Transfers for Aug. 29 to Sept. 2


Hillcrest Country Club subdivision, lot 1, square 45: $7,000, Rene C. Jacques to Wiliam A. Vargas and Fanny M. Zepeda Gunera.

Hillcrest Country Club subdivision, lot 20, square 45: $7,000, Rene C. Jacques to Jose E. Ponce and Jeny Vargas Ponce.

Section 7, township 7 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Janice H. Kelley to Edward F. Kelley.

Seventh St. 22106: $170,000, Ernie Lee Foley Dew Satterfield to John D. Battaglia and Mary K. Battaglia.

Singing River subdivision, phase 4, lot 180: $40,000, donation, Keith Beucler, Marilyn R. Beucler and Robin Beucler to Andrew D. Burmaster and Hillary G. Burmaster.

Yvonne Ave. 201: donation, no value stated, Jason H. Rishton to Darlene N. Rishton.


Abita Lakes subdivision, phase 1, lot 18: $370,000, Bradley D. Woolley and Elizabeth R. Woolley to Aaron Manaeseri and Elizabeth O. Manaeseri.

Beebalm Circle 208: $214,640, DSLD Homes LLC to Jason C. Dorcey and Kristin M. McNab.

Beebalm Circle 448: $213,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Roy G. Spinks Jr. and Ella Y. Spinks.

Belle Terre Blvd. 133: $280,000, Mark W. Legere to Flippers LLC.

Bertel Drive 121: $235,000, Eliah Everhard and Carolina A. Everhard to Steven G. Bonner and Monique L. Bonner.

Bogue Falaya Drive 75: $400,000, Succession of Audrey Mae Groch Broyl, Jack H. Broyl Jr., Bonnie B. Prickett and Dianne G. Volpe to Howard W. Drake Jr. and Catherine T. Drake.

Bryce Drive 1925: $230,000, Donna Bergeron Vedi to Anne Marie Nicaud Ernst.

Cameo Drive 76215: $36,000, Gregory P. Folse to Chase Garrett Broadus Sr. and Sarah S. Broadus.

Capistrano Court 837: $274,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Brett E. Tasin and Janice O. Tasin.

Crestwood Drive 807: $208,000, Ryan F. Uzee and Reid S. Uzee to Donald J. Guidry and Dian H. Guidry.

Division of New Covington subdivision, portion of ground: $15,000, Habitat For Humanity St. Tammany West Inc. to Capstone Properties LLC.

Dogwood Drive 34: $202,000, Ryan A. Almerico and Larissa Lovern to GMI Construction Inc..

Dominic Drive 1548: $230,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Bret D. Posner and Rachel A. Posner.

Fair Hill Loop 701: $344,400, Varuso Homes LLC to Jason Hintzke and Maria B. Hintzke.

Flower Estates, lot 297-A: $760,000, Heather Dalton Barranger Case to MaryAnn & Bobby LLC.

Heritage Oaks subdivision, lot 8: $108,808, Chad E. Howell and Michaela W. Howell to Howell Developments LLC.

J. St. 70499: $77,072, Melissa M. Dobson to CR Property Development LLC.

Jessica Way 553: $205,000, Bocage Properties Inc. to Audrey B. Hodges and Karen A. Guarino.

Jonathon Lane 4049, Unit 66: donation, no value stated, Scott C. Temonia and Monica D. Temonia to Michelle C. Dauzat.

K St. 70429: $171,900, Jason Thibodeaux, Britney Matherne and Danielle R. Thibodeaux to Kaylee Marie LaBella.

K St. 70520: $16,900, Bryan P. Hemard and Patrick A. Hemard to Beaux Builders LLC.

Lake Placid Drive 71111: $100,000, Ditech Financial LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Lakewood Northshore Drive 622: $257,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Yongbo He.

Laurel Oak Drive 44: $367,500, Walter L. Heston and Carolyn G. Heston to Na Deng and Hong Tang.

Lismore Lane 344: $167,000, Rees Co. LLC to Claudette Watkins revocable intervivos trust.

Louisiana Highway 1081 76454: $162,000, Curtis Taylor to Kyle J. Jones.

Louisiana Highway 21 69368-A: $10 and other valauble consideration, Taco Bell of America LLC to Southeast Restaurant Group-TB LLC.

McGee Road 12123: donation, no value stated, Desiree A. Schellinger to Robert P. Schellinger V.

