Transfers for March 31 to April 6


Colonial Club Drive 199: $225,000, Melchione R. Rizzuto and Doris A. R. Rizzuto to Mary B. Perrier.

Franklin Ave. 838: $150,000, Gerard J. Foti, Elizabeth M. A. Foti and Diane E. Tortomase to Christy A. Little and Donna Smith-Martell.

Hickory Ave. 340: $115,000, Ralph L. Simmons and Charlene B. Simmons to Kittok Enterprises LLC.

Hickory Ave. 609: $292,000, Dustin J. Morgan to Garald P. Weller.

Hickory Ave. 628: $125,000, 628 Hickory Ave LLC to Cannon Family LLC.

Lafreniere Elmwood Plantation subdivision, lot E: $50,000, Sidney Milling and Betty H. Milling to A&B Brown Muller Properties LLC.

Oakland St. 18: $163,000, Carla A. Vasquez and Sidney A. Holt IV to Renee A. Marino.

Village of Harahan subdivision, lot 6A, square B: $160,000, DHS LLC to Sharen B. Moore.

West Ave. 324: $165,100, Aaron C. Cundieff to Kimberly A. Smith.

Wilson St. 7211: $30,000, Scott Conner to Thomas Conners Jr.


Audubon Trace condo, unit 2104: $224,900, Leal A. S. Dugas to Tara M. Montgomery.

Camelia Gardens subdivision, lot 28, square F: $220,000, 4002 Isabel St LLC to Gwynne M. C. Tumminello and John K. Dawes Jr.

Gelpi Ave. 608: $189,900, Valerie M. Davis to Sean M. Holcomb and Claire M. Magner.

Gerie Court 2: Donation, Iris J. Chachon to Olga O. Bobadilla.

Honore Drive 621: $191,500, Joshua B. Sullivan and Kristiann C. H. Sullivan to Allen R. Blanchard.

Monticello St. 100: $110,000, Larry J. Barca and Allison D. Barca to Sugarbank LLC.

Riverside condo, unit 2: $133,000, Trevor S. Caulkins and Emily L. Caulkins to Brian M. Samuel.


11 Augusta St. 2609: $138,475, JP Morgan Chase Bank NA and Chase Home Finance LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.11.

12 Fayette St. 2610: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

129 27th St. 127: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

18 Delaware Ave. 3416: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

24 Acron St. 2722: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

25th St. 2260: Donation, Jan M. M. Pisciotta to Princess Properties of Metairie LLC.

34 Bessemer St. 2732: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

46 Helena St. 2644: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

Acadia St. 5: $275,000, HSBC Bank USA NA to Brian T. McGregor and Cynthia Boswell.

Airline Highway 1700: $300,000, River Parishes Investments Co. Inc. to Jefferson Wholesale LLC.

Alabama Ave. 4305: Donation, Jade Roshell to Delicia Ricks.

Arkansas Ave. 4232: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

Chateau Estates North 1. subdivision, lot 14, square 4: $253,000, Cindy A.C. Lovoi to Aubrey P. Lee Jr. and Sandra A. Lee.

Cobblestone Village condo, unit 112: $115,000, Salvador A. Serio & Sarah C. Serio Irrevocable Residence Trust, to Antoinette O. Silver.

Cocos Plumosas 5400: Donation, Thomas C. Brandt to Andrea Brandt.

Colorado Ave. 4337: $199,000, Alison H. Lee and Alex M. Palacio to Melissa P. Hurst and Bobbie L. D. Pernia.

Delaware Ave. 4309: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

Driftwood Park 3. subdivision, lot 17, square 24: $215,500, Gary S. Paulino and Patricia M. B. Paulino to Thomas P. Coates.

E. Louisiana State Drive 4036: $133,000, Hypolite P. Bodin Jr. to Hector Mendoza and Laura D. Mendoza.

E. Louisiana State Drive 4072: $144,000, Nicholas J. Accardo to Carmelo Gonzalez.

E. Louisiana State Drive 4076: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 77: $207,000, Dale R. Brehm and Shirley L. Scott to Scott P. Verdin.

Huntsville St. 3108: $59,999, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mario R. Castellon.

Idaho Ave. 4312: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

Illinois Ave. 2600: $125,000, Carlos E. Lopez to Mary A. Tullier.

John Hopkins Drive 431: $144,933, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.49.

Kansas Ave. 3105: $205,000, Stephen B. Illg and Dolly Y. Illg to Jack Ford Jr. and Amanda C. Ford.

Lake Trail 1. subdivision, lot 212, square 16: $235,000, Charlotte H. Lunn to James I. Carr III and Karen T. Carr.

Lincoln Manor 7. subdivision, lot 13, square 154: Donation, Alvin S. Clark Sr. and Janet W. Clark to Gadrel LLC.

Moisant Place subdivision, lot 13, square 7: $29,000, Angela Leger to Virginia L. Larose.

Moss Bayou Lane 224: $350,000, Jeffrey P. Feilden and Darlene C. Feilden to Sardar I. K. Khan and Nazia I. Khan.

