• Transfers for May 28 to June 1


  • MODERN FARMS SUBDIVISION, LOT P-Q-8: $79,900, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Christopher J. Zibilich and Jessica L. Buras.
  • PRIEST DRIVE 217: $32,000, Christiana Trust to Jean Pickney.


  • OAK AVE. 1013: $86,902, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • OCEAN BEACH SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE A: $20,000, Ricky E. Watts and Debra T. Watts to Credo Properties LLC.


  • CLAIRE AVE. 3316: $50,000, Juliette Hebert to Leo W. Moore Jr.
  • DIPLOMAT ST. 504: donation, no value stated, Joann S. Landry and Sharon S. Walker to Eugene J. Sugasti.
  • DRAKE LANE 1424: donation, no value stated, Kenning J. McNamara Jr. and Sharon S. McNamara to Gina M. M. Klein.
  • EIGHTH ST. 1108: $128,000, Mark J. Baldwin to Andrea N. Becker.
  • EVERGREEN DRIVE 820: $154,900, James O. Terrell and Brenda J. Terrell to Danica R. Camardelle.
  • FIFTH ST. 93: $20,000, Kirk J. Perrien to Eileen P. Krush and Maeola P. Rockwell.
  • GLENCOVE LANE 804: $215,000, Anthony J. Grosch and Shannon F. Grosch to Dawn S. Lindstrom.
  • HERO DRIVE 24047: $24,730, CR Properties 2015 LLC to Cindy Daniela Garcia-Hernandez.
  • JEANSONNE COURT 4: $140,000, Nardja M. Segui to David L. Engling and Erin N. Bowers.
  • LAKE KRISTIN DRIVE 3729: $322,500, Phillip J. Truxillo and Nancy O. Truxillo to William F. Ostrum and Robin D. Ostrum.
  • MORNINGSIDE DRIVE 729: $120,000, Caroll G. Rome Jr. and Carroll G. Rome Jr. to Girod J. Breaux Jr. and Julia M. Breaux.
  • MORNINGSIDE DRIVE 813: $154,900, Alfredo M. Silva and Irma M. Silva to Unica R. Goins.
  • PARK PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 221, SQUARE 8: $144,000, Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • PROMENADE CONDOMINIUM, PHASE 1, UNIT 2425: $45,000, Patricia A. Patton to Britny J. McKay and Gillian H. McKay.
  • SEVENTH ST. 1012: $161,000, Jeffrey M. Fos and Rebecca D. Fos to Alan J. Abadie Jr. and Sarah L. Scharfenstein.
  • STUMPF BLVD. 2100: $96,000, Wayne A. Duplantis Jr. and Sheena G. Duplantis to Henry A. Gregoire.
  • TIMBERLANE ROAD 204: $450,000, John P. Barbee Jr. and Rose C. Barbee to Marin Holdings International Ltd.
  • WESTMEADE DRIVE 394: $170,000, Lanny W. Caplinger and Margaret M. Caplinger to Joshua T. Richardson.
  • WILLOWBROOK DRIVE 229: $135,000, Valentino Gutierrez to Phu N. Tran and Dung V. Le.


  • DEERLICK LANE 2217: $1, Earl Avery Jr. and Marguerite Avery to Earl Avery Jr.
  • KEITH WAY DRIVE 3165: donation, no value stated, Margaret S. Simmons to Emmett Simmons Jr.

Manhattan Blvd. 2932, Unit 178: $58,000, Phuong T. T. Dinh to Magdalena S. Espinoza.

  • RED CYRPESS DRIVE 3932: $200,238, Everbank to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • SOUTH NEW ORLEANS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 37, 38, SQUARE 22: $2,000, Annamay G. Kluchin to Stephen E. Kluchin and Janet Colley.
  • STALL DRIVE 1721: $100,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Shelly Rodriguez.
  • THIRD AVE. 412: $126,000, Lance P. Livaccari and Crystal B. Castro to Preston J. Duhe and Claire P. Duhe.

Timberlane Village subdivision, phase 1, lot 23, square C: no value stated, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

  • TITAN ST. 2125: $146,648, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • WOODMERE SUBDIVISION, LOT 1816, SQUARE SS: $70,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Evans Morrison III.


  • JEAN LAFITTE BLVD. 4737: $121,250, Kelli M. Fabre to Vincent J. Perrin.
  • WILLIE MAE DOLAN SUBDIVISION, LOT 28, SQUARE 4: $158,822, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • COLLETTE DRIVE 2717: $105,499, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Eighty Arpent Road 5136: donation, no value stated, Mary A. S. Melanson to Ronald J. Buras Jr.

Gladstone Drive 1933: $36,500, Cara H. Daniels to Rachanell D. Daniels and Cara H. Daniels.

  • LAURIE LANE 2837: $121,400, PNH Enterprise LLC to Amy Leonard.
  • MARRERO ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE 18: $129,500, A&J Rentals LLC to Dana K. Larrimer and Miree K. Larrimer.
  • OAK FOREST BLVD. 2608: $345,000, Gary L. Merrell and Sheryl Danos Merrell to Sterling P. Chauvin III.
  • REGINA COELI COURT 4005: $66,339, U. S. Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
  • ROCHESTER DRIVE 5020: $105,000, James W. Moesle Jr. and Ina V. Moesle to Ronnie Scott.
  • URBANDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT 19-A-1: $40,000, Barrios Investments LLC to Linda Huynh and Christopher Tran.
  • VILLAGE OF MARRERO SUBDIVISION, LOT E-9A-1: $55,000, donation, Susan A. R. Currie to John A. Randazzo III.
  • WESTMINSTER PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 7-A, SQUARE 23: $50,000, Willie J. Lenoir and Wilermenia S. Lenoir to Akishsa D. Weber.
  • WILTON ST. 2316, PLAISANCE ST. 104: donation, no value stated, Billie T. Adams to Trina A. Houillon.


  • DIPLOMAT ST. 519: $36,000, Kinta P. Taquino to Ryan L. Delatte and Cindi S. Delatte.
  • EUCLID ST. 2125: donation, no value stated, Junior R. Cabral to Jenny M. Cabral.
  • MYSTIC AVE. 937: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dajana Jones.
  • TERRYTOWN SUBDIVISION, LOT 26, SQUARE 21: $134,900, Baron Construction Co. to Corey E. Digiovanni and Eridania U. Valverde.


  • KELLER AVE. 628: $148,000, Succession of Mario J. Ginorio to Elaine Ginorio.
  • MIMOSA DRIVE 492: donation, no value stated, Joshua H. Melford to Shannon B. Melford.