Transfers for Dec. 11-15

District 1

Baudin St. 4224-26: donation, no value stated, Octavia A. Irons to Stanley Anthony Williams Jr.

Camp St. 1300: $896,000, Ernest Nunez Berthelot, Ernest Nunez III and John Patrick Berthelot Nunez to Kimberly M. Valudos Gros and Patrick Gros.

Chartres St. 129: $500, Richard J. Gibson to Cary J. Sharp and Deborah D. Sharp.

Erato St. 1534-36; St. Charles Ave. 1320-22; Thalia St. 1533: $3,750,000, Whitney Bank to Kirschman Enterprises LLC.

John Churchill Chase St. 610: $598,000, Mary Brookes Ezell to Beau Dorsey Martin and Laurie Pierce Martin.

Magazine St. 760: $430,000, Jeremy D. Roemershauser to Akemi Sato and Ryosuke Sato.

S. Peters St. 1111: donation, no value stated, Jerry R. Penska and Linda Roberts Penska to Erik J. Penska.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $310,000, Robin Ruiz Garland and Robin Ruiz Wilkinson to Alan R. McKendall and Yolanda Campbell McKendall.

St. Charles Ave. 625: $835,000, Austin J. Sumner and Jane Finlay Budge Sumner to Pont Properties LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 625: $975,000, Elizabeth A. Woods Qamoos to Austin J. Sumner and Jane Finlay Budge Sumner.

District 2

Argonne Blvd. 6338: $210,000, Beau Dorsey Martin to Jeremy Mancheski and Yvonne Mancheski.

Barracks St. 2430-2432: $153,000, Sam Michael Pacieara to Daniel D. Kimmerle and Elizabeth Blaz Kimmerle.

Colbert St. 6959: $510,000, Jenifer Dwight Nicoloff and Michael C. Nicoloff to Amber Elizabeth Hebert Comeaux and Nicole Elise Comeaux Hebert.

Derby Place 3262: $399,000, Liveoaki LLC to Julia A. Davis Wayda and Mark Wayda.

Dumaine St. 2510: $90,000, Az Holdings LLC to 2510 Dumaine Inc.

Dumaine St. 2544: $154,450, Colin Michael Grussing to Hampton Paul Forrest Myers.

Egret St. 88; Hydrangea Lane 88: $425,000, Gwendolyn Burk Dubus to David J. Saltaformaggio and Jennifer Shelnutt Saltaformaggio.

Emerald St. 801: $190,150, Amy Frischhertz to Jonathan Frischhertz.

Flamingo St. 31: $1,190,000, Oster Developers LLC to Angela Gainey Grundmeyer and Wade Michael Grundmeyer.

General Haig St. 5937-5939: $566,000, Anita Coverale Rippen and Matthew G. Rippen to James C. McCluskie and Olga Krejci McCluskie.

Governor Nicholls St. 1916-1916½: $80,000, Liberty Bank and Trust to 20179wy 22 LLC.

Governor Nicholls St. 831: $100, Janet Walker Baus, John V. Baus Jr., John Villars Baus, Mort Walker Baus and Stephanie Ann Baus Wellman to Boehler Family Trust.

Hidalgo St. 737: $369,000, Jill Nicole Kitaura and Kelly Howell Way to Harold Martin Plauche and Katie Lynn Plauche.

Jewel St. 209: donation, no value stated, Kevin E. Stoufflet to Lillian Kanicka Fazzio, Lillian Kanicka Longo and Lillian Kanicka Stoufflet.

N. Claiborne Ave. 217: no value stated, Martynetta Taylor to Phoenix Development Company Inc.

N. Dupre St. 1209: $640,000, Brian F. Allee Walsh and Jennie Sumner Allee Walsh to Houston G. Bonnyman.

N. Miro St. 1116: $339,000, Gertrude M. Phillips to Matilde J. Carbia.

Royal St. 938-940: $399,000, 940 Royal Street Unit Fllc to Denise Seastone Bumsted, Denise Seastone Kraft and Jeffrey Alan Kraft.

St. Ann St. 2232-2234: $37,500, Detmias Construction & Development LLC to Alyssa Merideth and Michael Merideth.