Ohio St. 3141: $19,000, Deverney F. Smith, Wilson Smith Jr., Kerri Smith, Toni Lomax, Todd Smith and Antonio Jones to Stevie G. Bush.

Palmetto 67: $470,000, John J. Dugas Jr. to Jonathan Haslanger and Talia E. Haslanger.

Rhone Drive 4245: $294,000, Dale J. Kessler and Gloria B. G. Kessler to Wayne A. Soniat and Dwrcarolin L. Soniat.

Sabine Court 10: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.

Sixteenth St. 2149: $50,000, Charles E. Gibert Jr. and Janet Troxillo to Consolidated Investments Properies LLC.

Vintage Drive 805: $244,900, Louis J. LeCarpentier Sr. and Margaret R. LeCarpentier to Muhammad Faisal and Faiza I. Faisal.

Vouray St. 820: Donation, FB Residential Holdings LLC to Scioto Properties Sp 16 LLC.


2914 Lexington Drive 2912: $130,000, Aimee L. R. Terrio to Renee J. R. Hemel.

Alexander Drive 4416: $289,000, Jeremy A. Gerak and Lisa L. Gerak to Troy T. Naquin II and Holly D. Naquin.

Aris St. 1125: $214,000, Haider Properties LLC to Jonathan S. Matessino and Kelly L. Matessino.

Balter St. 8139: Donation, Haskel T. Powell Jr. to Timothy R. Powell and Scott G. Powell.

Barnett Esplanade condo, unit 4405-B: $69,000, Allan J. Maxwell III to KT Group LLC.

Barnett Esplanade condo, unit 4405C: $69,000, Patricia M. Angell to KT Group LLC.

Belmont Place 1309: Donation, Barbara R. Stacey to Kelley Stacey.

Beverly Garden Drive 1104: $280,000, William C. Cresson Sr. and June L. E. Cresson to Steven E. Quaintance and Mindy M. Quaintance.

Bonnabel Blvd. 1025: $210,000, Ferran Hardie Homes Inc. to Kim B. McMann and Robert E. McMann Jr.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 69A, square 79: $447,516, Landcraft LLC to George E. Geise III and Bonnie W. Geise.

Bridgedale B. subdivision, lot 12, square 33: $120,000, Elba M. Urquhart and Ernesto L. Miranda Jr. to Victor A. Sandoval and Odila Sandoval.

Bridgedale B. subdivision, lot 3, square 39: $155,000, Alfred J. Hingle Sr., Rose M. G. Hingle, Rise M. Hingle and Rose M. H. Greco to Micayla S. Fitzsimmons.

Brockenbraugh Court 530: Donation, Rickie J. Loftis to Patricia A. M. Phillips.

Brockenbraugh Court 530: $269,900, Patricia A. M. Phillips to Killian G. Williams-Morantine and Kelly R. Williams-Morantine.

Brockenbraugh Court 545: $350,000, Jonathan M. Brisbi to Stephen M. Abadie and Smantha G. Kramer.

Carriage Court condo, unit 106: $85,000, Alicia C. Bourgeois, Jules L. Bourgeois Jr. and Alicia B. Cortes to Larnell B. Sauviac.

Carrollton Ave. 710: $335,000, Gremillion Properties LLC to B&C Real Estate Properties LLC.

Carrollton Ave. 712: $335,000, Gremillion Properties LLC to B&c Real Estate Properties LLC.

Clearview Parkway 3409: $103,000, Olivier Family LLC to Cheryl Mayer, Herbert K. Mayer and Cheryl M. Schwab.

Clearview Parkway 3808: $305,000, Kristopher K. Anderson and Todd A. Calamari to Karen R. Jones.

Delimon Place, lot 104, plot B, square E: $605,000, Jack G. Bryant to Dorothy G. Robbins.

Division St. 4131: Donation, Lauren Crosby, Laruen Kuhn and Lauren O. C. Kuhn to Michael D. Crosby.

E. William David Parkway 230: $975,970, Gloria M. G. Pedroza and Escipion Pedroza to Adam Holinga and Alicia F. Holinga.

Helios St. 1121: $344,000, Caroline D. Hooper to Scott E. Thompson and Debra S. Thompson.

Hessmer Park subdivision, lot 1B, square 2: $1,600,000, R.J. Marchand & Co. Inc. to Licciardi Division Properties LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 23A, square 508: $63,000, Consolidated Investment Properties LLC to Eiermann LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot P, square 482: $147,000, Nanette Leblanc to Brandi L. Hoover.

Highway Park subdivision, lot T, square 362: $88,050, Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Osie Santini and Barbara Santini.

Huron Ave. 1320: $299,900, Brandi C. Clay, Michael W. Clay and Brenda A. Catalanatto to Norma Espinosa and Ashley H. Espinosa.

