• Transfers for May 1 to May 6


  • COMMERCE POINT 405, 409: $785,000, Parson Family Properties LLC to Cad Investments II LLC.
  • GORDON AVE. 501: $178,365, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • HICKORY AVE. 1204: $134,900, Marrone Investments LLC to Shi G. Zheng.
  • IMPERIAL WOODS DRIVE 139: $336,000, John J. Witmeyer III testamentary residuary trust to Scott P. Cedor and Diane D. Bergeron.
  • MAGNOLIA ACRES SUBDIVISION, LOT D-1: $165,000, Frank J. Ferguson, Benjamin W. Ferguson Jr., Barry J. Ferguson, Barret J. Ferguson and William H. Ferguson to Clarence L. Tyson and Patricia G. Tyson.
  • RAVAN AVE. 121: $84,224, EJD Properties LLC to Jordan M. Lambert and Christine D. Lambert.
  • WEST AVE. 338: donation, no value stated, David S. Delaune to Gina M. B. Delaune.
  • WOODWARD AVE. 517: $234,000, Kimberley A. Clayton to Lori W. Weaver.


  • AUDUBON TRACE 3213: $152,000, Percy A. Mayeaux to Barbara F. McGreevy and Sandra M. Thomas.

Betz Ave. 349: $202,000, Shawn L. Fugate and Jessica M. Fugate to David M. Manson Jr.

Carol Drive 342: $240,000, Ronald L. Jackson to Jason A. Cleveland and Kristy D. Cleveland.

Dodge Ave. 141: $226,180, Audrey B. Fresh, Farrell T. Fresh and Barry C. Fresh to Gary O. Waters and Arielle G. Pentes.

Jules Ave. 211: $190,000, Olivia M. Barre to Faith A. Onel.

San Carlos Ave. 19: $132,000, Makeba U. Guynes to Joseph V. Panno and Judith A. M. Panno.

Terrace St. 612: $195,000, Robert B. Smith and Jennifer E. H. Smith to Patricia M. Stanford.


  • 23RD ST. 11: $525,000, AIJ Properties LLC to B&PP Trust.
  • AUGUSTA ST. 2801: donation, no value stated, Wayne P. Miller to Augusta WPM LLC.
  • BUNDICK COURT 11: $226,900, Diane M. Varmall to David E. Thomas and Susan M. Thomas.
  • CAMERON COURT 660: $164,000, Travis S. Cook and Candice L. Dunlap to Michael J. Ganaway and Gina E. Benelli.
  • CAMERON COURT 660: $164,000, Travis S. Cook and Candice L. Dunlap to Michael J. Ganaway and Gina E. Benelli.
  • CASTLE DRIVE 3289: $165,000, Manuel A. Ramirez and Adilia F. Ramirez to Juan D. M. Sarmiento and Marta E. Rivera.
  • CONNECTICUT AVE. 3413: $65,000, Julie G. Rousso to Arnold E. Brown and Betty A. J. Muller.
  • DRIFTWOOD BLVD. 81: donation, no value stated, Charles F. Walton Sr. and Mary B. Walton to Charles F. Walton Jr.
  • E. LOUISIANA STATE DRIVE 3821: donation, no value stated, Jonnie L. C. Abercrombie to Lauren E. Abercrombie.
  • E. LOUISIANA STATE DRIVE 3821: no value stated, Raymond Clyde Abercrombie Family Trust to Lauren E. Abercrombie.
  • E. LOYOLA DRIVE 3548: donation, no value stated, Maggie D. Bridges to Samuel K. Ashley.
  • FURMAN CIRCLE 12: $60,000, Chang J. Zou and Yan L. Wang to Raymond M. Gan.
  • KENNER HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT E, SQUARE 114: $125,000, Virginia E. Kelly to Jannat LLC.
  • MADERA COURT 23: $140,000, Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. Mortgage Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2007-RP2 to John Barber.
  • MARTINIQUE AVE. 3901: $225,000, Rita C. Daniels to Beyene W. Tewolde.
  • MAYFAIR LANE 609: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John Levens III.
  • PALMETTO ST. 108: $499,000, Ronald Brock and Laura A. Ambrose Brock to John T. Twyman and Elizabeth B. M. Rinker.
  • ROOSEVELT BLVD. 2117: $150,000, Succession of John F. Brewer to George M. Grissom.
  • RUE CALAIS 1: $333,000, Ashley S. Flesch to Sharon H. R. Preen.
  • SOUTHLAKE VILLAGES SUBDIVISION, LOT 30-A, SQUARE A: $480,000, Richard A. Adamcewicz and Paula C. Adamcewicz to Anthony J. Cangemi and Brandy A. Cangemi.
  • ST. JULIEN DRIVE 1020, UNIT 107: $41,313, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • SUGAR MILL ROAD 3333: $235,000, Scott E. Parker to William T. Ledbetter.
  • TAVEL DRIVE 973: $195,000, Billy W. Gist and Joan Chiles Gist to Mohammad H. Jalili and Hayedeh Raofisani.
  • W. LOYOLA DRIVE 4252: $130,000, Anthony M. Diaz and Chelsea B. Diaz to Ronald J. Palmisano and Cynthia F. Palmisano.
  • YELLOWSTONE ST. 75: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Nellie F. Figueroa.


