Transfers for Sept. 12 to Sept. 16


Baudin St. 4046: $445,000, Ashley Grubbs Cook and Daniel J. Cook to Beatrice Germaine Marcella and Scott James Marcella.

Carondelet St. 856: $553,000, Matthew Leonard Madary to Bobbie Mickler Whiddon and William David Whiddon.

Felicity St. 727 and St. James St. 722: $80,668, Kelli Hand Bristol and Sean Michael Bristol to Drancorp LLC.

Howard Ave. 816-820: $3,550,000, Commerce Pt LLC to 818 Howard LLC.

Julia St. 330: $267,000, Elizabeth Susan Darre to Joseph E. Murray and Karen Collura Murray.

Tchoupitoulas St. 327: $8,900, Hotel De Leau Vive II Owners Association Inc. to Heidi Ann Anderson and Justin William McQueen.


Bienville St. 2127-29: $330,000, Roy F. Lissarrague to Waltham Properties LLC.

Bienville St. 4414: $170,000, Christine M. Herman and Denise S. Dussom to G. Roth Properties LLC.

Canal St. 1713-17: $675,600, 1715 Canal LLC to Babington Properties Lp.

N. Carrollton Ave. 605: $477,000, 605 North Carrollton LLC to Accardo Endodontics LLC.

Dumaine St. 3332: $720,000, Glenn Bianchini, Robyn Meade Bianchini, Timmy McDonald and Tonja Gaffney McDonald to Candice Moses, Michael Moses and Nicholas Moses.

Dumaine St. 4322-4330 and N. Alexander St. 840: no value stated, Westwood Center LLC to Kpk Dumaine LLC.

Lakeshore Drive 7300: $358,500, Cynthia Esler Voss and George William Voss to John H. Vockroth III.

Memphis St. 6636: $525,000, George F. Sins Jr. and Janet Garrett Sins to Catherine Schoonenberg Smith and William Thomas Smith.

Memphis St. 6908-6910: donation, no value stated, A. and L. Alfortish Holdings LLC, Lester A. Alfortish Jr., R. and L. Alfortish Holdings LLC and Robbye Beauchamp Alfortish to Lester A. Alfortish III.

Milne Boulevard 5853: $640,000, Brenda Labruzzo Fullen Hebert and Robert Frank Fullen to Dustin M. Goitia and Yvette M. Triay.

Orleans Ave. 6444-6446: $117,000, Charles C. Kleinschmidt to Jordan Laird Kleinschmidt and Kenneth A. Kleinschmidt.

Royal St. 837: $335,000, Manuel Ignacio Martinez and Natalie Anne Reeds Martinez to Mark Clyde Davis and Michelle Vetter Davis.

N. Salcedo St. 815: $305,000, Adrienne Esther Shulman Waddington to Aaron N. Maples, Haley P. Maples and Haley Pickering Maples.

St. Ann St. 2601-2603: $217,000, Donald A. Werle and Kathryn Verkest Werle to Susan Kroening Darby.

Ursulines Ave. 1715: $65,000, Ada Mae Roussell Anderson and Sidney J. Anderson to Act Homes LLC.

Vicksburg St. 6663: $500,000, Andrea Varuso Corne and Scott Michael Corne to Lauren Claire Weiss and Travis Paul Weiss.


Alvar St. 1027-1029: $400,000, Denise Krah Hintzke, Douglas Krah, Patrick H. Krah and Tara Arrieta Krah to Caroline A. Spangler Saucier and Michael Saucier.

Arthur Drive 4618: $120,000, Renola Income LLC to Simiria Monique Lambert.

Arts St. 2028-2030: donation, no value stated, Patrick M. Flynn to Dorian R. Reardon.

Congress St. 1721-23: $112,000, Miller Bonner Engelhardt Jr. to Nicholas Riesner.

Bartholomew St. 1222: $40,000, Anthony Burns, Eddie Burns III, Flora Lee Banks Scott, Lashathan Banks, Lorraine Burns Rice, Marie Banks Brooks and Ruth Banks to La Cribs LLC.

Charmes Court 4842: donation, no value stated, Long Thi Nguyen and Trang Huyen Nguyen to Lieu Thuy Thi Nguyen.

Clouet St. 832: $598,000, Diane Depp Muckley and Soren Pedersen to Sara Maria Albee Madgwick.

Coveview Court 6518: $16,000, Sandra Cox Thomas to Philip Leon Calloway Jr.

Davey St. 4108: $560,000, Davey Properties LLC to Kathleen McCain Murphy.

Eads St. 5501: $258,000, Harmony Spears Barnett and John Lawrence Barnett III to Foluso Abidemi Sokunbi.

East Laverne St. 6944: $92,000, Leonhard E. Casey to Janyoko Lashawn Bridges.