Michael Court 105: $289,500, James B. Whatley III and Kristyn Massey Whatley to Nazha A. Abdul-Hadi and Tara R. Abdul-Hadi.

Natchez Trace Drive 256: $630,000, Rene J. Ragas and Danielle White Ragas to Stephen P. Roan and Susan S. Roan.

Natchez Trace subdivision, Phase 4, lots 235, 246, 247: $195,652, Lonesome Development LLC to BMI Construction LLC.

Ninth St. 70263: $19,000, Arthur E. Lyons III and Kathleen S. Lyons to Timothy L. Calamusa.

North End no. 2 subdivision, lots 11, 12, square 2: $12,500, donation, Louis J. Faulstich Jr. to Loretta Faulstich Protti.

Oaklawn Drive 56: $192,000, David E. Hadley Jr. and Valerie S. Hadley to Lorenz Hamburger and Erica M. Hamburger.

Pine Crest Drive 202: $450,000, Alvin B. Gibson and Laura M. Pusey Gibson to Allyson Michelle Cole.

Poplar Creek Court 729: $409,000, 110 Builders LLC to Robert M. Braniff Sr. and Barbara F. Braniff.

River Park Estates, lots 5, 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, square 9: $48,000, Jeffrey P. Mugnier, Michelle E. Laurence, Bradly D. Pellegrin, Devin Pellegrin and Mary A. Pellegrin to River Park Estates LLC.

River Road 74712: $115,000, Samuel A. Miceli and Sherrie Boyd Miceli to 4-M Property Investments LLC.

Riverview Court 19324, Unit 200: $156,000, Gilbert A. Graham and Dorothy H. Graham to Stephanie N. McKeough.

Ronald Regan Highway 1004: $10 and other valuable consideration, Taco Bell of America LLC to Southeast Restaurant Group-TB LLC.

Roosevelt Park subidivision, lot 20, square 2: donation, no value stated, Terry Marie Joseph to Tori C. Joseph.

Rue Bourdeaux 740: $345,000, Andrew S. Harrison to James Pettinelli and Isabelita Pettinelli.

Rue Bourdeaux 821: $459,800, Big Bear Construction Co. Inc. to Chirag Patel and Jesika Patel.

S. Corniche Du Lac 773: $454,000, Hearthstone Homes LLC to Stefanie S. Serpas.

S. Lakeshore Drive 14093: $281,000, Bradley W. Cobb and Shannon C. Cobb to Paul T. Van Landingham Jr..

Second St. 70451: $149,050, David A. Clay Sr. and Bonnie M. Clay to Stephen Adams.

Section 17, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $485,000, James E. Wood to Don A. McMath, Deborah Miramon McMath and Timothy R. Henning.

Simpson Way 721: $196,500, Nathan M. Bren and Rashelle C. Bren to Richard L. Espositio and Melissa B. Espositio.

Sixth St. 70318: $181,000, Kyle F. Flucke and Dina G. Flucke to Joseph M. Briz Lopez and Abanury S. M. Pineda de Briz.

Tartan Trace, lot 108: $47,500, Weldon J. Lee and Sable Ann Lee to Fitzgerald Gaines and Linda Allison.

Tchefuncte Drive 15231: donation, no value stated, Eric J. Hessler to Daye Hilbert Geigerman.

Village in Covington subdivision, phase 1-A, lot 146: $435,000, Lot 146 The Village Trust to Michael Dauenhauer and Betty D. Dauenhauer.

Whippoorwill Road 4: $723,000, Stephen A. Neal and Suzanne C. Neal to Ryan A. Almerico and Larissa Ann Lovern Almerico.


Booth Road 78573: $193,500, Chris J. Boudreaux Jr. and Melissa M. Boudreaux to Lacey Murphree and Bonnie D. Brown.

Booth Road 78573: $123,653, Sandra W. Mann to Chris J. Boudreaux Jr. and Melissa M. Boudreaux.

C. Gotti Road 14149: $231,000, Mary Jane Gennusa to Christopher Landry and Joni Barlow.

Ed Core Road 12535: $321,000, Charles J. Hemenway, Patricia S. Hemenway, Charles J. Hemenway and Patricia S. Hemenway revocable living trust to Terry A. Meagher.

J and B Drive 78225: $213,500, Alton L. Ochsner to Tommy S. Posey and Michelle M. Posey.