Huron Ave. 1382: $200,000, Donald W. Boudreaux Jr., Rodney L. Boudreaux, Gary J. Boudreaux, Randy C. Boudreaux and Brian A. Boudreaux to P. D. Properties LLC.

Jade Ave. 501: $170,000, Gleivailda V. Desouza to Oscar R. Moradel and Carolyn V. Moradel.

Lafreniere St. 6009: $232,000, Abraham F. Vanbeek and Kelly W. Vanbeek to Mario A. Interiano.

Lillian St. 1028: $114,250, Scott H. Murphy and Mary P. Murphy to Xavier Valenti Jr.

Lynnette Drive 1305: $214,000, Freddie L. Roberts to Christopher M. Crosby Jr.

Martin Behrman Walk 626: $330,000, Dimple M. Shah and Sejal D. Shah to Joseph P. Trevino Jr. and Maren J. Graber-Marina.

Mason Smith Ave. 1916: $121,500, Terryl A. P. Staub to Greystone Homes LLC.

Metairie Heights Ave. 2323: $330,000, Madeleine C. Harp, Harold J. Clavier Jr., Mark A. Clavier and Celeste C. Gordon to Stephen D. Oster.

Metairie Heights subdivision, lot 729: $375,000, CJ Renovations LLC to Wilfred Prados III and Chere B. Prados.

Metairie Terrace, lots 31 and 32, plot 1: $180,000, EPWM Properties LLC to John A. Laney IV.

Metro View condo unit 113A: $75,900, Joyce P. Bostick to Terryl A. P. Staub.

N. Causeway Blvd. 2929: Donation, JMC Tran Properties LLC to Buds Broiler of Covington LC.

North Dilton St. 513: $148,900, Deanna Dial-Barthelemy LLC to Jose L. A. Trinidad and Noelia D. Trinidad.

Old Metairie Place 912: $192,700, Margaret S. Goodman to Elena C. Liuzza.

Old Metairie Place subdivision, lot 32: $350,000, Barbara A. D. Jacobs, Kenneth L. M. Jacobs, Roger B. Jacobs & Barbara Ann Jacobs Inter Vivos Trust, to Jennifer N. Costello.

Olga St. 8012: $125,000, Christopher G. Pike to Jamie A. Pike.

One Metairie Place condo, unit 12-312: $90,000, Abby Roberts to Sitterley Joint Family Trust.

Orion Ave. 1208: $295,000, Nicholas L. Cantero and Mallory K. Cantero to Hunter W. Ham.

Orion Ave. 1521: $430,000, Adrian S. Pappalardo and Juliet S. Pappalardo to Nicholas L. Cantero and Mallory K. Cantero.

Prairie St. 4544: $130,000, Margaret V. Garceau, Carolyn V. Groner, Henry T. Vosbein and Gerardine V. Hull to Prairie Homes LLC.

Richard St. 7901: $70,000, Loraine T. Irion, Sandra A. I. Moesta, Margaret A. I. Lamere and Roger G. Irion to Alma O. L. Maldonado.

S. Bengal Road 804: $162,500, Lanza Property Investors LLC to Rhonda Overby.

S. Elm St. 1323: $44,000, Cheryl J. Woods, Dennis M. Woods and Karen S. Woods to Bill & Jerry Investments LLC.

Transcontinental Drive 4605: $525,000, Alan Dishingh and Lynn E. Dishingh to Michael G. Ferguson.

W. William David 235: Donation, Geoffrey B. Morris to Michele King.

Wabash St. 4833, unit 1: $135,000, Jocy C. Heap to Lydia Matos and Adriana Matos.

W. Esplanade Ave. 6001: Donation, Chet W. Kelly Jr. and Lisa R. Degress to Lisa R. Degress.

Whitney Place condo, unit 304: $120,000, Dorothy D. Boudreaux to Christopher E. Keene.

Whitney Place condo, unit 809: $68,000, Mary F. Hillery, Julian S. Hillery Sr. Testamentary Mamie Family GST Trust, Julian S. Hillery Sr Testamentary Gigi Family GST Trust, Julian S. Hillery Sr. Testamentary Jubi Family GST Trust, Julian S. Hillery Sr. Testamentary GST Trust to Andrew C. McCluskey.

Woodlawn Ave. 55: $172,500, Kelly R. Warricks to Leah V. Boudreaux.

Woodridge condo, unit 301: $31,250, Woodcon 301 LLC to Ducote Property Investments LLC.

Woodridge condo, unit 306: $31,250, Woodcon 306 LLC to Ducote Property Investments LLC.

Woodridge condo, unit 307: $31,250, Woodcon 307 LLC to Ducote Property Investments LLC.


Diane Ave. 333: $249,900, Roy J. Herbert Jr. to Adam J. Ducoing.

Jefferson Highway 11101: $57,000, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Entitled Properties LLC.

Lenormand Park subdivision, lot 37, square G: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Aeree Kim.

Miradon Ave. 609: Donation, Lisa B. Kulakowski, Christopher M. Kulakowski and Lisa B. Bertucci to Jamie Kulakowski.