James M. Ohair III sold this home at 1030 8th St. in Gretna to Jessica M. Breaux for $156,000.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Nov. 30 to Dec. 8


Dorothy Drive 128: $125,000, Johnny S. Nobles Jr. and Sherry Y. Nobles to Eric M. Rish.

Felicia Drive 133: $133,000, Bradley Tassin and Kady E. Tassin to Lee J. Gonzales IV.


Marvis Grove subdivision, lot 97A1: $185,000, Joy M. Boudreaux and Paul E. Boudreaux to Jeri L. Bryan and Elwood R. Bryan III.


Belt Bridge subdivision, lot 3, square S24: Donation, Darvell E. Richard and Dwayne Edwards to Erica Walker.

Hidden Lane 175: $70,000, Normandy Associates to Doyle Belanger and Deborah P. Belanger.


Boudreaux Lane 146: $83,000, Amos J. Boudreaux and Julie B. Boudreaux to Mona O. Gravois.

Engelback subdivision, no further data: Donation, David W. Guillot, Alanna C. Guillot, Kenneth J. Guillot Jr. and Frank R. Guillot to Tania M. Guillot.

Gormley subdivision, lot 17, square B: Donation, Kathleen A. F. Foret to Helene Stant, Patrick M. Stant, Helene D. Davis and Robert A. Foret Jr.

Grand Isle, lot 71, square 5: $40,000, Dorothy T. Hymel, Thaddeus A. Hymel, James J. Hymel, Richard J. Hymel and Anne H. Candies to Robert E. Vegas and Chelsea H. Vegas.


8th St. 1030: $156,000, James M. Ohair III to Jessica M. Breaux.

Alison Drive 1505: Donation, Christine Martin to Haille S. Martin Jr.

City Of Gretna subdivision, lot 1, square 27: $19,500, Gretna City Of to Laverne Stewart.

Commerce St. 640-42: Donation, Stanhope P. Turnbull Sr. and Anne S. Turnbull to Stanhope Posey Turnbull Sr. & Anne Snowden Turnbull Revocable Living Trust.

Dory Drive 721: $172,000, Lauren V. Krehely and Michael A. Krehely to Dan M. Nawang.

Emerson St. 2180: $155,000, Kiet A. Tran to William J. Lehrmann Sr.

Fairfax Drive 835: $200,000, First Castle Federal Credit Union to Stephen L. Charles and Luliana M. Charles.

Fifth St. 3: Donation, Number 3. Fifth Street LLC to XK8 LLC.

Garden Park subdivision, lot 3B, square 20: $55,000, Charlotte T. Lawson, Dwight J. Lawson and Charlotte L. Turner to Michael J. Lawson.

Hunterbrook Drive 633: $55,000, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Lafayette St. 237: $375,000, George J. Trosclair Sr. to Lafayette Street Enterprises LLC.

Lake Lynn Drive 3537: $182,000, Bank of America NA and Lasalle Bank NA to Gary C. Frazier.

Linda Court 212: $175,000, Lloyd J. Falgout III to Lloyd Waldrep and Bridget Waldrep.

Milton St. 1003: $10,000, Good News Investment Properties LLC to Ten Zero Three LLC.

No further data: Donation, AEI Income & Growth Fund 25 LLC to 959 Behrman Highway LLC.

Northbrook subdivision, lot 28: $235,000, William B. Thrift to De Nguyen and Quyen T. Ngo.

Southwood West Extension subdivision, lot 17, square 2: $146,600, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Lionel Fascio.

Stonebridge Drive 1409: $327,500, Judy G. Stanley and Harold E. Stanley to Shawn A. Roberts and Hannah J. L. Roberts.

Taylorbrook Drive 657: $145,000, J. Sercovich LLC to Xavier S. Ham.

Terry Parkway 110: $628,000, Westbank Partners LLC to 110 TP LLC.

Timberlane Estates & Country Club 2. subdivision, lot 21, square 8: Donation, May L. Lam to Veronica J. Bard and Michael S. Bard.


