Kimble M. Kissinger and Barbara Kissinger sold this home at 820-822 Dolhonde St. in Gretna to Yoselyn Y. Melendez for $191,000.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Oct. 30-31


South Avondale Homes III subdivision, lot 35, square 16: $95,000, Patricia Snyder and John R. Snyder to Sherry Nobles and Johnny S. Nobles Jr.


Jenic Lane 4973: $202,000, John E. Mcdonald, Sharon Dowden and Wallace G. Dowden to Cajun Casa LLC.


Normandy Park C. subdivision, lot 37A, square F: $330,000, Paul C. Tranchina and Edith M. Tranchina to Reagan F. Roussell and Stacey G. Roussell.


Grand Beach subdivision, lot 4, square M: $20,000, Marian K. Wright, William M. Wright, Patrick J. Wright and Douglas E. Wright to Caroline O. Geier and Robert J. Geier Sr.


11th St. 962: $176,000, Eric Guillory Real Estate Inc. to Taylor M. Bologna.

822 Dolhonde St. 820: $191,000, Kimble M. Kissinger and Barbara Kissinger to Yoselyn Y. Melendez.

Bannerwood Drive 217: $80,000, Crystal R. Reese to Cody T. Piglia.

Baywood subdivision, lot 74, square A: $75,100, Midfirst Bank to Sajea Inc.

Brett Drive 305: $80,000, Kevin G. Fink to Nizar A. Dahab.

Cypress Park townhome condo, unit 231-C: $93,000, Brian D. Grant to Malon L. Thompson.

Fordham Place 1909: $138,000, Cherie E. Bullock and Christopher M. Flotte to Mohamed S. Heyine.

Highland Drive West 2681: $155,000, Glenda P. Posner to Theodore Pore and Wanda Pore.


Brown St. 552: $39,000, Betty Jackson, Ralph Jackson and Harvey P. Johnson to Kimberly Burbank.

Heatherwood Drive 1606: $450,000, Gregory P. Kuehne and Cynthia M. Kuehne to Dany Vo and Xuan L. Vo.

Lake Elizabeth Court 76: $235,000, Eric J. Douglas to James R. Catchings Jr. and Kena T. Catchings.

Maplewood Park E. subdivision, lot 12, square 9: $119,000, Sherry A. Rolfe to Letita M. Collins.

Nathan Kornman Drive 3860: $96,500, GMJ Real Estate Investments LLC to Vincent A. Boreland and Angelique Boreland.

Saulet subdivision, lot 4, square B: $157,000, Tien N. Nguyen and Lien T. L. Kieu to Canh M. Tran and Thao T.T.H. Tran.

St Michael Drive 1132: $260,000, Francis O. Duthu Jr. and Marilyn M. Duthu to Linda K. Nguyen.

Woodmere 2. subdivision, lot 868, square CC: $99,500, Midfirst Bank to Priya Mirchandani and Balram Mirchandani.


Allyson Lane 2545: $213,360, DSLD Homes LLC to Chad P. Repka.

Chenier St. 2740: $111,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to David L. Bonar.

Eighty Arpent Road 5136: Donation, Estate Acquisition Inc. to Leticia Stritzinger and Ronald W. Stritzinger.

Elizabeth St. 2912: $71,000, Wells Fargo USA Holdings Inc. to Ebonie Harris.

Jared Lane 2531: $211,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Kristi L. Solet.

Mill Grove Lane 4820: $239,000, Glenn P. Templet Jr. and Jessica A.L. Templet to Brian Blakely and Erika E. Blakely.

Paine Drive 2064: Donation, Sheila A. K. Johnson to Kevin C. King.

Ridgecrest subdivision, lot 16, square H1: $237,000, Sean G. Short to Stephen A. Weins and Dorothy Weins.

Victorian Drive 6168: Donation, Reina P. S. Gomez to Marin T. Sifontes and Reina T. Sifontes.


Guardian Ave. 2160: $220,000, Marvin R. Brown III and Ariel W. Brown to Michael S. Brodine and Jennifer L. M. Brodine.

Terrytown 6. subdivision, lot 8A, square 50: Donation, Evelyn S. Lewis to Evelyn S. Lewis Revocable Living Trust.


Jasmine Lane 113: $110,000, Paul A. Phillip to Mandy Allemand and Ronald C. Laborde Jr.


10th St. 644: $49,986, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.

518 Dumonde Drive: Donation, Glenn A. Robichaux to Ginger Robichaux.

Floral Acres Addition 1. subdivision, lot 25, square 20A: $45,000, Shayden B. Landis to Andrea P. Davis.