Transfers for Dec. 15-20


Cheramie’s Landing condo, no further data: $60,000, Cheramies Landing LLC to Stephen J. Boudreaux and Ann T. Boudreaux.

Grand Beach 11 subdivision, lot 1, square 7: $22,500, Ursula M. Breaux to Dwight L. Boudreaux and Martha M. Boudreaux.

Grand Beach 39 subdivision, lot 2, square N: $32,000, Anthony P. Cheramie and B&G Ranch LLC to Clifton B. McDonald and Gretchen T. McDonald.

Ocean Beach, no further data: $24,000, Claude J. Guidry III and Cassie B. Guidry to Michael L. Hughes and Marcia H. Hughes.


Belle Meade Extension subdivision, lot 752, square 20: $157,000, Steel Investments LLC to Andranetta A. Thomas.

Briant St. 145: $310,000, Whitney Bank to Dimitri Legacy LLC.

Carol Sue Ave. 1937: $170,000, Joe C. V. Nguyen to Isaacvan LLC.

City Of Gretna subdivision, lot 16, square 31: Donation, Wendolyn Kent Sr., Marvin Kent, Campanella Kent Sr., Charles Kent and Yolanda K. Blackwell to Barbara Reece.

Derbes Drive 52: $365,000, Laura F. Brignac to Brian Brignac and Mary P. Brignac.

Dolhonde St. 528: $220,000, Gertrude J. Molaison, Estate Of Gertrude Jackson Molaison Inc., to RNK Renovations LLC.

Fairfield Ave. 832: $180,000, Charles W. Pane to Marjorie Kaufman.

Garden Park Estates, lot 36, plot S: $58,500, US Bank NA to Glenn G. Cobb.

Lake Frances Drive 1309: $305,000, Travis K. Eserman to John F. Angel.

Oxford Place 2410: $110,000, Wesner Jean and Marie F. Jean to Christopher F. Dutra and Mary A. L. Dutra.

Park Place condo, unit 120: $61,500, Mary C. Carey and Mary Clo Carey Revocable Living Trust to Daniel A. Lopez.

Park Place Drive 2405: $112,000, Josephine Sevilla to Christopher F. Dutra and Mary A. L. Dutra.

Village Of Gretna subdivision, lot 8C, square 2: $450,000, First Condo LLC to Bernie Hebert & Pamela Hebert Revocable Living Trust.

West Butterfly Circle 433: $75,600, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to CSSM LLC.

Westlawn subdivision, lot 36, square C: $48,000, Rachele E. Drake, Janice Buccaran, Jesse L. Simmons, Daniel L. Simmons, Michael E. Kirby, John E. Kirby, Jan M. Pertuit, Kerry W. Kirby and Karen A. Dailey to Daniel Pelas and Katherine Pelas.


Bayou Oaks Estates subdivision, lot 22: $65,000, Mildred Prange, Donald J. Villarrubia and Mildred P. Villarrubia to James Brady.

Chinkapin St. 3853: $160,000, Bobby Dees to Dejanira S. Riley and Raymond Nichols Jr.

Destrehan Ave. 3044: $15,000, Community Housing Development Corp. to Rodney S. Lyons Jr.

Lake Winnipeg Drive 3625: $276,500, John L. Marcello and Nicole F. Marcello to Henry C. Hill and Pearl I. Hill.

North Woodbine St. 4065: $95,000, Amporn Guillot and George J. Guillot to Thang-Hoa II LLC.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 10, square 24: Donation, Virginia A. B. Okeefe to Joseph Meynier III.

Squirewood Drive East 1912: $360,000, Leslie B. Gregg and Clifford D. Gregg to Romico J. Barnes.

Woodchase Phase A. subdivision, lot 20: $9,500, Milton Gullage to Melvin Perrilloux Jr.


Jean Lafitte Blvd. 302: $299,000, Sandra K. Weigel to Jessica K. Sandras and Larry B. Sandras Jr.


Avenue L. 465: $106,000, Jose L. Miranda to David L. Bryant Jr.

Bayou Teche Drive 2705: Donation, Debra L. Philip to John Bumgarden III.