Agateway Drive 3812: $160,000, Anita A. Blakely to Bianca T. Brown.

Burntwood Drive 3732: $120,000, Nathan R. Tuttle to Cynthia T. J. Johnson.

Curtis Drive 1129: Donation, Craig Pfister to Melissa H. Pfister.

Esther St. 1400: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Alex C. Davis and Cassandra C. Davis.

Lake Michigan Drive 1816: $347,500, Douglas G. Hall and Michelle G. Hall to Jeremy C. Jamison.

Lake Providence Drive 3637: Donation, Jerralyn Ambrose Family Trust to Jerralyn Bazile.

Lapalco Blvd. 2000: $699,500, Abshire Investments LLC to EMW Insight LLC.

Marion Ave. 500: $134,500, Misty L. W. Faucheaux and Stephen J. Faucheaux to Laila E. T. Dallam.

Orchid Drive 1520: $115,000, Mary T. B. Haynes and James L. Bartolo to Christine A. Gummeson.

Redwood Drive 1428: $104,000, PDBA Properties LLC to Leusterio A. Delossantos.

South Chipwood Drive 4021: $40,000, Charles E. Turner to Evelyn Perkins.

South Village Green St. 2317: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Chase Ansardi.

Woodmere South 1. subdivision, lot 218, square F: Donation, April D. Williams to Laney R. Williams and April D. Williams.

Woodmere subdivision, lot 1822, square SS: Donation, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.


Acadiana Trace 2693: $308,500, Derel J. Broussard Jr. to Juvon R. Campbell.

Acorn St. 2632: $175,000, Michelle M. Clayton to Joseph P. Talbot Jr. and Danielle K. Talbot.

Alpaca Drive 5321: $80,000, Larry D. Conrad and Delores M. Conrad to Recreative Investments LLC.

Antioch St. 5013: $55,219, First Guaranty Mortgage Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Avenue G. 428: $140,000, Falling Leaf Properties LLC to Nichole M. Smith.

Bayou Cook Drive 2713: $106,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Travis Martinez.

Chenier St. 2740: $115,000, David L. Bonar to Christopher E. Collins and Bonnie B. Collins.

Doreen Lane 2824: $85,001, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to WAJ Investments LLC.

Duckhorn Drive 7433: $223,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Clemon J. Graham and Velarie J. Graham.

East Ames Blvd. 4310: $144,000, Nottingham Associates LLC to Ernest W. Vessel.

Farrington Drive 1613: $139,000, Michelle A. L. Cox and David E. Cox to Charlotte Y. D. Degree.

Francis St. 1129: $140,000, Khai Tran to Marlen M. Pina.

Jared Lane 2515: $217,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Herbert J. Bivalacqua Jr. and Hollie Bivalacqua.

Lower Estelle Plantation lot G324A1 Bent Tree Estates, Phase V, square 3, lots 1 through 7.: $425,000, Bent Tree LLC to First Horizon Inc.

Mt Blanc Drive 3024: $109,000, Vuong H. Cao to Rhaelynn V. Thomas, Curtis Thomas and Evelyn E. Thomas.

New Iberia Circle 2485: $301,180, JBL Properties Ltd to Caleb J. Arendt and Ashley E. Prejean.

Oak Bayou Ave. 5144: $172,000, Robert T. Porche Jr. and Loretta M. Porche to Kenneth J. Pendergraft and Ruth Pendergraft.

Oak Forest subdivision, lot 14, square 3: $167,000, Bryan M. Krohn and Stephanie Krohn to Tene Bates.

Page St. 5216: Donation, Basil Johnson and Patricia A. H. Johnson to Wendy J. Welch.

Pearl subdivision, lot 82, square 7: $47,000, Anthony R. Collura, Cheryl D. Collura, William D. Rogers, David Rogers, Myra C. Rogers, Daniel J. Majorie, Dale C. Majorie, Melvin P. Ockman Jr. and Janel C. Ockman to Manh Do.

