drive 2744: Donation, Michele Gordy to Roy A. Favre.

E. Ridgelane St. 2105: $212,000, Jonathan A. Oquin and Michelle L. Oquin to Kathy A. Whitley and Craig Bridges.

Eiseman St. 612: Donation, Secretary of Housing & U*rban Development to Victor J. Ortiz-Rodriguez, Reina G. F. Garcia and Victor Ortiz.

Fourteenth St. 4033: $122,000, Jasper T. Simon III to Keisha L. Price.

Garden Plaza subdivision, lot 86: Donation, Rhionell Payadue Sr. and Inez C. Payadue to Denise P. Adams.

Gladstone Drive 2018: $112,000, Dutley Richard Jr. to Burnel Mackey Jr. and Doreen W. Mackey.

Hardwood Drive 2744: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Jesus A. Castro, Flor M. P. Castro and Jesus Castro.

Hillcrest Extension subdivision, lot 3, square 4: Donation, Carlos A. Turner Jr., Tress M. Turner, Teresa T. Oneil, Wes C. Turner and Maria R. T. Gallagher to Carol M. Turner.

Marrero Addition subdivision, lot 19, square 4: $135,000, Hubert T. Crabtree to Mo Jo Properties LLC.

Meadow Lark Lane 4918: $223,000, Maria C. Dantin and Aaron J. Dantin to Galo F. Yepez and Rachael V. Yepez.

Middlebury St. 5017: $74,500, William S. Chimento and Betty Wray to Nola Better Homes LLC.

Oak Cove II subdivision, lot 6, square 24: $84,944, Mellon Bank Of New York to TCT Properties LLC.

Oak Forest Blvd. 2632: $152,000, Susan L. Lacombe, Ralph A. Hosch Sr. and Susan L. L. Hosch to Aaron J. Dantin.

Regina Coeli Court 4053: $142,900, Randy P. Walker Jr. and Ashley C. Walker to Darren C. Naquin Jr.

Runnymeade Drive 7301: $10,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae.

Saddler Road 456: $90,000, Roy A. Favre to Brittany N. Bourg.

Savannah Lane 5201: $130,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Kristen Knuppel.

Silverado Drive 7440: $245,900, Antoinette S. G. Brown to Ulani G. Pineda.

Watergate Way 2613: $178,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Jane Serrano and David R. Serrano.


Concorde Estates subdivision, lot 28, square 1: $60,000, Ramon Ramos Jr. to Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC.

Concorde Estates subdivision, lot 74, square 4: $66,100, Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC and Ramon Ramos Jr. to Boles Construction LLC.

Heritage Ave. 403: $130,500, Ricky J. Fitzgerald to Latoya M. Brown.

Holmes Blvd. 641: $127,500, Michael M. Joyner to Khristopher L. Kirkland and Claudette M. Kirkland.

Terrytown subdivision, lot 31, square 19: $112,900, John Melnyk III to Angela Magrette and Crystal Sodachanh.