St. Charles

  • Transfers for Aug. 25 to AUG. 29

Des Allemands

  • MALONEY LANE 322: $141,000, Beverly A. Zeringue Hall to Terri Lynn Robert Perry.


  • DEVEREUX DRIVE 11: $225,000, Kevin G. Crossen and Angela Stone Crossen to Jason Rauch and Shanna M. Rauch.

River Point Drive 311: $146,000, Lynn M. Stevens to Gary M. Burns.


  • ELLINGTON AVENUE 510: $170,000, John C. Hernandez and Pamela Gondeck Hernandez to Joseph H. Owen.

Lakewood Drive 306: $164,900, John Vincent B. Ulep to Aaron Michael Leonard and Jesse Perez Leonard.


  • DIXIELAND SUBDIVISION LOT X-1-A2 AND X-1-A3: $8,000, HX3, LLC to Mark Anthony Gentry and Jennifer S. Gentry.
  • GLORIA COURT 104: $199,000, Richard Wayne Whitfield and Nicolle Thompson Whitfield to Selina Vinson.
  • JENNY COURT 119: $246,000, Darrow W. Cage and Jeanette Collins Cage to Richard W. Whitfield and Nicolle Thompson Whitfield.


  • 4TH STREET 521: $144,900, Eva Thibodaux Trepagnier to Barry Nicolini Jr.
  • APPLE STREET 457: $115,000, Joseph Anthony Giambrone to Andre Michael Arceneaux.

Saint Rose

  • CORRAL LANE 17: $141,730, Jimmy David Talley Jr. and Pamela Bruhn Talley to Nicholas C. Swiber.
  • OAKLAWN DRIVE 99: $255,000, Melissa Hoffman Bird to Patrick Buckley.
  • RIVERWOOD DRIVE 304: $300,000, Brent David Fay and Angela Abate Fay to Chaquetta Thomas Johnson.