St. Peter St. 836: $235,000, Charles William Bradley Jr. to Mary Louise Cavanaugh.

Vicksburg St. 7000: $316,500, Mildred H. Garza to Maria Coletta Almerico and Max Almerico.

Voisin St. 814: $382,000, Kimberly Schoennagel Hosch and Peter August Hosch to Hannah Byrd Cabell and Jason M. Cabell.

District 3

Arts St. 4631: $200,000, Ashleigh Elizabeth Manning to Henry J. Maumus III and Janet Bass Maumus.

Charlene Drive 4777: donation, no value stated, Geneva L. Lewis to Micah Chereese Lewis.

Chartres St. 3409-11: $305,000, Daisy Cochrane Murphy to Todd Alan Mollock.

Clover St. 2720: $97,850, Debra B. Morton, Debra Brown Morton, Leonard Brown Jr. and Stephanie L. Brown to B. G Matthews and Donyell Bacchus Matthews.

Congress Drive 5411: $125,000, Cynthia M. Aikens to Bryan Coignet.

Decatur 2419: $415,000, Michelle Lauren Tarallo Lodes and Thomas G. Lodes to Matthew Zingoni.

Desire Drive 4937: donation, no value stated, Dina Davillier Sonia, Jan Christopher Davillier, Lori Davillier Raymond, Michael Thaddeus Davillier Jr., Rudv Martin Davillier and Tracie Davillier Lecompte to Michael T. Davillier Sr.

Devine Ave. 8023: $105,000, Perry B. Edwards to Joyce G. Langie.

Eagle St. 2418-20: $65,000, Susan L. Lewis to Sheldon Williams and Victoria Williams.

Emory Road 15043: $49,000, Qiana Marie Millon Anderson to Juan Angulo.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $3,000, Chris Sturm to Steven Critchfiled and Thomas Brett Alderson.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $2,700, Iris Young and Michael Young to Carla M. Virga, Darin M. Virga and Larry S. Virga.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1, Charles Cali and Joyce Ann Cali to Donald E. Wilson II and Jennifer L. Harmuth.

Esplanade Avenue 405: $1,500, Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Pete D. Manthe and Sherry L. Manthe.

Franklin Ave. 1019-21: $350,000, Michael J. Patrykus and Sharon A. Robinson Patrykus to Chin Sun Lee and Nancy Lee Noman.

Gannon Road 7909; Wales St. 39946; Wales St. 39947: $5,000, Deanna Douglas, Debra Czajkowski, Derinda Church, Donna Tadevich, Nicholas Armstead, Rhonda Cole, Robert Armstead, Russell Cole, Russell Peter Cole Jr., Stacie Cole Smith and Steve Cole to Gayle Ideall Wiltz and Milton Joseph Wiltz.

George Nick Connor Drive 2233: $160,000, Valerie Lynn Hanna Danielson to Michelle Cardone.

Gladiolus St. 2622: $154,900, First Nbc Community Development LLC to Theryn K. Henkel.

Industry St. 1927: $9,000, William Joseph Dawson to Rmw Properties LLC.

Joann Place 1671-73: $81,000, Adriana Brewer, Alexandria Brewer and Ashley Renee Brewer to Israel Johnson Jr.

Lake Forest Blvd. 9930: $35,000, Duyen Phan and Quyet Tran to Cathy Coleman Charbonnet, Cathy Coleman Wright, Ernest F. Charbonnet and Ernest Ferrel Charbonnet.

Louisa St. 2318: $3,500, Rose M. Lain Washington Watts and Rose Watts Lain to Raymond Pierce Lain.

Marais St. 1231: $275,000, Scott E. Veazey to Stacey Knox Lopez.

Marigny St. 6108-10: $50,000, Patricia Palmer Isaac to C&K Concrete Service LLC.

Marigny St. 6026: $55,000, 6024 Marigny LLC to Angela T. Freeman Trust.

Marywood Court 31: $139,000, Gail Buchmann Baker and Randyll Wayne Baker to Andrea Jefferson Morrison.

Maurepas St. 2929-31: $305,000, David McMillon Sr. and Dorothy Bundy to JP Graff LLC.

