Transfers for Jan. 9-12 


10th St. 22134: $260,000, Leah Renee McGee to Griffin P. McDonald.

S. Dundee Loop 3024: $146,000, Pebble LLC to Brenda Wilkinson Parker.

S. Dundee Loop 3028: $146,000, Pebble LLC to Jesse Frank Smith and Treasure Lee Smith.


Darlington St. 1541: $374,500, Alvin L. Ross III and Nancy Lea Mitchell Ross to Asa Osborne Ackerson and Megan W. Ackerson.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot 7, square 805: $27,500, Stephanie T. Zeringue to Alvin L. Ross III and Nancy Lea Mitchell Ross.

Harold Park Acres subdivision, lot 1: $100,000, Gerald S. Boesch Jr. and Megan Tebbe Boesch to Thanh D. Tran and Tuyen Kim Thi Lam.

Minor subdivision, portion of ground: $125,000, Barney L. Core and Regina B. Core to Mark Cullen and Pamela Cullen.

Section 12, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $4,000, Cynthia Dodd Adolph Doskey to Richard H. Doskey.

Acadia Park Drive 223: $316,120, DSLD Homes LLC to Herbert S. Arceneaux and Chantel B. Arceneaux.

Arrowhead Lane 350: $376,125, Succession of Raymond Anthony Baio Sr. and Doris C. Baio to Gerard Raby and Gina L. Raby.

Chandler Drive 20151: $165,000, Edward T. Riecke to Anna G. Monus.

Chandler Drive 20151: $122,780, Dupont Quality Homes LLC to Edward T. Riecke.

Cusachs Drive 18313: $242,000, Peace Enterprises LLC to Percy B. Kilcrease.

E. Creek Court 1005: $185,005, DSLD Homes LLC to Michael J. Eason and Jenny L. Chatman Eason.

Hosmer Mill Road 18171: $471,500, Michelle Lee Hernandez to Natalie T. Easterly.

K St. 70498: $154,900, Raymond M. Estalote and Mary Ann Novak Estalote to Matthew J. Horney.

K Street, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Timothy L. Calamusa to Casey D. Duvernay.

Leeward Loop 400: $370,000, Landis Transport LLC to NP Realty Holdings LLC.

Louisiana Highway 1084 23015: $99,000, Cynthia E. Brooking to Christen K. Gee and Myra M. Gee.

Minor subdivision, portion of ground: $630,000, Lambert Investments Inc. to St. Tammany Parish.

Natchez Loop 1324: $55,000, Conbeth Development LLC to Sandra Douglas.

Oak Crest Drive 1050: $265,000, Jason E. Wilks and Lesa Byrd Wilks to Christine N. Carter.

Riverdale Drive 55: $325,000, Harrison Custom Homes LLC to Todd S. Brasuell and Dana D. Brasuell.

S. Lakeshore Drive 14359: $300,000, Collectableworks LLC to Covlare LLC.

Tammany Hills subdivision, lot 32-A, square 106: $175,000, Alex E. Soletske and Aimee Delatte Soletske to Kenneth R. Anglin and Janet C. Anglin.

Tammany Hills subdivision, lot 36, square 106: donation, no value stated, Alex E. Soletske and Aimee Delatte Soletske to Kenneth R. Anglin and Janet C. Anglin.

Terra Bella subdivision, Phase 1-A-2, lot 246: $90,000, Terra Bella Group LLC to Highland Homes Inc.

Versailles subdivision, Phase 3, lot 127: no value stated, John P. Davies and Cindi C. Davies to Harold Miller and Tracy Miller.

W. 25th Ave. 716: $180,000, Catty's Cottage LLC to Anne Elizabeth Douglass.

W. 7th Ave. 506: $250,000, Archie Ray Contracting LLC to Zachary D. Rhodes and Lydia I. Robin.


E. Cherry Hill Loop 1011: $338,000, Elizabeth Rogers Vitale to David D. Kervin Jr. and Christy Sessions Kervin.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: $46,080, WKM Investments LLC to Caleb S. Overmier and Sarah M. Overmier.

Section 35, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Brandon Waag and Ashley Platou to Brandon Waag and Ashley Platou.


Berry Todd Road 30077: donation, no value stated, Don DuQuesnay, Michael S. DuQuesnay Jr. and Maureen M. DuQuesnay to Maureen A. Miramon DuQuesnay.

