St. Charles

  • Transfers for June 8 to June 12


  • LOT 20A: $28,500, Ricky M. Breaux to Jack Landry and Dawn Gaubert Landry.


  • HARLEM HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION SECTION 2 LOT 14: $10,000, Adlene Hall Mott to Derek L. Johnson.
  • KING’S ESTATE PHASE I LOT 416: $37,454, RJM Enterprises to Denise J. Chopin.
  • MAGNOLIA RIDGE RANCHETTES LOT 6: $116,000, Andrew J. Champagne Jr. and Lisa Haynes Champagne to Robert D. Balmer and Joanne Metternith Balmer.
  • MYRTLE STREET 134: $139,900, Matthew Louis Harmon and Alexandra Guillot Harmon to Colby Michael Tregle.


  • COTEAU DE FRANCE LOT 5-B: $25,000, Henry Phillip Bergeron to Ray Edward Vanacor.
  • TREGLE LANE 208: $27,000, Baron’s A/C & Heating Inc. to Joel J. Faucheaux III and Nichole Marie Faucheaux.


  • ACADIANA TRACE SUBDIVISION LOT 13: $90,000, Benjamin M. Ory and Jaclyn Daniel Ory to All Star Premier Homes LLC.
  • D’EVEREUX DRIVE 42: $226,000, Jack M. Damare to Cline Cockburn.
  • LONGWOOD DRIVE 400: $210,000, Brad J. Taliancich to Sandy White Sanderford.
  • MEADOWS DRIVE 268-270: $110,000, 786 Maryam LLC to Mohammad Usman Munawar.
  • ORMOND OAKS DRIVE 102: $380,000, Nolan J. Louque Jr. and Angie Sardegna Louque to Derek S. Parker and Leisha Abadie Parker.
  • PANTHER RUN AT ORMOND SUBDIVISION PHASE II LOT 22: $71,000, J.A.M.B. Building and Development to James Andrew Andersen III and Crystal Vickers Andersen.


  • PLANTATION ROAD 255: Donation, Robin P. Rogers to Sally Rogers.
  • RIVER PARK DRIVE 26: Donation, Edmond Ockman to Dawn Ockman Anaya.
  • RIVER PARK DRIVE 26: $110, 010, Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc. to Edmond Ockman.
  • SCHEXNAYDER LANE 121: $125,000, Ruth Christine Wilson Haugen to Caleb Paul Gomez and Kelly Valdepena Gomez.


  • FASHION BOULEVARD 145: $330,000, Keith C. De La Gardelle and Amy Steele De La Gardelle to Michael J. Saucier Jr. and Catherine Theisges Saucier.


  • ALLIE LANE 314: $165,000, Precision Built Construction Inc. to Alan David Marse.
  • ALLIE LANE 307: $166,700, Precision Built Construction Inc. to Michael Joseph Hardy.
  • CHESTNUT PLACE 20: $70,000, Charles W. Lulei and Kimberly Matthews Lulei to Sparta Properties LLC.
  • COLLIER DRIVE 811: $169,000, Shelley Michael Tastet, Earl Peter Tastet, Stephanie Tastet Rester, Daniel Paul Clanton, Ferris G. Tastet, Desiree Tastet Travis, Nathalie Tastet Giovingo, Tara Theresa Tastet, Regina Maria Tastet, Janine Tastet Barrette, Gary Jude Tastet and Jeanette Tastet Tassin to Cyril Ray Whittingotn and Rebecca Ducote Whittington.
  • DAVIS DRIVE 111: $144,000, Richard Paul Chiasson, Brett Charles Chiasson, Terry Louis Chiasson and Adrian Jules Chiasson. to Roland Joseph Dumas.
  • LAC CYPRIERE DRIVE 115: $306,000, Robert H. Burlison and Danielle Rieger Burlison to Charmine Becnel.
  • LAGATTUTA ESTATES LOT 4: Donation, Matthew Robert Harmon to Vali Guidry Harmon.
  • LAKEWOOD RIDGE ESTATES SUBDIVISION LOT 14A: $74,300, Willowridge Estates LLC to Reve, Inc.
  • MIMOSA AVENUE 209: $180,000, Nicholas W. Nichols and Brandy Duhon Nichols to Brant P. Gauthreaux.
  • ST. ANTHONY STREET 219: $171,500, Michael Thomas Harmon to Heidi Marie Matherne.


  • BETTY DRIVE 256: $249,000, David B. Guzzardi and Tammy Dutreix Guzzardi to Allen Christopher Millet and Jessica Rohan Milet.
  • BETTY DRIVE 224: $222,000, John B. Robinson and Cynthia Barton Robinson to David Wayne Robin.


  • MARINO DRIVE 61: $121,000, Allen C. Millet and Jessica R. Millet to Harold M. Kingsmill II.
  • MARY STREET 37: $122,000, David Wayne Robin and Jamie Tarullo Robin to Jonathan Thomas Sellars.
  • MULE SUBDIVISION NO 2 SECTION 1 SQUARE 1 LOT B: $12,000, David Wayne Robin and Jamie Tarullo Robin to Milton Clayton Meyer Jr.


  • LEGEND OAKS SUBDIVISION LOT 307: $32,000, Darrin James Menendez and Valerie Dufrene Menendez to Chad Anthony Perry and Lynn Cabral-Perry.


  • ANN STREET 126: $102,000, BFAM2 Enterprises LLC to David A. Edenfield.