  • 24TH ST. 8736: donation, no value stated, Terrence J. Mascaro to Melanie M. Boudreaux.
  • 42ND ST. 3005: $127,000, Allan A. Avants and Shirley A. M. Avants to Ryan J. Milioto and Maria R. M. Milioto.
  • ALAN ST. 3541: $347,000, David W. Fifer and Barbara M. Fifer to Scott E. Parker.
  • ARIS AVE. 1037: $275,000, Johnson B. Church and Cindy R. Church to Taylor A. Guidry and Megan R. Guidry.
  • ATHANIA PARKWAY 2112: donation, no value stated, Angelina S. Stilley to Rose S. Kaye.
  • BROCKENBRAUGH COURT 1055: $262,500, Daniel B. Centner and Jamie L. T. Centner to Adean M. C. Leach.
  • BURKE DRIVE 4904: $176,000, Cihan Helvaci to Danny Schneckenberg and Linda K. Schneckenberg.
  • CASWELL LANE 2421, UNIT 23: $215,000, Emile C. Frisard III and Dan C. Frisard to Christopher J. Lagarde and Emily E. LeBoeuf.
  • CECIL PARK ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 16, SQUARE 3: $440,000, Hudson Homes LLC to Daniel B. Centner and Jamie L. T. Centner.
  • CENTRAL DRIVE 17: $221,000, Salvador L. Diesi Jr. and Christie F. Diesi to Steven N. Feuerstein, Lorraine W. Feuerstein, Griffith E. Furst and Angela M. Furst.
  • CIVIC ST. 3756: $184,000, Lucas J. Travasos and Patricia N. Travasos to Joseph B. Winn Jr. and Sherry W. Winn.
  • COLONY ROAD 1608: $152,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Carlos M. Fernandez and Michelle A. Fernandez.
  • CYPRESS ST. 3630: $130,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Millennium Group I LLC.
  • DANNY PARK 2313: $180,000, Jack C. Payne Jr. and Sharon J. Payne to Virginia G. Mendez.
  • DAVID DRIVE 1409: $93,900, Marshall E. Wenzel and Gloria C. Wenzel to Ronald R. Hepting and Jana N. Hepting.
  • DAVID DRIVE 2622-24: $190,000, Vinai Kwanbunbumpen and Huong T. Huynh to Nguyen & Nguyen Investments LLC.
  • DIXON ST. 3749: $88,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Margaret Gainey and Candace Ingram.
  • FORREST COURT, LOT 50: $280,000, Belinda T. M. Ho to David J. St. Germain Jr. and Geraldine A. St. Germain.
  • GRAMMAR AVE. 4820-22: $222,000, Richard J. Smith and Shelby C. Smith to Edward P. Marcel and Cathy R. Marcel.
  • HARVARD ESTATES, LOTS 38, 39, SQUARE 14: $270,000, Darlene A. Brister to Amal LLC.
  • HASTINGS ST. 6204: $136,000, Succession of Calvin J. Locicero Sr. and succession of Ernestina A. Locicero to Dhari Q. Alqaisi.
  • INGRID LANE 2612: $215,000, Ouida G. Armstrong to Michael R. Fruge.
  • JAMES DRIVE 4805: $250,000, Jacqueline M. Pizzano to Cassie G. Maureau.
  • LAKE AVE. 413: $164,000, Norma T. Gregoire to Walter L. Pfaff.
  • LAKE LOUISE AVE. 4709: $99,500, Glenn Living Trust to Bridget Enterprises LLC.
  • LAKE VISTA DRIVE 4512: $399,900, Paul C. Gabb to Tommy J. Drago Jr. and Kathryn M. Drago.
  • MANSON SMITH AVE. 1417: donation, no value stated, Aimee R. Burslem to Stephen D. Thiel Jr.
  • MELODY DRIVE 95: donation, no value stated, Dawn R. Harvey to Steven E. Psarellis.
  • MERLE ST. 6708: $120,000, Anna S. Cuccia to Jennifer L. Fabra.
  • METAIRIE COURT 2951: $217,000, Sylvia S. Campbell to Brooke A. Froeba and David M. Webster.
  • METAIRIE LAWN DRIVE 339: $160,000, Ronald E. Durel to Caitlin E. Hathaway.
  • METAIRIE ROAD 401, UNIT 408: $180,000, Charlotte L. Todd to Karyl K. Babst.
  • METAIRIE TOWERS CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 528: $118,500, Stephanie T. Wright, Betty P. Thiery, Darlene A. Thiery, Paul Thiery and Dawn R. Thiery to Susan M. Lee and Andrew R. Lee.
  • N. ARNOULT ROAD 3320, UNIT 126: $63,000, Stephen G. Berk, Anne Preslar and Joseph S. Berk to Vira Exim LLC.

