St. John the Baptist Parish property transfers, Oct. 19-23, 2015 _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Shirley Moore Lewis and Gerard Peter Lewis sold this home at 19 Oxford Drive in LaPlace to Amanda Marie Morse for $199,987.

St. John the Baptist

  • Property transfers Oct. 19 to Oct. 23


  • INDIGO PARKWAY 501: $80,000, River Parishes Oil Company, LLC, formerly known as River Parishes Oil Co., Inc. to Gregory H. Newman.
  • SOUTHPASS DRIVE 205: Donation, Antoine Adams to Jessica Forest.
  • CONCORDIA DRIVE 2804: $83,000, Tamara Yvette Monroe Lindsey to Cherese Miquel Oatis.
  • BELLE ALLIANCE DRIVE 416: Donation, Dean T. DeFrancesch to Lindsey Anderson DeFrancesch.
  • VIRGINIAN COLONY AVE. 2516: $79,900, Harvey’s E.A.R.K.J. Inc., to Heather L. Garcia.
  • OXFORD DR. 19: $199,987, Shirley Moore Lewis, wife of/and Gerard Peter Lewis to Amanda Marie Morse.
  • MONTICELLO COURT 617: $116,200.00, R.L. Dawson Investments, L.L.C. to Cassaundra Weston Woods.
  • BARBER DR. 140: Donation: Agnes Doris Kugler St. Martin to Diane Marie St. Martin Cancienne, Charles J. St. Martin, Jr., Jane Claire St. Martin Vicknair, Mary Gayle St. Martin Holmes, Jon M. St. Martin.
  • DEVON ROAD 331: $220,000, Shirvelly A. Roussell to Theresa Slaughter Bennett.
  • 105 W 5TH ST:$180,00, R&L Holdings, LLC to Ben R. Guillory, Jr. and Shannon Perkins Guillory.
  • BAYONNE DRIVE 1509: Donation, Edgar Paul Aupied to Donna Zeairs Aupied.


  • 148 E. 12TH STREET EXTENSION: $145,000, Charles H. LaRose to Michael J. Martin.


  • RUE ST. CHARLES 194: Donation, Tirrell Collins Boudreaux and Reginald P. Boudreaux and Connie Lacour Boudreaux and Raymond P. Boudreaux, Jr.


  • GEORGINE DRIVE 104: $170,000, Moore New Homes, LLC to Oliver Hooker, Jr.
  • GEORGINE DRIVE 108: $157,000, Moore New Homes, LLC to Arthur Johnson Jr.