St. Charles property transfers, June 1 to June 5, 2015 _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Nathan Stein sold this home at 119 West Easy St. in New Sarpy to Jennifer Ann Pavon for $154,000.

St. Charles

  • Transfers for June 1 TO June 5


  • BERNARD AVENUE 216: $30,000, Gary P. Zeringue to Brennen M. Friloux and Melissa Marie Perret Friloux.


  • KOSHER DRIVE 111: $132,600, JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Bradley J. Dunn.


  • MURRAY HILL SUBDIVISION SQUARE C LOT 8: $3,500, Thaddeus E. Conti to Judith Conti Dubea.
  • ORMOND VILLAGE DRIVE 203: $207,500, Jonathan Paul Jacobs to Rebecca Lynn Leonard Adams.
  • ORMOND VILLAGE DRIVE 217: $152,000, BK-JPMorgan Chase Bank-National Association to Daniel Deharde.
  • PANTHER RUN 204: $410,000, Roman Clifton Harper to Darrow W. Cage and Jeanette Collins Cage.
  • WEST WOODLAWN DRIVE 15: $420,000, Madhuri Satlapalli Chinthala and Anil K. Chinthala to Allison Hovland Conravey.


  • SOUTH FASHION BOULEVARD 610: $245,000, Keith S. Duett and Robin R. Morris to Rowdy Vicknair and Reanell Vicknair.


  • ALBANIA DRIVE 224: $203,635, Karl D. Young and Diana Plaisance Young to Thomas Alan Schnake and Marcia Garfin Schnake.
  • ASHTON PLANTATION PHASE 1-C SQUARE 7 LOT 22: $303,760, Milioto Custom Homes, LLC to Allan E. Tabora and Nicole Seager Tabora.
  • ASHTON PLANTATION PHASE 1-C SQUARE 7 LOT 41: $102,000, Ashton Plantation Estates, LLC to Donald J. Smaha and Annette Eliser Samaha.
  • ASHTON PLANTATION ESTATES 1-C SQUARE 7 LOT 6: $84,600, Ashton Plantation Estates, LLC to A Plus Construction, LLC.
  • AZALEA COURT 3: $334,000, David S. Haydel Jr. and Juanita Becnel Haydel to Amy L Mclaughlin.
  • BETHANY DRIVE 217: $235,000, Jonathan Alexander Murdock and Morgan Manfre Murdock to Curtis Andrew Vila and Kellie Peters Vila.
  • BROWING DRIVE 206: Donation, Natalya Rostovshchikova to Andrey S. Stanovnov.
  • ELLINGTON PLANTATION LOT 9P AND 1R: $47,000, Curtis P. Dufrene and Linda Schmill Dufrene to Life Church Assembly of God, Inc.
  • ELLINGTON PLANTATION LOT 1S: $40,000, Linda Schmill Dufrene, Dalton T. Schmill, Kenneth L. Schmill, Mitchell J. Schmill, Shawn D. Schmill, Brandy Schmill Comardelle, Sandy Marie Schmill and Cody W. Schmill to Life Church Assembly of God, Inc.
  • LAC LAFRENIERE COURT 202: $410,000, Roselle Fuxan Calongne to American International Relocation Solutions LLC.
  • LAC LAFRENIERE COURT 202: $410,000, American International Relocation Solutions to Angela M. Matherne
  • LAC VERRET 101: $520,000, Jonathan Scott Goodwin and Alnessa Coleman Goodwin to Keenan Girod Lewis and Dannel Delpit Lewis.
  • LAKEWOOD DRIVE 143: $161,500, George W. Stone Jr. to Billy R. Webb and Caylee Clancy Webb.
  • MONSANTO AVENUE 226: $85,000, Arsen Pfister Jr. and Penny Pfister Bosco to Dunn Homes, LLC.
  • REFUGE DRIVE 113: $285,000, Ezell M. Shelton and Carla Brown Shelton to Matthew M. Hilken and Maryn L. Hilken.
  • WADE STREET 217: $170,000, Nicholas Wayne Nichols and Brandy Duhon Nichols to Trenton J. Schaubhut.
  • WILLOWRIDGE DRIVE 558: $282,000, Tim P. Simon and Sammie Taylor Simon to Corey Michael Hebert and Ashley Trauth Hebert.


  • COUNTRY COTTAGE BOULEVARD 607: $232,000, William S. Allen II and Kelly Entremont Allen to Christopher J. Cox and Leslie C. Sander.


  • WEST EASY STREET 119: $154,000, Nathan Stein to Jennifer Ann Pavon.


  • GOOD HOPE PLANTATION LOT B: $66,000, John J. Barraco Sr., Peter R. Barraco Sr., Lance Marino, John J. Marino Jr., Dawn Marino Kelmell, Philip Marino, Melody Marino, Charmaine Marino Fujioka, Tina Marino Berteau, Roxanne T. Marino, Troy A. Marino and Sunny Gail Marino to Belle Chase Marine Transportation LLC.


  • OAK STREET 316: $125,500, Justin H. Plaia to Beau A. Dupuis.
  • RUE LANDRY 165: Donation, Brandon Perkins, Courtney Perkins Jones and Crystal Perkins Curtis to Cynthia Linson Perkins.
  • RUE LANDRY 174: $58,000, Michael Lee Dugas and Angel Clutterbuck Dugas to Lillian Orellana.
  • STEPHEN STREET 114: $137,000, Brett D. Winter and Jamie Starks Winter to Gary M. Bruzeau Jr. and Eileen M. Arena.
  • TURTLE CREEK LANE 713: $57,000, US Bank Trust -NA to Chris E. Bickham.