St. Charles

Transfers for Nov. 13-17


Holder Estates Subdivision, Lot 13-B: $133,000, Sherry Estey Adams to Ryan Joseph Moran.

Magnolia Manor Subdivision, Phase 1-B, Lot 27: $203,000, Tyler W. Wilson to Dawn Watson Aucoin and Michael Augustin Aucoin.


Beau Place Estates, Phase 1, Lot 14: $15,100, St. Charles Parish to Christopher J.R. Canales.

Sunset Drainage District, Lot 118: $164,000, Melissa Soniat and Perry Soniat and Melissa Wolf Marks Soniat to Rachel Soniat Hyde and Bobby Hyde.

Vacherie Dome, Lot H-1-A: $14,110, St. Charles Parish to JW Real Estate LLC.


Acadian Trace Subdivision, Square 6, Lot 7: $445,000, Shanthi Katta and Chandra S. Gogineni to Theresa Scanlan and William P. Heimel.

Ormond Country Club Estates Subdivision, Section Y, Lot 61: $340,000, Ahmed S. Salem to Shane Jeanfreau.


Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-A, Square 6, Lot 6: $420,000, Colby Arceneaux Properties to Nicole Grandpre Carter and Terry Joseph Carter.

Hidden Oaks Subdivision, Phase 11-A, Lot 20: $159,500, Lisa A. Bourg to Evan Melancon and Taylor E. Bonnette.

Lakewood Ridge Estates, Lot 5: $345,000, Frickey Brothers Construction, Inc. to Adam M. Purcell.

Lagattuta Addition No 2 to Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block 12-A, Lot 22: $205,000, Sandra Schneider Arnold and Kenneth Wayne Arnold to Jaychelle Richardson Moran and Danny P. Moran.

Lagattuta Addition No 1 to Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block 4-A, Lot 6 and one-half of Lot 7: $287,000, Brennan M. Friloux and Melissa Marie Friloux to Richard A. Turner.

River Oaks Subdivision, Block E, Lot 3: $260,000, Michele De Bruler and William De Bruler to April Munch and Earl Munch.

Willowridge Estates, Phase IV, Square 9, Lot 13: $327,000, Christine Ordoyne Chiasson and Kevin M. Chiasson, Sr. to Adrienne Dixon Blanco and Augustus J. Blanco.

Willowridge Estates, Phase V-A, Square 5, Lot 23: $385,000, Ronnie J. Borne and Kristi Stein Borne to Ty J. Rivet.

Willowridge Estates, Phase IV, Square 4, Lot 12: $333,000, Valerie Cummings Ehrhardt and John Samuel Ehrhardt to Katy W. Thomas aka Katy Watson Thomas and Nicholas S. Thomas.


Evangeline City Subdivision, Unit 6, Square 2, Lot 12B: $264,900, Reve Inc. to Aaron LeBlanc and Brittany Clark LeBlanc.


Subdivision of Lot C, Block B, Lot 18: $136,000, Sammy L. Carruth, Linda Carruth Moak, and Tina Carruth Hymel to Alaina Babin, Craig M. Babin, Sr. and Christina Babin.


New Sarpy Subdivision, Square 24, Lots 38, 39, 40, 41, 42 and 43: $10,000, St. Charles Parish to Robert O. Alexander.


Town of Paradis, Block G, Lot 10: $139,000, Paige Ventures, LLC to Darren Alexander Johnson and Sandra C. Morales-Garcia.


Almedia Plantation, Lot 26-A1: $950,000, M.H.I. Investment, LLC. to Rhino Ready Mix LLC.

Lesseigne Manor Subdivision, Parcel X-1: Donation, Stephanie Poche Compton Mire to John Mire Jr.

Riverwood Estates, Lot 36: $333,000, Yun Jiang Zuo to Wayne A. Pecoraro.