Transfers for Dec. 15-20


Oak Knoll Road 28150: $265,000, John J. Watzke and Joan Elizabeth Edwards Watzke to Jeremy Burns and Shelby M. Lacey.

Schooner Place 71156: $195,000, Ashley C. Thompson to Stephen M. Sieger and Megan P. Sieger.


10th St. 70271: $151,000, George E. B. Frost to Howard A. Weitsen and Marion P. Weitsen.

Belle Terre Blvd. 156: $207,000, Etienne O. Tardy and Stacy C. Tardy to Blake M. Chappetta and Katherine E. Cox.

E. Creek Court 1009: $169,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Jodi J. Olson.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 14102: $147,500, Stephen Cary Martin and Shannon S. Martin to Keith Couvillion.

Fifth St. 70077: $167,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Gregory M. Peace and Keri D. Peace.

Fifth St. 70083: $184,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Adam D. Busurelo and Brittany L. Graver.

Hosmer Mill Road 18366: $440,000, Donald W. Bailey and Martha L. Bailey to James M. Kees and Melinda M. Kees.

Hosmer Mill Road 18581: $237,000, Beatriz Olvera Leydecker to George E. Frost V and Kristina W. Frost.

Huseman Lane 645: $241,500, Jason Edward Sponsel and Michelle Fung Sponsel to NEI Global Relocation Co..

Huseman Lane 645: $241,500, NEI Global Relocation Co. to Gary M. Porter and Kathleen M. Porter.

Lake Ramsey Heights subdivision, phase 2, lot 76: $43,000, Dorene Ann Schiro to Warren Patrick Williams and Linda Hunt Williams.

Lake Ramsey Heights subdivision, phase 4, lot 118-A: $38,000, RAH Associates Inc. to HMD Properties LLC.

Lenel Road 75020: $140,000, Melvin Lee Hinson to Amanda D. May.

Mill Haven Heights subdivision, lot 26: $140,000, David H. Mouton and Nicole M. Mouton to Elizabeth Moore Novak.

Mill Haven Heights subdivision, lot 27: $148,000, Robert Rice Wehrmann and Wendy Wehrmann Taliaferro to Elizabeth Moore Novak.

S. Louisiana St. 1015: $497,500, Charles M. Illanne and Julia R. Illanne to Kevin H. Quinn and Sara C. Romero.

S. Verona Drive 179: $259,450, Sarah Cuccia Romero to Na Li and Mei Hui Xiao.

Solomon Drive 608: $247,500, CR Property Development LLC to Randall Shawn Thompson, Andrea L. Chisholm and Ashley Chisholm Thompson.

Tiger Branch Road 17536: $228,000, Gary J. Cloninger and Susan P. Cloninger to Autumn Hill Farms Racing Stables Inc..

Van Buren 503, 519: $110,000, Elie Mourad Chaiban, Nada Mourad Elkassouf, Wafan Mourad Bouchedid and Wissam Mourad Chaiban to J. W. Van Buren LLC.

W. 19th Ave. 711: $671,000, Gaye H. Coffer, Michael J. Horrell, Marie E. LeCour, Edward Horrell Jr. and succession of Edward A. Horrell Sr to Medstate LLC.

W. 25th Ave. 210: $185,000, W.J.L. Interests 1 LLC to Joshua D. Lukinovich and Haylie M. Lukinovich.

W. Wymer Road 75157: $135,450, donation, Vincent J. LeBlanc to Shannon LeBlanc.

Zinnia Drive 86: $505,000, Richard W. Esquivel and Cheryl R. Esquivel to James R. Patterson Money Purchase Pension Plan and Trust.


Cherry Hill Estates, phase 2, lot 117: $95,000, Dwain A. Rullman and Ellen C. Rullman to Brandon M. Bass and Amie M. Bass.

Lee Settlement Road 11482: $115,000, Rhonda S. George to Jonathan A. Cousin Sr..

Section 2, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $10, Jillian Schmermund to Kenneth P. Mathews.

Sections 22, 23, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $113,250, Carolyn F. Cornelius, Allison C. Alleva, Roger M. Cornelius and Cecily Cornelius-White to John P. Griggs and Michelle A. Griggs.

Stonelake Estates, phase 1, lot 25: $53,000, Brian T. Tabor to Cynthia C. Dominique.