N. Willie Road 80209: $153,000, Francis K. Mathies to Justin D. Plummer.

Section 25, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Renae M. Griffin to Todd J. Quave.

Section 36, township 4 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $67,000, Keith Edward Bruhl and Marian M. Bruhl to Eric A. Buttone and Tiffany R. Buttone.

Section 36, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Lanell F. Bruhl to Robert S. Bruhl, Allen J. Maxwell Jr., Barbara Bruhl Maxwell and Patsy Bruhl Fitzmorris.

Section 43, township 4 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $235,000, Succession of Blanche Mae Hayden Hartdegen to Bobbye of Folsom LLC.

Sections 25, 40, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $85,000, Vina K. Kapadia to George J. Sciortino and Cynthia K. Sciortino.

Wes Burris St. 82291: $80,300, Justin D. Plummer to Kristina M. Ziegler.


Jade St. 61126: $141,900, Brookshire Property Development LLC to Zachary J. Brown.

Lacombe Park subdivision, portion of ground: $25,000, Succession of Augustine Andrews Palmer to Jimmy Lee Overcasher.

Muriel Lane 59080: $192,000, John M. Kinabrew III to Nita Nel Gassen.

Ordogne Ruppert Road 63356: $65,000, Vincent Jeanfreau and Emily Rose Sehon Jeanfreau to Kenneth M. Levine.

Perkins Road, portion of ground: $26,000, Raymond C. Palliser and E.C.P. Enterprises LLC to Daystar Builders Inc..

Sunset Circle 62197: $158,000, Nicholas A. Bourg to Heath W. Eckert and Elyse B. Eckert.


Arbor Walk subdivision, phase 2, lot 71: $640,000, Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to John H. Finnan Jr. and Lindsay T. Finnan.

Arbor Walk subdivision, phase 2, lot 71: $642,500, Stephen S. St. Amand and Janel L. St. Amand to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc..

Bedico Creek subdivision, phase 1-B, lot 67: $54,000, Charles W. Wininger and Susan S. Wininger to Gary R. Salathe.

Bedico Creek subdivision, Phase 2, lot 787: $69,000, Bedico Interest LLC to Michelle E. Meyer.

Brown Thrasher Loop North 696: $224,000, Lawrence W. Connor and Dolores M. Duplantis Connor to Bradley D. Woolley and Elizabeth R. Woolley.

Caddo Drive 317: $214,000, Brown & Hawkins Investments LLC to Raymond D. Buras.

Cesson Court 10105: $181,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Joshua Paul Lupo and Catherine B. Lupo.

Claymont Court 408: $302,500, Andrew M. Joyce and Jennifer H. Joyce to Larry A. Statton and Alison H. Statton.

Coushatta Circle 225: $192,000, Raymond D. Buras to Nancy T. Mccaffery.

Faye Daye Drive 276: $315,000, Yar Construction Co. Inc. to Thomas J. Raymond, Katie R. Manale and Frederick J. Manale Jr..

Gainesway Drive 445: $232,000, Russell V. Plyer to Red Real Estate LLC.

Heron Lake Lane 750: $67,000, Bedico Interests LLC to Kevin W. Stroemple Sr. and Stacey E. Stroemple.

Hester St. 45: $212,000, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Christopher S. Terese.

Johnson St. 804: $142,500, Wanda Lee Rouzan Brazile to Nathaniel A. Rocky and Alissa D. Rocky.

Live Oak Hills subdivision, lot 9, square 12: $19,500, Mark E. Autin and Brandon P. Romano to Jenkins Homes Inc.

Periwinkle Court 1525: $430,000, Jack J. Mendheim and Stephanie C. Mendheim to Cory D. Bono and Chelsea L. Bono.

Perrilloux Road 239: $440,000, Connell Living Trust to Steven V. Jones and Georgana W. Jones.

Raiford Oaks subdivision, phase 1, lot 16: $10, DSLD Homes LLC to STL Property Investments LLC.

Rue Du Sud 5: $96,000, Deal With It Too LLC to NSC Investment Properties LLC.

S. Fairway Drive 484: $198,750, Bedico Interests LLC to Philip A. Manning and Georgina B. Manning.

Section 10, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $335,500, Resource Bank to Lagrange Legacy LLC.

Swift Fox Run 449: $325,000, Cory D. Bono and Chelsea Lee Bono to Darin P. Byrd and Susan C. Byrd.