Bonnie Ann Drive 1900: Donation, Robert D. Sheffield and Jason M. Sheffield to Larry F. Sheffield.

Dueling Oaks Ave. 5068: $101,911, Bank of American NA to Theodore V. Deagano Jr., Kimberly A. Deagano, Joseph E. Orr Jr., Kelli Walker and Thompson P. Walker Jr.

Eden Roc Drive 5129: $143,000, Never Satisfied LLC to Ciera Helton.

Ehret Road 5548: Donation, Kathleen Zeaser to Rachel M. Moore and Sarah E. M. Triplett.

Francis St. 1020: $28,000, Connie L. Johns to Elegant Houses LLC.

Greenbriar subdivision, lot A, square 5: $10, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development.

Kismet St. 2600: $228,000, Christie A. E. Gagliano to Edward M. Kemp Jr. and Darlene B. Kemp.

Marrero Division subdivision, lot 4, square 5: $62,000, Wayne L. Cox to Zulema U. Lopez.

Mesa Drive 2504: $145,000, Rodney J. Palmisano and Jennifer C. Palmisano to Keisha G. Randall.

Nicholson Place subdivision, lot 2, square B: Donation, Troy M. Billiot to Anthony N. Tumminello and Anna C. Laprime.

Paternostro subdivision, lot 3, square 5: $63,000, Amelita A. Leblanc, Laurie Nastasi and Angie Leblanc to Cristine C. Justice and James L. Justice Jr.

Pearl subdivision, lot 87, square 7: $47,000,Anthony R. Collura, Cheryl D. Collura, Myra R. Collura, Dale M. Collura, Janel O. Collura, Cheryl C. Durapau, Myra C. Rogers, William D. Rogers, David Rogers, Dale C. Majorie, Daniel J. Majorie, Janel C. Ockman and Melvin P. OckmanJr. to Minh D. Vu.

Richland Drive 5320: $177,500, DMR Management LLC to Thomas Longo.

Robert J. Perkins Tract subdivision, lot 1B, square 1: Donation, James L. Ghivizzani Jr. to Shawn G. Lynch.

Sixth St. 7508: $53,000, Hailey M. Loga, Danny L. Ford II and Hailey Loga to Edgewater Construction LLC.

South Oak Drive 5932: $115,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Breione R. M. Walker.

Towering Oaks Ave. 5041: $140,000, Elizabeth H. Sullivan to Ondina Castillo and Exequiel C. Romero.

Tusa Drive 5151: $135,400, Keith L. Mouton and Cynthia R. A. Mouton to Brandon Desalvo and Katie Desalvo.

Tusa Drive 5183: $148,000, Robyn N. N. Martin, Kevin J. Martin and Robyn N. M. Nelson to Angela M. M. Capozzolo and Mason J. Monfrey.


Cypress Park condo, unit C: $19,900, Wayne F. Greiner to Donald J. Bordelon.

Terrytown 4A subdivision, lot 41, square 47: $185,000, Gail Lucas, Marc A. Lucas, Ryan A. Lucas and Corrie Domingo to Huassin Ghanim.


Catalpa Loop 9530: Donation, Gwendolyn Boudreaux to Joseph R. Lebouff.

Silver Bell Place 9559: $298,900, Coast Builders LLC to Jessica Merchant.


Avenue D. 1102: $54,000, Bernard J. Percle, Ebdon J. Adams Jr., Sylvia A. Aylor, Delvin J. Adams, Debbie A. Cambre, Eve A. Laurent, Sylvia A. Adams, Debbie C. Adams, Eve L. Adams, Sylvia A. Aylor, Sylvia G. Adams, Syvlia Gauthreaux and Eve A. Leblanc to Ernest P. Adams.

Hidden Lane subdivision, lot 4B: $60,000, Normandy Associates, Riverbend Corporation RQ2 and Riverbend Corp. to Todd M. Richard.

L14 PTL13 SQ79 WHITEHOUSE: $129,000, Roslyn Williams to Donna M. Schroeder.

Whitehouse, plot B: $85,000, Wendy N. Giardina to EAG Enterprises LLC.