Monplaiser Place 10: $30,000, Velez Construction LLC to Anthony Dominique Martinez and Crystal Coates Martinez.

N. Roman St. 1508: $70,000, Burnett Property Development LLC to Acimar Fernandez De Moura and Bruna Diniz MacHado De Moura.

Nottingham Drive 4996: $135,000, Shanda Marie Salvant Theriot to Sonia Marie Miller.

Pauline Drive 5514: donation, no value stated, Kelvin Vance to Michael A. Vance.

Pauline St. 2215: $21,000, Midsouth Bank Na to Mary L. Hodge and William J. Hodge.

Perlita Drive 6301: $530,000, Amy Bradley Welch and James R. Welch to Michelle L. Tarallo Lodes and Thomas G. Lodes.

Pleasure St. 2057: $172,500, Eileen K. Reed Caruso to Chelsea Mick Rousey and Ian M. Rousey.

Poland Ave. 1717; Poland Ave. 1741: $680,000, Southern Import Export Corp. to RC Realty Corp.

Pratt Drive 5518: $150,000, Gil Michael Guillaume and Wanda Anderson Guillaume to Tira D. Anderson.

Sandy Cove Drive 7542: donation, no value stated, Stacey Hicks Gould to Jason S. Gould and Stacey Hicks Gould.

St. Claude Ave. 4115: $385,000, Leslie Francis Bordenave to Nicholas A. Thomas.

St. Ferdinand St. 4034: $96,515, Felicia Marie Jones Oakley to Felicia Pendleton El Mansura.

Trafalgar St. 3214: $269,000, James G. Graham and Lisa Caverley Graham to Sophia Roy.

Virginia Marie St. 1517: $163,500, Ramsey Joint Properties LLC to James Anthony Firios.

Wainwright Drive 6209-11; Wainwright Drive 6211: $140,000, Alvaro G. Gutierrez to David Twong Hing Lai.

Warrington Drive 5772: $160,000, First Nbc Community Development LLC to Courtney Evans Francis and Kendal E. Francis.

Wingate Drive 5313: $330,000, Cezar Oliveira De Carvalho to Marko R. Djuliarso and Vieda Wilyanti Djuliarso.

Wright Road 4624: $137,900, Roxanne Young to Edward L. Fobbs and Janet A. Johnson Fobbs.

District 4

Harmony St. 941: $425,000, Cathleen Breslin Berthelot and Libeau J. Berthelot III to Bernard L. Mabrey and Janet Knaff Mabrey.

Jackson Ave. 2049: $165,000, Nondc Nsp2 Project LLC to Lisa Holmes.

Jackson Ave. 2711; Jackson Ave. 2717-19; Jackson Ave. 2721-23; Jackson Ave. 2723: donation, no value stated, Bobby Jean Tobias to Mable Tobias Eubanks.

Magazine St. 2408-10: $1,100,000, J. Harrison Henderson III to Kathleen Kane Calpin.

Ninth St. 928: $215,000, Jon Pult and Mary Niall Mitchell Pult to Benjamin S. Kemper and Emma Beryl Lesser.

Philip St. 1004: $707,500, Cheryl Santa Cruz Hauver to Karen E. Friday.

Pleasant St. 919-21: $450,000, Butterbean Properties LLC to Jane Dorothy Chapman Bassman, Jillian Bassman Nagel and William Alan Bassman.

Second St. 2324: $185,000, Harold Wood and Marla Juanez Wood to John P. Nowaczyk.

Sixth St. 712-14: $82,500, Sandra Steudlein to Walter Anthony Stevens.

Third St. 2601-2603: $100, Rajesh S. Dash to Northern Star Real Estate Partners LLC.

Third St. 2601-2603: $260,000, Northern Star Real Estate Partners LLC to HPC Holdings LLC.

District 5

Bear Creek Drive 6: $445,000, English Turn Lots LLC to Jatavian Williams, Tashica Myles Williams and Tashica Williams.

Bermuda St. 541: $412,425, 541 Bermuda LLC to Faubourg Fresh Market LLC.

Cupid St. 2718: $152,500, Barbara Benham Phillips to Maray Lopez El Houdaigui and Youssef El Houdaigui.