Bluff Court 2678: $312,000, Jocelyn J. Jolicoeur and Gina G. Jolicoeur to Nagendrakumar Beeravolu.

Bridalwood Drive 412: $457,500, Anthony P. Torricelli and Elizabeth W. Torricelli to Christopher R. Pennison and Laurie M. Pennison.

Campbell Ave. 105: $599,000, Grant W. Campbell and Cynthia A. Campbell to Sharp Nine Properties LLC.

Canary Pine Court 709: $199,000, William R. Burck Jr. to Elizabeth C. Mcaulay.

Caroline St. 1860: donation, no value stated, Justin M. Stiehl to Heather N. Brooks.

Chasse Place 103: $470,000, Larry A. Statton and Alison H. Statton to Peter M. Steffens and Lori G. Steffens.

Chateau Loire Blvd. 5001: $258,000, Sherry M. Reeves to Jeremy D. Simoneaux and Leslye C. Simoneaux.

Chestnut St. 301-03: $245,000, Bryan T. Quarls and Kathryn Karr Quarls to Stephen J. Waystack and Karen O. Waystack.

Elderberry Loop 1525: $370,000, Boyd A. Zimmerman and Patrice K. Zimmerman to Kimberly K. Glorioso.

Florida St. 2055: $10 and other valuable consideration, Taco Bell of America LLC to Southeast Restaurant Group-TB LLC.

Hill Court 3066: $370,000, Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Michael N. Wray and Jennifer G. Wray.

Kelly Road 70087: $289,000, Raley & Raley Builders LLC to Donald J. Billiot and Laurie Mixon Billiot.

Lake Court 3044: $296,000, John H. Finnan Jr. and Lindsay T. Finnan to Robert N. Campbell and Julie R. Campbell.

Lewisburg Estates, lot 19, square 2: $75,000, Philip E. Blackburn Jr. and Ann M. Blackburn to Willis J. Eurissa and Lorie B. Eurissa.

Millay Lane 204: $279,250, Sandra S. Taylor to Brian R. Gangolf and Shondi H. Gangolf.

Montgomery St. 975: $309,000, Dustin M. Brown and Chanel R. Brown to Jeffry R. Gaspard and Laura M. Gaspard.

N. Beau Chene Drive 630, Unit 1: $168,000, Lewis C. Michel II to Deborah S. Camet.

Pineridge St. 105: $146,000, William E. Winfield Estate to JoAnn H. Massie.

Reine St. 324: $150,000, Nita F. Gassen to Andrew P. Brennan.

Reserve subdivision, phase 1-A, lot 74: $440,000, Peter M. Steffens and Lori R. Steffens to Luke S. Ordogne.

Rue Chantilly 939: $345,000, Jianguo Ma and Xu Qingwen to Mauricio E. Villegas and Gabriela D'arlach.

Rue Chinon 1021: $315,000, John L. Blum and Barbara K. Blum to Brian Nichols and Cynthia Nichols.

Rue Marseille 742: $350,000, Patrick J. McNeil to Michael S. Rudiger and Suzann I. Rudiger.

Sanctuary subdivision, phase 4-A, lot 311: $1,461,000, Chad A. Roig and Nicole Ballay Roig to Christopher J. Johnson and Julie A. Johnson.

Section 27, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $20,000, Ronald S. Ruiz and Jill C. Ruiz to Salvador Gagliano and Kellie O. Gagliano.

Sweet Bay Drive 636: $275,000, John R. Morello to Ronald J. Martin Jr. and Rhonda S. Martin.

Tchefuncte Oaks 102, Unit 102: $320,000, Michael S Rudiger and Suzanne I. Rudiger to Mary E. Wight.

Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Renae A. Griffin to Ernest J. Griffin Jr..

Trenton Drive 164: $190,500, Brian D. Morgan to Rudy D. Darrow and Jessica S. Darrow.

Viola St. 1175: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dottie M. Griswold.


Aleman Road 35161: $149,000, Jared J. Leger and Laura B. Leger to Danielle E. Johnson and Jennifer M. Mack.

Berkshire Drive 1109: $204,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Melvin A. Andry Jr..

Breckenridge subdivision, phase 1-B, lot 145: donation, no value stated, Jesse C. Carlin III and Ramona C. Carlin to Jennifer Carlin.