Pearl subdivision, lot 83, square 7: $47,000, Anthony R. Collura, Cheryl D. Collura, William D. Rogers, David Rogers, Myra C. Rogers, Daniel J. Majorie, Dale C. Majorie, Melvin P. Ockman Jr. and Janel C. Ockman to Tu T. Do.

Pearl subdivision, lot 92, square 7: $49,800, Anthony R. Collura, Cheryl D. Collura, William D. Rogers, David Rogers, Myra C. Rogers, Daniel J. Marjorie, Dale C. Marjorie, Melvin P. Ockman Jr. and Janel C. Ockman to Daryl M. Cuquet and Bonnie P. Cuquet.

Randolph St. 5229: $115,000, Paul S. Huebner to Kenneth F. Schulte III and Christine P. Schulte.

Saddler Road 500: Donation, Paul T. Bourg Sr. to David J. Bourg.

Saddler Road 500: Donation, Joseph G. Bourg Jr. to David J. Bourg.

Saint Ann St. 533: $108,500, Youssef I. Wehbe and Amal H. Wehbe to Vernisa Hayes.

Sorbonne Drive 3061: $149,900, Hanh D. T. Tran, Thi D. H. Tran and Nghia Dinh to Mekeshia S. Beard.

Stella Place 1540: $75,000, Celeste B. Broussard to Dianne M. Bourg.

Suwanee Drive 2245: $164,000, Property Specialist LLC to Kimberly Lambert and John T. Lambert.

Tambour Drive 3441: $126,000, Dan M. Hunter and Rhonda H. Hunter to Alexandra Hunter.

Valley Realty Company subdivision, lot 126, square 16: $97,000, Barbara L. Schexnayder to Kayla L. W. Hinojosa and Rachel L. Hinojosa.

Westminster Park Extension 8. subdivision, lot 1, square 21: $55,000, US Bank NA, Bank of America NA, LaSalle Bank NA to Phillip Dziubla.

Westwood Drive 565: Donation, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Willowtree Road 5001: $165,000, IQN LLC to Sindy Y. Rosa.

Wilson St. 544: Donation, Hank Watson to Inez W. Griffin.

Wilson St. 544: Donation, Bettie N. White to Inez W. Griffin.

Wilson St. 544: Donation, Freddie J. White, Douglas White, Norman White, Corey Watson, and Douglas White Sr. to Inez W. Griffin.


Rue Saint Louis 2420: $231,900, Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC to Hau D. Bui.

Terrytown 8. subdivision, lot 10, square 155: $155,000, Joshua M. Sullivan and Rebekah I. Sullivan to Edmond Belizaire Sr.

Terrytown B. subdivision, lot 4, square 28: $50,000, Whitney Bank to Hortensia M. Valdes.


Helis Drive 337: $68,900, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Yuneisy Marrero.

Silver Bell Place 9566: $333,900, Coast Builders LLC to Allen A. Pellebon and Briget E. Pellebon.


Barbe subdivision, lot 55, square 5: $107,000, Evelyn B. Freeman, Deanna B. Hill, Renee B. Mansfield and Katherine B. Vanpelt to Adam Migliore.

Cynthia St. 54: $128,000, Cocos Majestic Services Inc. to Trinese R. Lavigne.

Helis Drive 396: $97,120, GMFS LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Laroussini St. 515: $27,000, Vera L. P. Vedros to James Kersey and Melissa L. Kersey.

Pecan St. 1100: $127,000, Paula A. Himes and Maurice A. Himes to William S. Gaudin Jr. and Ulla A. Gaudin.

Victory Drive 703: $40,000, Carol Simoneaux, Gail W. Goodman, Carol S. Goodman, Gail A. Goodman, Carol G. Stamant and Gail G. Allelo to Jane G. Oddo.

Victory subdivision, lot 13A1: Donation, Houma Ventures LLC to East Jefferson Medical Office Building I. LLC.

Westwego Heights, lots 10 through 12, ptl 9, square 3: $105,000, Gwendolyn Alleman and Herman Troxclair to TBF LLC.