St. Charles

Transfers for Nov. 27-Dec. 1


Lot G, Section 35: $5,646.50, St. Charles Parish to Julia Rose Seymore.


Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-C, Square 7, Lot 14: $69,000, Dane A. Baudoin to Reve, Inc.

David Park Subdivision, Lot 9A: Donation, Gertrude Brown Vaultz and John H. Vaultz to Bertha Brown Lebeauf and Warren S. Lebeauf.

Ellington Gardens Subdivision, Square G, Lot 3: $142,500, Jordan J. Nunez to Zachary Joseph Reyna.

Lakewood West Subdivision, Lot 105-A: $155,000, William L. Everett to John Samuel Ehrhardt.

Portion of Ashton Plantation: $23,000, Jackie Bee Corporation to St. Charles Parish School Board.

Willowdale Subdivision, Lot 185: $193,000, Mary Hill Mason and the Succession of Stephen H. Mason to Richard Mason.


St. Charles Terrace Subdivision, Square D, Lot 41 and 42: Donation, Ellen Betsy Mitchell to Janice Ann Chaffin.

St. Charles Terrace Subdivision, Square D, Lot 41 and 42: Donation, Henry Howard Mitchell to Janice Ann Chaffin.


Hiland Park Subdivision, Unit No. 2, Square B, Lot 611: $110,000, Madison Lee Torrance to Irene Lee and Clark Colgan.

Hiland Park Subdivision, Unit No. 1, Square 8, Lots 509 and 511: $190,000, Mary Nichols Powe, Lindsay Jenice Powe and Robin Powe Kane to Anthony P. Duhe and Marlee McKnight Duhe.

Lot D Subdivision being a subdivision of Good Hope Subdivision, Square 9, Lot 18: $195,000, Jack O. Bryant, Jr. and Tanya Autin Bryant to Ernest Cambre, Jr. and Gina Vedros Cambre.

Lot G, East one-half of Lot B, being a portion of Lot B of the original Good Hope Plantation Subdivision: $85,400, Lynn LeBlanc Rochelle and Bruce J. Rochelle to Eric L. Rodriguez.

Luling Heights Subdivision, Section B, Square D, Lot 164: $145,000, Kenneth J. Waguespack and Angela Landeche Waguespack to Hunter J. Hicks.

Subdivision of Lot E, being a subdivision of a portion of the Good Hope Plantation: $150,000, Anthony P. Duhe to Mary Nichols Powe.


Town of Paradis, Lots 37A, 37B and 38A: Mark W. East and Margaret Weber East to Dale L. Dufrene and Ashley Ray Dufrene.


Oaklawn Ridge Subdivision, Lot 2: $65,000, Bryant M. Messina and Vicki Farmularo Messina to Reve, Inc.

Oaklawn Ridge subdivision, Lot 62: $400,000, Kellie Schmidt Bourgeois and Don Ray Bourgeois III to Hollis McClendon Beatty and Stewart Allen Beatty.

Riverbend Business Park, Lot 1-B-2B: $3,750,000, Prager Incorporated to Briggs Equipment Inc.