Gum St. 39140: $187,500, Gregory D. Nugent and Rhonda S. Nugent to Nicholas Genella and Tiffany Genella.

Joshua Loop 256: $289,000, Florida Exteriors LLC to William J. Johnson III.

Old Mill Loop 162: donation, no value stated, John W. Logiudice to Paula C. Logiudice.

Rhonda Road 37272: $176,500, Melissa W. Erwin and Jessica W. Dickens to Clay V. Martin.


Section 40, township 6 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $17,550, donation, Billy Ray Duncan to Ruth Ann Hullenbaugh Duncan.


Anchorage condominium, Unit 204: $61,000, Yvette A. Warren and succession of Richard M. Warren to Charles C. Isbell Jr..

Asheville Drive 859-61-63-65: $292,500, Ban Ngoc Vu and Chi Le Vu to Skyline Management Inc..

Bayou Liberty Estates, lots 121, 122, 123, 124, square D: donation, no value stated, Bruce W. Javery and Neuetta H. Javery to Bruce W. Javery II.

Bluff Drive 1288: donation, no value stated, Cory S. Ray to Yvonne A. Eyler.

Bluffs subdivision, phase 5-A, lot 102: $85,000, Cross Gates LLC to John R. Davis and Shanda R. Davis.

Breckenridge Drive 1208: $125,000, donation, Jason W. Wheat to Kristin P. Wheat.

Cambridge St. 3839: $135,000, Harry J. Tymkiw and Mildred A. Tymkiw Living Trust to Kristopher R. Comeaux.

Cape Breton Drive 336: $749,900, Charles K. LeBlanc and Amanda Dale Racca LeBlanc to Raymond E. Masker Jr. and Kathy O. Masker.

Centennial Park subdivision, lot 2, square 10: $18,951, St. Tammany Parish to Windsors Way LLC.

Clearpoint Drive 5182: $198,500, Joseph P. Sansalone testammentary trust and Margaret A. Ohaver Sansalone to Dexter B. Smith.

Clearpoint Drive 5213: $184,000, Michael P. McAndrew and Naimi R. McAndrew to Troy A. Minor and Jestina V. Minor.

Cornerstone Drive 132: $164,900, Custom Craft Homes Inc. to Lida Fitzcharles Neville.

Cross Gates Blvd. 543: $249,400, Succession of Elizabeth Babst Scruggs to Robert Lambertson and Patti Wiltz Lambertson.

Cumberland St. 497: $100,000, Hurricane Swim Club to City of Slidell.

Cuttysark Cove 1520: $404,000, Robert G. Black to Raymond A. Zibilich and Dana Orr Zibilich.

Dockside Drive 504: $335,000, Carl N. Babin III and Eugenie D. Babin to Sabrina Coleman.

E. Lake Court 129: $207,400, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Rhonda Lee Duffel.

E. Lake Court 137: $219,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Tyra Marie Rolllins.

E. Lake Court 145: $189,900, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Christopher A. Bickham and Kayla Renae Scott Bickham.

Eden Isles subdivision, lot 421, unit 4: $26,500, Nolan P. Gautier and Barbara H. Gautier to Renee A. Irving Clear.

Eden Isles subdivision, lot 421, unit 4: $26,500, Nolan P. Gautier and Barbara H. Gautier to Donald S. Tesdel and Carole C. Wells.

Florida Street, portion of ground: $40,000, Leslie W. Zeringue to Mullet Louisiana Property LLC.

Grand Champions Lane 146: $310,000, Ruth B. Hingle to John Cassisa and Joann L. Cassisa.

Hampshire Drive 2049: $359,000, Jeffrey A. Breland and Pamela S. Breland to Sayed Mekhemar and Frieda R. Mekhemar.

Hickory Drive 38: $177,500, Sue Cutrer Living Trust to Connell Living Trust.

Holmes Drive 314: $129,900, Therese Pinac Larosa to Steve C. Winkler and Catherine C. Winkler.

Hudson St. 56700: donation, no value stated, Virginia L. Brodwater to Kathleen M. Ann Bell.

Inlet Drive 58: $325,000, Bruce B. McLay and Joyce R. McLay to Eric R. Dupree Jr. and Jaime P. Dupree.

Kings Row 1822: $10, Ditech Financial LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Lake Sardis Drive 603: $168,000, David A. Edson and Nicole K. Olivier Edson to Travis W. Adams and Melissa Z. Adams.