Esplanade Ave. 1252: $250,000, Melissa D. Sugar Haigh to Gary Boyd.

Egania St. 1400: $174,900, IberiaBank to Kelly M. Bell.

Florida Ave. 5850: donation, no value stated, Mark Porche to Constanza Maria Porche and Constanza Porche.

Franklin Ave. 2126: $227,000, Samuel L. Zequinelli Carvalho to Larry Trotter II.

Gallier St. 718: $599,000, Ashley Weiss Aertker and Scott Aertker to Bradford Carlisle Walker and Catherine Hutchinson Walker.

Hamburg St. 4019: $135,000, David M. Patin Sr. and Gwiena Magee Patin to Michael A. Moore.

Independence St. 824: $315,000, Anthony Dee Bondurant to DBI Developments LLC.

Kingswood Drive 14110: $8,000, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Mary L. Smith.

Lady Gray St. 7625: donation, no value stated, Angelina Latino Armato and Frank Armato to Carla A. Sullivan, Frank A. Armato Jr. and Joseph Michael Armato.

Laharpe St. 2237-39: donation, no value stated, Clayton M. Richard to Eulah M. Payne.

Lake Barrington Drive 7351: donation, no value stated, Phyllis Labuzan Jones to Wayne M. Jones.

Leon C Simon Drive 2443: donation, no value stated, Marietta Maggio Estopinal to Dominic Maggio.

Lepage St. 2621: $260,000, Nola Renewal Group LLC to Soldiers LLC.

Lesseps St. 911: $464,000, Lauren Claire Kaczka Weiss and Travis Weiss to Julia Lynne Schweizer.

Louisa St. 1824: $17,500, Lena P. Carter to Tisean J. Stewart.

Mazant St. 2343: $4,459, city of New Orleans to Cachobar LLC.

N. Derbigny St. 1556: $77,000, Charlene Monconduit Colly Doucette Pieksen, Charlotte Walker Monconduit, David B. Monconduit, Joann Monconduit Edwards Lloyd, Lisa Jones Monconduit, Melvin Joseph Monconduit, Michael J. Monconduit, Mildred Landry Monconduit and Rickey A. Monconduit to SMS Development LLC.

N. Roman St. 1433: $200,000, Galen F. Marquis to Katherine E. Paxton.

New Orleans St. 2115-17: $169,000, JMODS LLC to Evan Paul Cosse and Sarah Elizabeth Sievert.

Nottingham Drive 4640: $132,000, Cecile Georgette Sugasti and Joann Sugasti Matherne to Duane McCorkle.

Piety St. 1538: $20,000, Dionne Bryant Garrison to T&T Real Estate Development LLC.

Rousselin St. 1653: $67,000, T&T Real Estate Development LLC to Rousselin Investment LLC.

St. Denis St. 1316: donation, no value stated, Sharon R. Davis to New Orleans Redevelopment Unlimited Inc.

St. Ferdinand St. 3707: $5,912, city of New Orleans to Tillery Real Estate LLC.

St. Roch Ave. 5101: donation, no value stated, Anika Crystal Jones, Lennis Jones and Kent Seals II to Sheila Woods Seals.

St. Roch Ave. 5401: $173,000, Shane M. Devlin to Jennifer Lateisha Merrill, Willie Lee Hunt and Willie Lee Major.

Strathmore St. 7421: $80,000, LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Son Tran.

Tupelo St. 1213-15: $1,345, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Coletta Thomas Brady.

Winthrop St. 2312: $10,500, Edward C. Simmons and Mary R. Simmons to Marcel I. Rivera Ayestas.

$3,500,000, Mercato Elisio LLC to 501EFA Hotel LLC.


Third St. 1924-26; Third St. 1926: $25,000, Neighborhood Housing Services of New Orleans Inc. to Gregory J. White.

Eighth St. 800-02: $350,000, Catherine Coyle to Kyle S. Stackpole.

Annunciation St. 2107-2109: $350,000, Ploutos Development LLC to Jacob Hammer McGregor.

Jackson Ave. 926-28: $475,000, James H. Amerson Jr. to Huron Ave LLC.

Kabel Drive 1213: $110,000, Vuong Huu Nguyen to Caramy Vilcin and Merline Vilcin.

S. Post Oak Ave. 4030: $235,000, Ricky Phan, Yen Phan and Yen Vuyen Phan to Don Francis.

Rex Place 2405: $20,000, Angela N. Amundson Rindo, Community Improvement Agency, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and Therese M. Rindo Amundson to Juan Nieves Colon.

