Patrick M. Murphy and Emily E. Murphy sold this home at 516 Rio Vista Ave. in Jefferson to Jean-Paul Richard for $235,000.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Feb. 2-7


Rio Vista 516: $235,000, Patrick M. Murphy and Emily E. Murphy to Jean-Paul Richard.

Rio Vista Ave. 725: $436,100, Rio Vista Homes Inc. to Robert C. Boykin and Laura C. Boykin.


Avant Garde Circle 160: $127,000, Bradley J. Hunnicutt and Amy S. Hunnicutt to Theda A. Derbigny.

Brittany Drive 70: Donation, Manzoor J. Hussain to Daniel R. Hussain, Raja B. Hussain and Daniel Hussain.

Chateau Estates B. subdivision, lot 145: $135,000, Soto Living Trust to Karen K. Hickey and Thomas P. Hickey.

Compromise St. 1612-14: $55,000, Janet Diaz and Rudolph J. Diaz Jr. to Future Property Investments LLC.

Echezeaux Drive 39: Donation, Clayton T. Pistorius to Maegan R. Pistorius.

Holy Cross Place 224: $165,000, Sheffield Capital Solutions LLC to Michelle K. Sahuque.

Kenner Heights subdivision, lot 12A, square 110: $100,000, Typhon Company LLC to Luis A. Sotomayor.

Maurepas Lane 1: $195,000, Randy P. Ocmond to Hany I. Eldesoky, Sarah G. Elshaal and Hany Eldesoky.

Moisant Place subdivision, lot 13, square 7: $152,442, Reve Inc. to Virginia L.R. Larose.

Tennessee Ave. 3012: $18,000, Glenn J. Baudin to Jacqueline K. Baudin.

Tennessee Ave. 3012: $18,000, Colleen B. Rottmann to Jacqueline K. Baudin.

Tulane Drive 4112: $145,000, Chad Schedler and Ashlee Morel to Matthew C. Bistes.

Veterans Heights subdivision, lot 85A, square 174: $170,000, James H. Kytle to 2839 Piedmont LLC.

W. Louisiana State Drive 3533: $139,900, Michelle L. White to Mikayla Mettler.


Academy Drive 3728: $180,000, Dufriend Homes LLC to Amanda L. Henderson.

Bissonet Drive 4208: $191,500, Justin P. Victor and Shelli Victor to Cuong Mai and Hong Nguyen.

Bonnabel Blvd. 1325: $328,510, Eva M. T. Damiens to John W. Hennessey III and Michelle D. Hennessey.

Bonnabel Blvd. 905: $151,000, James Leak, Ann Miller and Grace Cunningham to James E. Leak.

Canal Street subdivision, lot 47A, square 4: $70,312, Brandon R. Gonzales to Christina J. Billedeau.

Choctaw Ave. 1351: $645,000, Radine Bultman and Grayson I. Bultman to Young S. Kim and Sol Kim.

Cleary Avenue 3456, unit 505: $250,000, NPK LLC and Parish Partners Company LLC to Ash H. Tahir and Rubina M. Tahir.

Derbigny St. 3717: $140,000, Bryan A. Russo to Sandra Bryant.

East Bank subdivision, part lots 1 through 6, lot 13, square 43: Donation, Dorothy Burton to Naomi B. Casteel.

Hector Ave. 418: $10, Glynn A. Beoubay and Susan Beoubay to William P. Connick Jr. and Marcelle Connick.

High Ave. 1100: $303,000, Daniel J. Kennedy and Mary A.T. Kennedy to Russell J. Zimmerman and Brooke M. Zimmerman.

Iona St. 525: $2,800,000, Darnel A. Aucoin and Albert J. Aucoiin Jr. to Evan F. Trestman Trust.

Janice Ave. 4424: $289,000, Jeffrey M. Ciolino to Gary R. Wallace Jr. and Michelle A. Bedoya.

Katlan Ave. 1634: $160,000, Darren Walker and Lucy Walker to Ashley A. Trepagnier.

Metairie Club Gardens subdivision, lot 9, square A: $100, Paxton L. White to Brian C. Bossier.

Montgomery Ave. 505: $90,000, Sue E.S. Catlett, John W. Stewart, Anthony E. Stiles and Thomas A. Stiles to Mo Grilla LLC.

North Cumberland St. 2308: $270,000, Erin Rosiere and Joseph A. Rosiere Jr. to Rock N. Grundmann and Lisa M. Roberson.

Oriole St. 617: $133,900, William M. Slay to Melissa K. Williams.

Pine St. 505: $449,000, Stanley Stopa and Keith A. B. Stopa to Marcus Heuchan.

Ridgelake Drive 1501: $225,000, Donald H. Stall, John K. Stall, April Lee and Allen G. Stall to Philip J. Coote and Wendy Coote.

Riverside Court condo, Phase II, unit 219: $30,000, Todd J. Perrilloux and Jan Perrilloux to Yerling M.J. Cruz and Eriko M. Rojas.

Riverside Court condo, unit 587: $30,000, Enver Karahasanovic to Blanca L.G. Ramos.

Scofield St. 3713: $37,500, Stacey P. Vial to Shelby Cole.

Sena Drive 828: $262,500, Dorothy L. Dahlberg to Michael J. Daney and Marian U. Daney.

Soldier St. 5012: $240,000, Elizabeth P. Crouch to Kevin Rolf.

Tolmas Drive 3629: Donation, Nicholas B. Hardaway to Courtney A. Hardaway.

Town Of Metairieville subdivision, lot 3, square 100: Donation, Walter C. Bonie to Dianne J. Bonie.

Violet St. 201: $207,500, Kenneth A. Kuebel to Juniper Realty LLC.

West William David Parkway 1120: $220,000, Daniel C. Donahoe to Kristina A. Kite.

Willowdale Park 2. subdivision, lot 111, square II: $59,382, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Willie T. Noel and Amelia G. Noel.


Trudeau Plantation, lot J1, plots 6 and 7: $150,000, Joseph C. Labella to John W. LaBure and Betty C. LaBure.

Upstream subdivision, lot 4A, square 12: $180,000, Perk Builders Inc. to Melanie Vigelis and Ramunas J. Vigelis.