• Transfers for Sept. 15 to Sept. 19


  • DELTA ROAD 1505: $74,000, EB St. John Properties, LLC to Best Choice Realty, L.L.C.
  • CAMELIA AVENUE 748: $10, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to L & L Wilson Developers, LLC.
  • PALMETTO ROAD 148: $165,000, Douglas E. Blethen and Patricia Ann Moffitt Blethen to Elliott R. Henderson and Breyonkia Rising Henderson.
  • MOSS DRIVE 40: $140,000, Claudia Herminia DeMoraes and Eduardo DeOliveria to Jonathan Parquet.
  • FAIRWAY DRIVE 608: $135,000, Travis Gonzales and Spike Gonzales to Robert A. McCall.
  • DEREK LANE 31: $179,000, Amy Ronquille Reid, wife of /and Ronald E. Reid, II to Jerry L. Beloney.
  • MAIN STREET 1107-A: $125,000, Patricia Peltier Crum and the Estate of John M. Crum, Jr. to Errol J. Falterman and wife, Barbara Keating Falterman.
  • NORTH SUGAR RIDGE ROAD 2416: $75,000, Harold E. Norman to Janet M. Vivien.
  • CARROLLWOOD DRIVE 1112: $109,800, Monique Triche Legg to Raymond Williams.
  • TIFFANY DRIVE 2212: $114,000, DeNine L. Currie, Johnell Hollins, Paula Faye Hollins, Chad Hollins, Kimberly Hollins, Percy Lee Hollins, Carnell Lee Hollins and Randell Glenn Hollins to Curtis Ray Morrison.
  • GARDENIA STREET 628: $145,000, Maria Nadeeva Pfenninger and Travis Pfenninger to Taylor J. Coulon.

Derek Lane 95: $155,000, Renee Price Lee and Thurston E. Lee to Glennelle Farria.

  • LOT 19 SQUARE 13 CAMBRIDGE PLACE SUB:$37,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Unique One Properties, LLC.
  • SUMMERLINE DRIVE 1: $164,900.00, Landcraft, LLC to Rodolfo Castro and wife Sandra Guadalupe Ortega.
  • LAFITTE DRIVE 2056: $10, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C. to Victor R. Paralta.
  • SHEARWATER DRIVE 85: $130,000, Wilfred J. Millet, and wife Bonnie P. Millet to Brandon Darrel Brown, and wife Latia Avery Brown.
  • N. SUGAR RIDGE DRIVE 2104: $55,000, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to DeFrancesch Family Partnership, LLC.


  • WEST 2ND ST. 224: $149,000, Tommy James LeBoeuf to Troy Anthony Badeaux and Kellie Brady Badeaux.
  • WEST 7TH STREET 241: $89,000, Debbra Pursley Sparks, wife of /and Thomas R. Sparks to Jennifer L. Keller.


  • GARYVILLE NORTHERN STREET 646: $52,000, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Taylor Duhon.


  • CENTRAL AVENUE 231: $28,800.00, Carolyn L. Johnson to Terence C. White and wife Marvis Ann Franklin White.


  • LOT 5 OF THE P.G. KEATING TRACT: Donation, Joey Charles Keller to Carlene L. Landry.