Transfers for Dec. 27, 2017, to Jan. 3, 2018


Avondale Homes subdivision, lot 42A, square G: $75,000, Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Blanca Lopez.

Nicolle Blvd. 113: Donation, Nicolle Madiera LLC to Greg J. Ledet.

Ruth Drive 476: $110,500, Macbean Ireland Properties LLC to Cody D. Reed.


Arthur Lane 4920: $265,000, Allen Coulon and Jessica B. Coulon to Gerald J. Guidry Jr.

Kinta Plantation Estates subdivision, lot 9C: $470,000, Michael P. Mille and Mary E. D. Mille to Prevent Human Suffering Foundation Inc.


Marrero St. 312: Donation, Shirley P. Edwards to Joseph Lewis.


Amaris Isle Plantation subdivision, lot 59: $100,000, Amaris Isle Plantation LLC to Timothy J. Magnon and Amie N. Magnon.

Pamela Blvd. 7046: $120,000, B&B Petroleum LLC to Brad D. Rupe and Stephanie G. Rupe.

Pirates Cove Marina dockominium, unit 47: $32,500, Burkhalter Boats LLC to C&E Real Estate LLC.


Fairfax Drive 848: $195,000, Quoc Ho and Linh L. Ho to Juan E. Rodriguez.

Goucher St. 756: $140,000, Danielle Shepherd to Damien Haynes.

Governor Hall 1600: $10, Icahn Enterprises Holdings LP, American Real Estate Holding Limited Partnership, American Property Investores X. and Icahn Enterprises GP to IEH Gretna LLC.

Grovewood Drive 617: $55,000, Tommy J. Lepine Sr., Albert J. Lepine Sr., Jackson J. Lepine Jr. and Sheila A. L. Banks to Grovewood Investments LLC.

Lake Aspen West 3739: $321,000, Chad Schrayer and Laura K. Schrayer to Edward Woolman and Cheryl M. Woolman.

Lake Lynn 4633: $231,000, Sharon B. Buchert, Llewellyn R. Bowen Jr., Pattie B. Jarrell and Alan B. Bowen to Cynthia E. Johnson.

Monroe St. 1130: $205,000, Glenn J. Donewar to Sruti D. Bhatt.

Rose Park Addition 2. subdivision, lot 16, square AA: $131,500, Joan W. Chauvin and B. J. Chauvin Jr. to 5923 Mandeville 70122 LLC.

Rose Park Addition 2. subdivision, lot 3, square Z: $24,000, Joan W. Chauvin and B. J. Chauvin Jr. to Shane M. Pizzolato.

Rue Saint Louis 2409: $255,000, Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC to Tina Nguyen and Steve Nguyen.

Stonebridge subdivision, lot 20, square 1: Donation, Robert R. Short to Rosalie J. Short.

Theard St. 1330: $55,000, Dueling Oaks Ventures La LLC to Vanessa Cooper Gougis and Terence S. Cooper.

Theard St. 1330: $47,000, Charles Mar & Verta Mar Living Trust to Dueling Oaks Ventures La LLC.

Thomas St. 1505: $71,925, Mellon Bank Of New York to Samara D. Poche.

Town of McDonoghville, no further data: Donation, Nacy McConnell to Preservation Alliance of New Orleans Inc. and Preservation Resource Center.

Town of New Gretna, lot 3, ptl 2, square 12: $282,000, Throne To Go LLC to Andrew T. Wombacher and Margaux Wombacher.

Willowbrook Drive 154: $194,900, Anthony J. Grosch and Shannon F. Grosch to Sharleen Vance, Kelvin Vance and Sharleen V. Mitchell.

Willowbrook Drive 712: $86,500, Russell S. Leblanc to Eagle Investments Inc.

Wyndham South 1244: $295,000, Jamal M. Abdalbaqi and Mageda T. I. Abdelbaqi to Ashraf J. Abdelbaqi.


Beechwood Drive 1116: $100,000, Don H. Turbeville to Trang T. N. Tran.