Autumn Haven Circle 428: $265,000, Carol Laurent Benson to Mark Liuzza and Alison S. Liuzza.

Dianne St. 30147: $12,000, Earl R. Bailey Jr. and Bonnie E. Bailey to Michael L. Daigrepont and Brandi P. Daigrepont.

Markham Drive 66308: $160,000, Christian L. Case and Deanne S. Case to Dustin D. Bogle and Emily W. Bogle.

S. Oaklawn Drive 60301: $105,900, Janice Bernos Farrell to Blake A. Weirich.


Cesson Court 10120: $198,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Emily A. Boudreaux.

Empress Court 236: $432,000, David M. Taverna and Gina Fazio Taverna to Brian Smith and Teresa K. Smith.

Galatas Road 109: $139,000, Stan Karl Freeman and Laurie Ann Falcon to Ryan Christopher McClurkan.

Green Leaf Circle 804: $577,335, David E. McPherson and Jamie Neal Hattier to Jared M. Rochelle and Elizabeth N. Rochelle.

Guste Island Estates, lot 36: donation, no value stated, Donaldo E. Rodriguez and Robin Faust Rodriguez to Donaldo E. Rodriguez and Robin Faust Rodriguez.

Ruelle Court 516: $290,437, Coast Builders LLC to David B. Russ and Victoria B. Russ.

St. Calais Place 148: $302,000, Ann Louise Kurka to Addie Kelley Thibaut.


Cornerstone Drive 119: $332,000, Mark I. Duhon and Dana Mecalis Duhon to Diane Nicole Jones.

Labarre St. 1920: $204,000, Eugene M. Norton Sr. and Judith B. Norton to Joseph McNeely and Elaine McNeely.

Lazy Creek Drive 114: $200,000, Joseph L. Tamporello to Mark Vignes.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, lots 250, 251: $110,000, WBB Realty LLC to Varuso Homes LLC.

Monroe St. 2341: $60,000, Succession of Joseph A. Kustra to Thoma J. Knapp.

Tradewinds Court West 23: $152,000, Sean M. Casey and Erin Casey Harrison Morizot to Amy Elliott Adams.

Tupelo Trace 18: $528,000, Michael J. Federline and Eileen Ferguson Federline to Etienne O. Tardy and Stacy C. Tardy.


Chantilly Loop 164: $287,000, Rusty O. Brewer Jr. and Beth Ann Sloan to Brian Hirstius and Mehgan M. Hirstius.

E. Cherrywood Lane 116: $89,000, Darryl B. Webb Jr. to Elaine S. Strahan.

Section 17, township 8 south, range 15 east, portion of ground: $10,000, Ricky L. Jackson to Ray M. Mayeux and Lennette I. Conn.

Sections 18, 19, township 8 south, range 15 east, portion of ground: $130,000, Almond G. Crowe Jr. and Linda M. Crowe to Gillen Family Investments LLC.

Summerfield Loop North 328: $265,000, Coast Builders LLC to Eric D. Robles and Elizabeth Brito.

Summerfield Loop South 208: $322,300, Coast Builders LLC to Thomas Lewis Jr. and Arica Lolita Lewis.


Acacia Drive 217: $199,900, Bernard A. Womack and Sharon B. Womack to Larry R. Fannin and Teresa S. Fannin.

Barrymore St. 1621: $172,400, Kristi M. Patterson Brown to Ezimbalist Pollard.

Breckenridge Drive 1037: $223,200, Mark J. Mahoney and Sabina E. Mahoney to Rose S. Boos.

Carolyn Park subdivision, lot 77: $33,000, Shannon Davis and Madeline Bothner Davis to Kim M. Dakin Jr. and Jamie Herrod Dakin.

Carroll Road 59125: $220,000, Alfred A. Singer and Cynthia D. Singer to Raymond C. McIntosh III.

Chinchas Creek 40660: donation, no value stated, Louis P. Ray to Semetra Lynn Thompson.

Constitution Drive 1430: $202,500, Harold R. St. Germain Jr. and Jami Moran St. Germain to Arbel James Connor and Angela Wilson Connor.

Driftwood Circle 116: $182,500, David Lee Bunch Sr. to David Wayne Gelis.

E. Chamale Cove 32: $140,500, Adam Pekarik to Troy W. Brackett.

Florida Ave. 1474: $160,000, Charles D. Bond to David Paul Simon and Jennifer Clair Bertucci Simon.

