St. John transfers for Sept. 28-Oct. 9, 2015 _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Ronald H. Mains Jr. sold this home at 15 Oxford Drive in LaPlace to Stephanie Pabst and Dylan Pabst for $167,000.

St. John

  • Transfers for Sept. 28 to Oct. 9


  • RIDGEFIELD DRIVE 1304: $128,000, Keith M. LeSaicherre to Daniel James Mooney and Margret A. Stark (Mooney).
  • SAWGRASS DRIVE 47: $142,000, U.S. Bank National Association to Nakeyius Marshaun Jackson.
  • ENGLISH COLONY DRIVE 2521: $40,000, Kevin P. Jenkins to Brandon D. Brown, LLC.
  • PINE VALLEY DRIVE 2248: $182,500, Stephen Kepler, Jr., and Kristin Kepler to Ashley Dawn Brown.
  • MAGNOLIA AVE. 213: $24,500, U.S. Bank National Association, as Trusstee to Kaja Holdings, 2, L.L.C.
  • BELLE TERRE BLVD. 143: $900.000, Raceland QSR, LLC to Square Deal, LLC.
  • BIENVILLE STREET 718: $139,900, Barbara L. Godchaux to Renada Living.
  • OSPREY COURT 17: $178,000, Wells One Investments, LLC to Tedric O. Anderson and LaTanya Durio Anderson.
  • SHERWOOD DRIVE 3004: $40,500, U.S. Bank National Associatio to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington, D.C.

Cambridge Drive 1705: Donation by Malcolm Keller, Sr., Myrtis Keller Murphy, Mercedes Keller Henderson, Elaine Keller Johnson, Rev. Eric Keller, Keith Keller to Jason Keller, Sr.

  • LONGWOOD DRIVE 2017: $45,500, Howard Pierre Kraemer, Jr., and wife, Susan Ann Tompkins Kraemer to EB St. John Properties, LLC.
  • RIENZI DRIVE 517: $80,000, Geraldine Hebert Johnson to EB St. John Properties, LLC.
  • REVERE DRIVE 802: Donation by W. Marie Brufield to Marilyn Lee and Andrew Lee.
  • OXFORD DRIVE 15: $167,000, Ronald H. Mains, Jr., to Stephanie Pabst and Dylan Pabst.
  • MICHAEL COURT 904: $157,000, Michelle Hyman Zeringue to Carmeg Properties, LLC.
  • OAK POINT DRIVE 456: $234,900, Richard G. Varnado and Jean Hood Varnado to Stephon M. Hall and Terry Lynn White Hall.
  • IBERVILLE STREET 753: $129,475, James E. Taylor, Jr., and Linette Latour Taylor to Gaynell Marie Johnson.
  • LONGWOOD COURT 1954: $110,000, Gismo Properties, LLC to Rober L. Perez Gomez.
  • ENGLISH COLONY DR. 3017: $113,000, A R G Realtors, LLC to Chester Blunt, Jr.

Rue Dubourg St. 176: $149,500, Jane Laborde Roussel to Joy Oubre Kern Prebianca.

  • EAST FRISCO DRIVE 1716: $ 112,200, Mina Menedez Casadaban and Rene G. Casadaban to Herbert McGee, Jr.
  • WEST FRISCO DR. 508: $114,900, Jesse L. Singley, III, to Etanisla Hernandez.
  • ELLERSLIE AVE. 1505: $130,000, Evergreen Land Co., LLC to John W. Walters.
  • ELLERSLIE AVE. 1505: Donation by John W. Walters to Lynda Matthews Bray.
  • IBERVILLE ST. 762: $109,000, Jimmy Waters to Francisco Pimentel Ferrera.
  • WILLIAMSBURG DRIVE 2701: $117,000, Shane M. Degruy to Michelle Moore.
  • ESTATE DRIVE 521: $307,500, Jaclyn Daniel Ory and Benjamin Ory to Peter Weber.


  • WEST 2ND STREET 175: $130,000, Todd G. Loup and Kathleen Robichaux Loup to Paul E. Ginesi.
  • EAST 22ND STREET 321: $167,000, Monica Faye Taylor to Richard D. Perrilloux.
  • 320 N W 4TH STREET: $196,000, Amber Lyn Waguespack Millet, wife of /and Daniel Jules Millet, Jr. to Antonia Conigilo LeBlanc, wife of/ and Larry LeBlanc, Jr.
  • ELLEN DRIVE 137: $192,000, Bryan P. Cook and Ami Cook to Rajinder J. Washington.
  • HISTORIC WEST STREET 399: $72,000, Horace Waguespack, Jr., Earl Waguespack, Daniel Waguespack, Glendora Waguespack Rich and Ethel Waguespack to Karen Duhe.
  • HISTORIC WEST STREET 452: $87,000, Armant Falgoust, II and Donna Chauvin Falgoust to Jade A. Falgousst.


  • ON THE LEFT DESCENDING BANK OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER FORMING PART OF LOT 2 OF ANGELINA PLANTATION DESIGNATED AS C-2: $150,000, Ethel Mary Sutton Champagne, Bryan J. Champagne, Barry J. Champagne, Ralph J. Champagne, Joycelyn C. Martinez, Michael J. Champagne, David J. Champagne, Henry J. Champagne, Jr., to APEX Oil Company, Inc.