Deerglen Drive 4017: $148,500, Jennifer Harrell and Jerry L. Harrell Jr. to Ethan Tolliver.

E. Squirewood Drive 1959: $63,000, Bachvan T. Doan to Quynh N. Pham.

Fairmont St. 504: $60,000, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

First Ave. 525: Donation, Donald M. Tullier Jr. and Mary H. Tullier to Kevin R. Hardy and Concetta T. Hardy.

First Ave. 531: $175,000, Donald M. Tullier Jr. and Mary H. Tullier to Kevin R. Hardy and Concetta T. Hardy.

First Ave. 842: $55,000, Roy T. Guccione Jr., Ray A. Guccione Sr., Rod J. Ocmond, Ric D. Guccione Sr. and Ocmond-Guccione Trust to Phillip W. Dzubila.

Hyde Park E. 2125: $375,000, Residence At Park Ave LLC to Howard P. Eymard and Faye M. P. Eymard.

Inwood Drive 3712: $123,000, Betty Boudreaux to Chandra R. Willis-Simmons.

Lake Providence Drive 3925: $400,000, Muhammad K. Arshad, Nadeem S. Arshad and Zoubia A. Arshad to Quoc B. Ho and Linh M. L. Ho.

North Deerwood Drive 3853: $154,900, Jennifer E. H. Hughes and Jen Hughes to Elwin Epps.

North Village Green St. 2283: $185,000, Tubas LLC to Khaled A. Ibrahim and Suha Salem.

Portola Via 2040: $149,900, Kelly A. Guillot to Minh Nguyen.

Post Drive 4009: $144,000, Jermaine Henderson to Joseph Fennidy.

Price Drive 1024: $160,000, Augustine K. Tsang and Agnes L. Tsang to San Z. Kap and Suh N. Mawi.

Rosewood Estates subdivision, lot 23: $55,000, Ibrahim Rabee to Nawal Yousef.

Sienna Drive 3066: $50,000, Rojer Corp. to Jerry Kaywood IV.

Woodchase subdivision, lot 37A, square F1: Donation, John F. Wheelock Jr. and Melissa Wheelock to Goldsun Living LLC.

Woodchase subdivision, lot 48A, square F1: Donation, John F. Wheelock Jr. and Melissa Wheelock to Goldsun Enterprises LLC.

Woodchase subdivision, lot 71A, square F2: Donation, John F. Wheelock Jr. and Melissa Wheelock to Goldsun Enterprises LLC.

Woodchase subdivision, lot 84A, square F2: Donation, John F. Wheelock Jr. and Melissa Wheelock to Goldsun Properties LLC.

Woodmere Souaonation, Heng E. Kuy to Heang S. Kuy.

Woodmere South 3. subdivision, lot 938, square U: $88,000, Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to Jessie Turner.


Fleming Plantation, lot 12, tract 11: $280,000, Karen Roberts to Allen J. Coulon Jr. and Jessica B. Coulon.

Ida Plantation, lot 65J. Ptl 65: $312,000, Michael P. Mille and Mary E. D. Mille to Prevent Human Suffering Foundation Inc.

Jean Lafitte Blvd. 1227: $276,876, Pingora Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Palmetto St. 1931: $145,000, Cameron T. Claverie to Marlene S. Matherne.

Village Of Jean Lafitte subdivision, lot 1: $255,000, Charlene Holley and Louis Karsolich to Christie Gagliano and Vincent C. Gagliano.

Willie Mae Dolan subdivision, lot 10, square 3: $141,500, Kevin S. Hammell to Gerard Wade Jr.


Acadiana subdivision, lot 38, square E: $311,550, JBL Properties Ltd to Kristina T. Bui and Khoa T. Nguyen.

Allyson Lane 2563: $220,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Joshua S. Lafrance.

Augusta Drive 5209: $248,000, JBL Properties Ltd to Jean P. Pierce.

Avenue B. 901: $125,000, Legacy Property Holdings LLC to Kelly Fonesca.

Avenue H. 516: $209,000, Elegant Houses LLC to David J. Varisco.