N. Bengal Road 1400: $122,000, Tammy J. Froeba, Francine M. F. Daigle, Allison J. C. Froeba, Brandi L. Froeba and Nevaeh E. F. Sallee to Shaun J. Petty and Aline H. Sullwold.

  • N. BENGAL ROAD 221: $148,500, Brad N. Esteves to Elizabeth J. Dean.
  • N. BENGAL ROAD 805: $167,000, Jorge A. Medina and Elda A. Medina to Timothy J. Woodward and Carla P. Ficaro.
  • N. BENGAL ROAD 816: $142,000, Harold Soignier and Tammy S. Soignier to Dina M. DiVincenti.
  • N. STARRETT ROAD 504: $150,000, Successio of Dell L. Gremillion and succession of Milbon M. Gremillion to Stephen M. Tumbagahan and Melicent S. Tumbagahan.
  • NEYREY DRIVE 2113-15: donation, no value stated, Marcelle D. Kelley and Michael F. Kelley to Michael F. Kelley.
  • PAPWORTH AVE. 512, UNIT B: $299,000, William J. Charbonnet to Johnson B. Church and Cindy Lee.
  • PASADENA AVE. 2513, UNIT 104: $20,000, Maria R. G. Morantine to Ducote Property Investments LLC.
  • PONTIAC ST. 3710: $140,000, Evelyn C. Herbert to Kevin Roche and Zoila A. Segura.

Purdue Drive 3504: $185,000, Vincent J. Giordano Jr. to Craig B. Dibenedetto and Sherri H. Dibenedetto.

  • PURDUE DRIVE 3909: $130,000, L&H Investment Properties LLC to Cihan Helvaci and Maria Vallejo.
  • RIDGEWAY DRIVE 3217: $217,000, Bertila G. Sobrino to John A. Coleman and Mckenzie G. Coleman.
  • RIVERSIDE COURT CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 347: $15,000, Whitney Bank to Michael Moguel and Delmy A. Cruz.
  • ROSA AVE. 404: $1,062,000, Oster Developers LLC to Barbara F. Mooney.
  • RYE ST. 4825: $190,000, Suzanne T. Jeffrey to Ashraf Mohamed and Wafaa Elzian.
  • SELLS ST. 2516: $195,000, Laura C. V. Becker to Jennifer Sanclemente.
  • SEVERN AVE. 1817: $224,000, Beverly H. Puglia to Chailland revocable trust.