S. Chippewa St. 1861: $55,000, River Garden Homes LLC to City Homes LLC.

S. Chippewa St. 1933: $50,000, River Garden Homes LLC to City Homes LLC.

S. Derbigny St. 2700-2702: $5,024, city of New Orleans to Jennifer Daigneault.

S. Robertson St. 2431-33: $281,000, EJB Investments LLC to Harrison Huffman.

Washington Ave. 1938: $55,000, Julien M. Baker to Gno Properties LLC.

District 5

Cleveland Ave. 3725: donation, no value stated, Cody Diblin to Whitney Boudreaux Diblin.

English Turn Court 9: $445,000, Barry C. Goldman and Madeline Rush Goldman to Lawrence J. Sieberth, Ming Wu Sieberth and Ming Wu Simpson.

Eugenie Court 11: $189,900, Debra Bailey Callender and Donald Oswald Callender to Darrylynn Smith.

Gallinghouse St. 2700: $192,000, Dawn Talmadge Erny Myers and Eric C. Monk to Albert E. Casanova Jr. and Margie P. Adams Casanova.

Gen. Meyer Ave. 3000: $60,000, Fav R. Investments Inc. to Bernie Hebert Investments LLC.

Horace St. 1116: $19,000, Rosette Christine Jones Theobald Woods to Kenia Ross.

Lacour Monique 5450: $152,000, Benjamin J. Birdsall III and Terry Malet Birdsall to Nicole Crosby Duncan.

Lang St. 640: $30,300, April Felps Armer and George John Spence Armer to Sajea Inc.

Socrates St. 3925: donation, no value stated, Andre Templet, Danielle Avice Morris, Jerome V. Dupre Jr., Paul Templet and Veronique Jeannette Ornouski to Jerome Vellon Dupre.

Steeple Chase Lane 1592: $214,000, John Gingold McElwain to Celimar Maldonado Bayer Ruede and Jonathan William Ruede.

Yellowstone Drive 19: $260,000, Marguerite Ferrera App and William S. App Jr. to Danny Dale Duke and James H. Amerson Jr.


Calhoun St. 1537: $100, Danny Ray Barnhill and Marianne Mulligan Barnhill Cavendish Kidrick to George P. Eastman IV and Karen Bendall Eastman.

Camp St. 5016-5018: $400,000, Paul D. Hale to Jose Luis Alvarez.

Cohn St. 7001-03: $350,000, Catherine Julie Terrell Radford to Christopher J. Bruno.

Delachaise St. 1027: $295,000, Allyson Michelle Seitzler to Curtis Stephen Colden.

Jena St. 510: $457,000, Elsa J. Garcia Tovar and Jorge A. Tovar to Francis S. Vehonsky, Francis Scott Vehonsky, Melissa M. Botello and Melissa Marie Botello.

Leontine St. 801: $477,000, Adrienne Wessler Pares, Rickie Leo Pares Jr. and Robert C. Wessler to Mary Spell Lebato.

Marengo St. 2001: $632,000, Richard T. Hines to Carole Samantha Hulme and Francis B. Mazzanti Jr.

Milan St. 621-23: $510,000, Vig III LLC to Alison A. Shih, Alison Schill Shih and Jonathan L. Shih.

Nashville Ave. 233: $560,000, Brutus Holdings LLC to Square 2 Development Co. LLC.

S. Johnson St. 5411: $550,000, Heather Hodges Zamer and Kevin W. Zamer to Hilah Verlander Newman and James H. Newman.

S. Robertson St. 5822: donation, no value stated, George Alex McIntosh and George McIntosh to Keerthi Yelundur McIntosh.

St. Charles Ave. 5421: $360,000, Mary Plauche McNulty and Michael J. McNulty III to J. Michael Veron.

Tchoupitoulas St. 5917: $255,000, Alyson R. Graugnard Kroger to Ronald D. Polito.


20th St. 304: $206,000, Michael T. Weaver to Bryan Kennedy Broussard Sr. and Melissa Westcott Broussard.

Breakwater Drive 8028: $315,000, Kenneth Tillis to Maria Fresneda Daigle, Patrick J. Fresneda and Regina Fresneda Brooks.

Dixon St. 9100: $10, secretary of housing and urban development of Washington, D.C., to Nyleesa E. Graham.

Eagle St. 1832-34: $115,765.38, Ann Silcio Odell to Midsouth Property Investments of Louisiana LLC.

Fig St. 7907: $340,000, Wuilmer Manzanares to Jack T. Smith Jr.

Fig St. 8426-28: donation, no value stated, David Bryan Kelsey and Michelle Talbot Kelsey to Camile Curtis Kelsey.

Maryland Drive 116: $341,000, Chad M. Bruno and Christine Villavaso Bruno to Douglas Anthony Adams.

Willow St. 8423-25: $365,000, Todd Jeffrey Souvignier to Gustavo Alfredo Vides and Valerie Anne Overstreet Whelan.