Barataria Blvd. 3746: $41,500, Salvador J. Barcelona Jr. to Zaiyin Su.

Bassie Drive 2036: Donation, Eugene Mason to Jashone A. Mason and Jeannie Mason.

Buccaneer Drive 2544: $149,999, R&D Homes LLC to Shavonda T. Henry.

Buccaneer Drive 2600: $150,000, Mad Homebuyers LLC to Thuy T. Nguyen and Giang T. Nguyen.

Cedar Creek St. 2512: $323,125, JBL Properties Ltd to Shane P. Billiot and Stephanie L. Billiot.

Corinne Drive 2709: Donation, Kim D. Fernandez, Shelly Vidal, Beth Vidal, Deborah F. Morgan, Randy P. Fernandez, Melinda Kephart, Tammy Vidal and Stacy Reyna to Tiffany L. Fernandez.

Duckhorn Drive 7400: $242,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Lam Trinh and Sophia Trinh.

Dueling Oaks Ave. 5133: $156,000, WVUE 2015 1. to Raquel M. Scott.

Faith Drive 5448: $87,203, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Joann Livanos.

Farrington Drive 613: $137,000, Cody M. Lauricella to Felix H. Pettey and Anne Pettey.

Gaudet Drive 540: $80,000, Julie R. Millard and Nancy A. Ritzmann to Ruston E. Stogner.

Gitzinger subdivision, lot 3A, square NN: $50,000, Chad D. Romaguera and Nina T. Romaguera to Michael L. Schmitt and Maria A. O. Schmitt.

Hope Haven subdivision, lot 8, square A: Donation, Philip Robichaux Jr. and Laura B. Robichaux to Barataria Blvd Investments LLC.

Jared Lane 2535: $217,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Van C. Phan and Duong B. N. T. Phan.

Jared Lane 2547: $206,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Gregory L. Mansion and Kimberly J. Mansion.

Jared Lane 2551: $211,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Scott D. Alwert and Carlie R. Plaisance.

Jared Lane 2563: $211,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Christopher S. Jones and Anthony T. Rankins.

Jared Lane 2567: $217,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Santos H. Rodriguez and Wendy P. Rodriguez.

Jared Lane 2579: $211,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Quentin L. Young and Latoya L. J. Young.

Joy Ann Drive 2564: $115,000, Marcello Reynon Jr. to Kayla Plaisance.

L1 2 PLOT A NICHOLSON PLACE: Ryan Rogers to Jamie L. D. McLaughlin, $7,500.

Luther Drive 2033: $39,900, Arthur L. Cannon to Michael A. Odoms Sr. & Ericka A. Odoms LLC.

Orleans Village 4. subdivision, lot 17, square H: $10, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Sand Bar Lane 2608: $170,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Brock Dejean.

Teton St. 4013: $105,000, Joel W. Gabourel and Denna Gabourel to Amanda Wainwright, James L. Wainwright III, Jill Billot, Jil Wainwright and Jill B. Reeb.


Carol Sue Ave. 2153: $201,500, Ashraf Awadalla to Brandon Broussard.

Helen St. 225: $45,000, American Equity Funding Inc. to Ernest L. Sullivan Jr.

Heritage Ave. 344: $65,000, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to C&J Property Rentals LLC.


Catalpa Loop 9538: $293,850, Coast Builders LLC to Barbara M. Murphy, Eugene F. Murphy and Barbara M. Letizia.

Floral Acres Addition 1. subdivision, lot 23, square 17: $141,000, Jessica L. M. Fuqua to Joseryn M. Cabrera.

Silver Bell Place 9555: $336,600, Coast Builders LLC to Sattie Tahal and Terry V. Tahal.

Sunflower Lane 33: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Mario C. P. Alfaro.


11th St. 618: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Shelbi Boudreaux and Mary Ford.

Sala Ave. 457: $65,000, Louisiana Redevelopment Source LLC to Chivas Gauthreaux.

Whitehouse, lot 33, ptls 32, 34 and 35, square 41: $70,000, Christian C. V. Nguyen and My D. T. T. Nguyen to Binh C. Tran.