Stanford Ave. 1720: $210,000, Philip A. Wattigney and Jamie B. Wattigney to Ryan P. Taliancich and Maricar D. Taliancich.

  • TARA PLACE 9: $530,000, Kathleen K. Saintcross and Harry S. Koch IV to Katie J. Buchert.
  • TOWN OF HARLEM SUBDIVISION, LOT 18, SQUARE 134: $10,000, Vincent P. Wright to Alcamary C. Moran.
  • TRANSCONTINENTAL DRIVE 2900: $230,000, Succession of Florence S. Cummings, Cynthia C. Graham, Mary C. Stafford, Beverly M. C. Smith and Lisa C. Richardson to Jesus M. Gutierrez, Sandra Gutierrez and Emma M. Kazda.
  • TRENTON ST. 5241: $208,000, Kenneth M. LaMonte and Jennifer M. LaMonte to Robert Soignier.
  • TRUDEAU PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 45: $142,000, Denise A. F. Doll, Karen F. Impastato, Gale A. Fuselier, Christopher J. Fuselier Sr., Bruce J. Fuselier, James B. Fuselier Sr. and Daniel Fuselier to Lacy B. Jackson and Deborah E. Jackson.
  • WESTGATE ST. 8721: $198,000, Gabriel M. Mule to Gregorio Ortiz and Rosa I. Ortiz.
  • WHITNEY PLACE 2716, UNIT 425: $125,000, Lois W. Lanier to Frances L. Hornung.

William David Parkway West 904: $233,000, Pamela G. M. Pogue to Kriston D. Schwind.

  • WILTY ST. 7000: $154,000, Robby L. Graham and Sarah S. Graham to Lino A. Perez.
  • WINDSOR ST. 4629: donation, no value stated, Henry J. Jacques III to Matthew P. Jacques and Lauren M. Jacques.
  • WOODLAND ST. 4617: donation, no value stated, Jeffery A. Steen and Amy S. Reggio to Mary A. Steen.
  • WOODLAWN AVE. 69: $180,000, James Gueydan Jr. to Evelyn F. Cade and Jordan M. Campo.


  • DOUGLAS DRIVE 249: $193,000, Robin Silverman to Rachel L. Robert.
  • JANE COURT 10109: $167,000, Ronald J. Rhoto Jr., Edward A. Rhoto, Janet R. Cruppi and Deborah R. Preston to Eric Humble and Stacie S. Humble.
  • MIDWAY DRIVE 227: $250,000, Charles L. Moore and Karen C. Moore to Lucas C. McMenamin and Michelle L. McMenamin.
  • MOSS LANE 521: $161,000, Daryl P. Rappold to Erika G. Massa.
  • PARK RIDGE DRIVE 824: $289,000, Sean P. Hebert and Christie F. Hebert to Jeffrey A. Jaume and Lusy P. Fontan.
  • PHYLLIS COURT 137: $289,000, Karen B. E. Greig to Darren P. Landreneau and Meredith P. Landreneau.
  • REBEL AVE. 159: $185,000, Robert J. Landry, Iris L. Ramos, Harry P. Landry, Stacey D. Landry and Terry H. Joiner to Brent M. Cazaubon Sr. and Rochelle S. Cazaubon.
  • RICHARD AVE. 637-39-41: $43,000, Succession of Robert H. Shockley Jr. to Robert Porter.
  • STEWART AVE. 404: $157,000, Idabell C. Perschall to Charles W. Brower Jr. and Michelle D. Fonseca.
  • TIFFANY DRIVE 10104: $322,000, Bernard J. Ayrod and Patricia B. Ayrod to Kevin Judd and Lin Zhang.
  • WAGNER DRIVE 209: $336,000, Succession of Carl D. McDaniel and Kathleen H. McDaniel to Robin M. Bateman and Cheryl A. Ruest.
  • WALTER ROAD 278: $100 and other good and valuable considerations, Sharon D. Rovira to Gasper T. Michelli Jr.