Old Todd Road 30854: $325,000, Brad P. Capponi and Colleen A. Capponi to Michael K. Judnick and Lori Allison Judnick.

Yaupon Trail 61350: $139,800, Aparicio Enterprise LLC to Vidal A. Cambre and Cheryl Quave Cambre.


Lost Lake Lane 3117: $285,875, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Rhett J. Freeman and Christina R. Freeman.

Section 8, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $107,000, Charles R. Loewen and Audley M. Blythe Loewen to Kyle P. Catalano and Shawn Strain Catalano.

Tchefuncte Parc Drive 138: $39,125, Cynthia Hansen Peed to Richard L. Peed Jr.


Brookstone subdivision, Phase 3, lot 38: no value stated, Kevin C. Carey and Susan Denise Hill Carey to Stephen L. Fink and Annette C. Glahn.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, lot 150: $120,000, WBB Realty LLC to Panno Construction LLC.

Atlin St. 350, Unit 6-C: $150,000, William J. Henderson III and Karen E. Jolly to Cynthia Karl Scharenstein.

Beau Chene Drive 512: $795,000, Patrick S. Brackley to 512 Beau Chene Dr LLC.

Canary Pine Court 820: $194,000, Guillermo E. Redondo Jr. and Nancy K. Redondo to Arthur M. Smith.

Cherry Creek subdivision, Phase 2, lot 3: donation, no value stated, James P. Salande Jr. to Lindsey M. Reynolds.

Court Villas no. 4 condominum, Unit 4: $185,000, 4 SCVILLA LLC to Philip Piro III and Grace C. Piro.

Culver Court 1758: $285,000, Christopher Cangelosi to Benjamin G. Ledoux and Shannon L. Ledoux.

Dorado Drive 504: $257,000, Donald J. Fruchtnicht and Traci Fruchtnicht Hansen to Brendan J. Kewin and Alicia Serpas Kewin.

E. Brighton Court 106, Unit 279: $160,000, Marion Davis Boudreaux and Solly B. Boudreaux to Evangelist William King.

Greenleaves Garden subdivision, lot 23: $90,000, Succession of Emma L. Brassier to Lillian B. Arning and Mary Therese B. Hotard.

Greenleaves Trace subdivision, Phase 3, lot 17-B: $175,000, Joseph R. Baudier IV to Karl G. Foster and Anne Caroline F. Foster.

Kleber St. 414: $90,000, Marilyn B. Wenzel Commercial LLC to Michael N. Pittman and Amy Schoultz Pittman.

Lewisburg Estates, lots 21, 22: donation, no value stated, Hershel M. Harris Jr. to Stanley M. Harris.

Mesa Court 2825: $300,000, Gina P. Cherry to Javier R. Maldonado and Lynnette Rivera Ramos.

Monroe St. 2124: $275,000, Roger T. Brown to NOLA Maxwell Properties LLC.

Pintail Trace 17: $1,500,000, Steve Nelson and Julie N. Nelson to Ronald W. Bonner Jr. and Jennifer S. Bonner.

Preserve Lane 38: $145,000, Dax Paul Thieler and Nicole Ann Ebeier Thieler to John W. Adams III LLC.

Quail Creek subdivision, Phase 4, lot 402: no value stated, Matthew E. DeFriend and Christine S. DeFriend to Jefferey M. Binder and Megan Binder.

Reserve subdivision, Phase 1-A, lot 48: no value stated, Jeremiah Nicholas Prouhet and Tavia Clark Prouhet to Louis Liokis and Katherine Liokis.

Rue Beauvais 1350: $570,000, Ronald W. Bonner Jr. and Jennifer S. Bonner to Douglas G. Cresap and Renee T. Cresap.

Rue Monet 1208: $85,000, Lakeside Village Development LLC to Charles E. Beasley and Laura H. Beasley.

Third St. 2141: no value stated, HLSS Mortgage Master Trust to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Winona Drive 906: $305,000, Margaret Perry Thrash to Paula A. Pigla.


Village of Guthrie subdivision, lot 10-A, square 25: $120,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Jennifer L. Seghers.

Markham Drive 61334: $147,500, Michael D. Boyet and Regina M. Boyet to Matthew S. Day and Kayla D. Day.

Max Mercer Road 34281: $101,500, Jason W. Thomas and Nancy Mayfield Thomas to William C. Creith.

Section 10, township 8 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Succession of Joseph Dominick Purcella Jr. and Sylvia Serpas Purcella to Nicholas Merritt.