Evelina St. 818: $375,000, Gina Chaisson Elliott and Richard Harold Elliott Jr. to Benjamin D. Davis and Monica Y. Yoo Davis.

Farragut St. 1166201: $13,000, Kenneth Caluda and Allicen Clauda Inter Vivos Trust to 2020 Farragut LLC.

Inwood Ave. 3648: $202,000, Phyllis Baugh Umrani and Walter Umrani to Otsem Mederic.

Morgan St. 330: $450,000, Funnola LLC to Gina Chaisson Elliott, Gina Chaisson Laughlin and Richard H. Elliott Jr.

Park Timbers Drive 8: $287,000, Timothy W. Davis to Armelle Young Henry and Patrick G. Henry.

W. Homestead Drive 1801: $98,000, Mhret Zerit and Mulugheta Tesfamaryam to Micah Jeremiah Jones.

District 6

Constance St. 4017: $862,500, Judith Ann Seymour Grondin to Dominique J. Perrier and Ellen Comiskey Perrier.

Hurst St. 5500: $1,400,000, Linda R. Laudumiey to Ann Louise Owens Forman and Robin Forman.

Joseph St. 552: $885,000, Susan Baldwin Gomila to Brian M. Hepburn and Graciela Barrios Hepburn.

Nashville Ave. 622: $100, Len J. Trevino to Frank Monteleone II and Kathleen Hatch Monteleone.

Pine St. 250: $561,500, Brendan P. Minihan Jr. and Margaret Taylor Minihan to Elizabeth Mitchell Stern and Jason A. Stern.

Pitt St. 6031: $10, Susan Hobson Murphy to Susan Baldwin Gomila and Susan Baldwin Stewart.

S. Derbigny St. 4311: $346,230, Matthew Chester to Cynthia Reece McCaffety and Kerri Wynn McCaffety Harikiopoulos.

S. Salcedo St. 2220-2222: $309,000, Peter Scott Delano to Meryl Jane Smyth.

Toledano St. 1938: $90,000, St. Marc Missionary Baptist Church and St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church to Quatre Soeurs LLC.

Washington Ave. 4200-06; Washington Ave. 4206: $349,000, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to Jarrett Ann Johnson.

District 7

37th St. 428: $465,000, Taylor Reid Rosson to Michelle Truxillo Vallejo and Ramon Vallejo.

Adams St. 2317: $362,000, Gregory R. Peckham Jr. and Merry Hedges Peckham to Dwight Brown II.

Clouet St. 1412; Hillary St. 1820; Hillary St. 1822; Hillary St. 1824; Urquhart St. 1715-1717; Urquhart St. 1719-21: donation, no value stated, Andrenette Thompson, Chernethia Thompson, David Thompson, Denetrice Earl, Gwendoyln Davis, Jawanza Thompson, Kevin Thompson, Lashanda Lee, Lucious Thompson Jr., Mildred Morgan, Varnessa Davis and Yolanda Dawson to Velma B. Thompson.

Dante St. 1028-30: $305,000, South Coast Capital LLC to John Calvin White III and Kristina Free White.

Drifter Lane 7: $272,500, Samuel L. Bordelon to Vincent Paul Corso III.

Fig St. 7100-7114; Fig St. 7116-7118: $65,000, Liberty Bank Community Development Corporation and Liberty Community Development Corporation to Hartkahn Properties LLC.

Green St. 8918: $265,000, Brittany Lebel Adams and Philip A. Adams II to Kim Uyen Thi Tran Jones.

Holly Grove St. 1615: $55,000, Dreamality LLC to Mlm Holdings LLC.

Pritchard Place 8118: $362,000, Marc Edward Gonick to Elyse Ptak and Gary A. Ptak.

S. Carrollton Ave. 910; S. Carrollton Ave. 922-924: $3,900,000, Bruce J. Oreck, Charlotte Douglas Oreck and Karter Cerise Potts to PMR Properties LLC.

S. Claiborne Ave. 8510: donation, no value stated, Rebecca Laine Denny to Michael Westley Johnsey.

Willow St. 8515: $85,000, Thelma Daggs Hathorn to Fmk Properties LLC.