Florida Ave. 1494: donation, no value stated, Derek J. Waggenspack to Elizabeth Anna Roberts.

Fountain Estates, lot 74: $2,940, donation, Per E. Hansen Jr. to Roy Glenn Hansen and Tina Rose Scarbrough Hansen.

Harrison Court 1005: $185,000, Ashley Rene Smith to Javetta Maria White.

Hickory Drive 347: $116,500, Lawrence P. Falco and Ashli M. Falco to Karen Sue Rogers.

Joy Drive 1124: $214,000, David A. Burton and Alma Jean Choate Burton to Alexander Bronaklowski Jr..

Lakeshore Boulevard, Phase 1A-2-2, lot 64: $190,000, donation, Fidel Fabian Sendra and Lisa F. Sendra to Fidel Fabian Sendra.

Lakeshore Estates, phase 1-A-2, lot 45: $190,000, Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Co. to Jeffrey B. Bartlam.

Lakeshore Estates, phase 1-A-2-1, lot 64: $170,000, Fidel F. Sendra to Henry J. Finneral and Theresa A. Finneral.

Lakeshore Village subdivision, lots 111, 111-A, square 4: $130,000, Nikki C. Reboul to Lisa Lynn Ancar.

Legendre Drive 206: $258,000, Michael D. Biggs and Susan Harris Biggs to Michael Jonathon Davis and Anna A. Davis.

Live Oak St. 1632: $142,000, Ronald H. Calamari to Peter Wiggins and Kayla Wiggins.

Log Cabin subdivision, lot 4-A-1, square 2: $1,588,000, Blackacre of LA LLC to Bullet Capital LLC.

Log Cabin subdivision, lot 4-A-2, square 2: $210,000, donation, Blackacre of LA LLC to East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity Inc..

Maple Creek Drive 981: $210,000, Jasdeep Sandhu and Vaneet Sandhu to Quang Tran.

Mary Kevin Drive 1113: $194,500, Sullivan J. Vullo Jr. and Nicole Larsen Vullo to Sean Patrick Killoran and Monica Lucia Killoran.

Matthews Drive 110: donation, no value stated, Roy Glenn Hansen and Tina Rose Scarbrough Hansen to Tina Rose Scarbrough Hansen.

McBeth Court 1019: $125,000, Cynthia Guidroz Moore to Terrell P. Defillo.

Pontchartrain Drive 4650, Unit T: $41,200, Charles L. Barber to Joshua Lawless.

Ranch Road 40789: $153,750, Juan F. Hernandez and Nicole Hill Hernandez to Timothy J. Ford and Heidi Marie Rink Ford.

Regatta Cove 1532: $150,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Gaetano Sergi Jr. and Ann Sergi.

Rue Royal 105: donation, no value stated, Charles A. Preston and Mary Lisa Leonard to Charles A. Preston and Mary Lisa Leonard Preston revocable living trust.

Section 12, township 9 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $230,000, Kristie V. Chabreck and John J. Chabreck III Family Trust to Mitchell D. Thomas and Sandra M. Thomas.

Section 28, township 9 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $12,000, Terri Daly Wilson to Richard Bryant Lapoint.

Short St. 37568: $117,000, Jonathan Hooker and Sarah E. Gelpi Hooker to Dena Savoy.

Silverwood Drive 111: $215,000, Rachel Tanner Kennedy to Jordan M. DeWolf Benham and Andrew Paul Benham.

Terry Drive 210: $206,000, Charles C. Frazier and Stenni Ann Allo Frazier to Harold R. St. Germain Jr. and Jamie Jo Moran St. Germain.

Thomas Drive 3530: $100,000, Per E. Hansen Jr. and Lori B. Hansen to Roy G. Hansen and Tina Rose S. Hansen.

West Salt Bayou subdivision, lots 12, 13, square Q: donation, no value stated, David A. Schlumbrecht to Larry L. Menesses and Ann Schlumbrecht Menesses.

Woodview Drive 1070: $308,000, Elizabeth Carr Lundmark to Sullivan J. Vullo Jr. and Nicole L. Vullo.


Louisiana Highway 40 26169: $400,000, Succession of Diana Dymond Earhart and Valentine A. Earhart to Austin P. Pounds and Douglas C. Pounds.