Southdown Drive 518: $286,000, Gregory M. Toepfer and Brenda D. Toepfer to Carl D. Robinson and Jennie Williams Robinson.

Town of Pear River, portion of ground: $75,000, G&F Construction Co. Inc. to Matthew E. Havard and Kristin H. Havard.


Section 16, township 7 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $33,000, Edward J. Zisk and Bridget Heraty Zisk to William B. Overstreet III and Kimberlie G. Overstreet.

Town of Talisheek, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Cassandra Carol Sylvest and Tanya Ann Sylvest DeSandro to Jocelyn Sylvest Glaze.


Blue Haven subdivision, lots 10, 11, square 28, lots 7-52, square 29: $10,000, Bonfouca Construction Corp. to Bryan D. Levy Sr. and Debra W. Levy.

Autumn Lakes Road 300: $323,000, Paul W. Graff and Ann Kelley Graff to James N. Wood and Laurie R. Wood.

Beth Drive 1734: $10, Danell Gerchow Laurent to Danell Robin Gerchow.

Bluff Drive 1233: donation, no value stated, Ruth A. Irving to Jordan Page III.

Camden St. 243: $259,000, Lionel W. Livaudais and Lois Mancuso Livaudais to Joshua Alan Wilson and Kimberly F. Wilson.

Carolyn Park subdivision, lot 22: $6,630, St. Tammany Parish to James Roy Magee.

Charles Court 207: $278,000, Michael S. Bias and Melanie M. Bias to Gregory Toepfer Sr. and Brenda D. Toepfer.

Cutter Cove 1322: $355,000, Patricia Soules Smith to George A. Musson and Karen K. Musson.

Eden Isles subdivision, unit 2, lot 77: $13,333, Succession of Ira Latapie to Malcom Thiel Jr. and Ethel L. Thiel.

Hardin Road 57151: donation, no value stated, Eric J. Populis to Edward D. Populis.

Lakeshore Village Point 916: $244,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Bradlye J. Lips and Lee E. Lips.

Oak Harbor Commercial Park subdivision, Phase 2, lot 4: donation, no value stated, Ula Holland and Kasia Terrill to Elizabeth K. Kobeszko.

Ozone Pines subdivision, lots 23, 24, square 5: donation, no value stated, Dorothy Louise Foster Turner and Joyce Foster Poole to Alan Ray Foster.

Ozone Woods subdivision, lots 10, 11, square 56: $25,000, Shane C. Reis to E. J. Milligan Construction Co. LLC.

Park Drive 2122: $106,089, David P. Gutierrez to Ronald Ruffin Sr. and Latoria Ruffin.

Park Drive 2122: $106,089, David P. Gutierrez to Ronald Ruffin Sr. and Latoria Ruffin.

Pelican St. 2123: $139,000, Joshua A. Wilson and Kimberly F. Wilson to Troy Banks Reimonenq.

Rue de la Paix 104: $302,000, Danell Robin Gerchow to Chad L. Silliman and Dena R. Silliman.

Rue Jonathan 201: $240,000, Cynthia Bryant Kelly to Olen Bryant and Joyce F. Bryant.

Salt Bayou subdivision, portion of ground: $3,600, John C. Silbernagel Jr. Unified Credit Trust to Ewell C. Potts III.

Sunrise Blvd. 3145: $95,000, George Henry Strunk Jr. and Beverly G. Strunk to Dean O. Aguilar and Patricia P. Aguilar.

Taylors Trail 40145, Unit 601: $149,500, Succession of Lucy Ann Miller Band to Lionel W. Livaudais and Lois M. Livaudais.

Victoria Way 1550: $379,000, Ronald T. Weathers, Georgiana T. Weathers and Jack A. Baker to Shelby R. Rogers Jr. and Jennifer H. Rogers.

W. Chamale Cove 141: $100,100, Federal National Mortgage Association to Renee Warren.

W. Hall Ave. 1024: $165,000, PK Renovation Management LLC to William J. Brown.


Hemphill Road 25194: $280,000, Stephen J. Bertrand to John T. Wallace and Linda B. Wallace.

Section 34, township 4 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: $25,000, donation, Walter W. Pierce to Jessica Pierce Crain.

Section 42, township 5 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Hershel M. Harris Jr. to Donna Leigh Harris and Deanna Harris.

Sections 41, 42, township 5 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Theo Wanda Williams McLendon to Dalcus Ray Williams.