Lake Vermillion Court 804: $97,000, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to J&E Properties LLC.

Lakeshore Village subdivision, lot 113, square 7: $83,000, Anthony L. Oliver, Sheryl L. Rogers Jordan, Bruce Lee Oliver and Angela O. Crosby to Martha Elia Garcia Lopez.

Lakeview Drive 152-B: $179,000, Steven P. Accardo and Carin R. Rohm to Kevin J. Schwab.

Louisiana Highway 190 East 40201: $921,500, Wesley G. Wolsefer, Martha M. Wolsefer and Sandra L. Wolsefer Family Trust to Starc of Louisiana Inc..

Louisiana Highway 433 54213: $150,000, Mahley L. Larmeu Jr. to Joseph O. St. Romain Jr..

Maple Creek Drive 979: $180,000, 979 Maple Creek Drive LLC to Megan E. Barlow.

N. Caleb Drive, Phase 5-2, lot 252: $80,000, Cross Gates LLC to Robert B. Burchard and Margot R. Burchard.

N. Lake Verret Court 816: $171,785, Dillon G. Holley Jr. and Arlene D. Holley to Bret R. Feddeck and Talia Lee Viers.

Naples Court, lot 20: $63,000, Ryan P. Willhoft and Angelal M. Guerrero Willhoft to Ann Marie Lodato Koehl.

Ninth St. 1352: donation, no value stated, Ruth A. Toledano to Jimmie Lee Hobson.

Ninth St. 1352: donation, no value stated, Holly M. Goodman to Jimmie Lee Hobson.

Ninth St. 1352: donation, no value stated, Jessie W. Hobson to Jimmie Lee Hobson.

North Shore Beach subdivision, lots 148, 149, 148-A, 149-A: $59,000, Joseph W. Sergi Jr., Morgan Dean Sergi and Dean K. Sergi to Michael J. Chauffe.

Northshore Blvd. 155: $10 and other valuable consideration, Taco Bell of America LLC to Southeast Restaurant Group-TB LLC.

Palm Swift Drive 108: $365,000, Rex V. Hervey and Suzanne Plott Hervey to Christopher S. Chabreck and Kate L. Chabreck.

Park Drive 2174: $130,000, Laurie Manley to Ronald R. Brown and Jeanie Holland Brown.

Pebble Beach Drive 184: $237,900, Dana E. Hartdegen and Linda Dufrene Hartdegen to John C. Neyhard and Meagan Olger Bradbury.

Pheasant Lane 354: donation, no value stated, James E. Bond to Ann Spiehler Hebert.

Pontchartrain Drive 4854: $60,500, Pontchartrain Investments DF2 LLC to Frank W. Beckendorf Jr..

Rama St. 3198: $108,000, Joseph P. Larkin, Christina M. Larkin, Linda K. Larkin and Kate Larkin Chabreck to LKL 144 Properties.

Roadside Camp Sites subdivision, lots 24, 25, 26: $19,801, St. Tammany Parish to Romain Stitelet.

Rue Calais 1040: $169,000, Gerard B. Berndsen Jr. to Mitchell J. Burke and Nicole P. Burke.

Rue Chateau 105: $95,000, Joseph P. Larkin, Kate Larkin Chabreck, Linda K. Larkin and Christina M. Larkin to Southeast Investments LLC.

Rue Orleans 1021: $150,000, Gloria B. Duvieilh to Frederick L. Jeanfreau II and Mary D. Jeanfreau.

Spartan Drive 509, Unit 5209: $115,000, Thomas Ankeny and Sun Im Choe Ankeny to Ingrid L. Weissenfluh.

Summertree Drive 2242: $166,500, Succession of Elizabeth G. Lotz to Sherrell A. Walker.

Sun Valley Lane 1021: $179,500, Nathan Reed Houck to Jose C. Maldoado.

Timothy Drive 3456: $177,000, Enola M. Hebbler to Teresa G. Suarez.

Tricia Drive 1004: $214,900, Barry Neil Kinter and Florife T. Kinter to Paul Dutsch and Amy Dutsch.

Willow Wood subdivision, phase 3, lot 127: $82,500, Rudolph P. Fascio Jr. to Debra Bruno Fascio.


Louisiana Highway 1083 78417: $49,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Isaac W. Schleusener and Amanda P. Schleusener.

Louisiana Highway 41 77183: $120,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David Howell Jr. and June Howell.