St. John

  • Transfers for June 8 TO June 12


  • AMY DRIVE 2419: $100,000, The Estate of Eria B. Roberts to Eric C. Wise and Laterria Raiford.
  • OAK FERN COURT 117: $195,000, Jessica Rogers Landry, wife of /and Clint A. Landry to Larry D. Collins, Jr.
  • LOTS 38 & 39 SQ. 23 AND LOTS 40 THROUGH 42 SQ. 23 CAMBRIDGE PLACE SUB:$30,000, Iberia Bank to Eldridge Francis Bartholomew, Jr. and Olivia Kendrick Bartholomew.
  • WALNUT ST. 518: $71,500, George Atwood Doepke to Suzanne M. Schexnayder.
  • LOT NO. 80 RIVER ROAD TERRACE ANNEX C:$109,000, EB St. John Properties, LLC to Adam Walker Remondet.
  • WHELHAM LOOP 562: $120,000, Anne Malik Grindy, Sylvia Malik Robine, John P. Malik, Thomas A. Malik and Barbara Malik Weller to Neil S. Lameier.
  • LAFAYETTE DRIVE 761: $140,000, Luis Salmon to Katrina M. Thomas.
  • CARTIER DRIVE 2200: $122,000, Eduardo A. Lainez to Perry Ducre.
  • FRANKLIN COURT 625: $158,000, Cornell Bush, Sr. and Cassandra Deportage Bush to Joaquin Gerardo Delgado and Nery M. Funez.
  • YORKTOWN DRIVE 182: Donation by Zelda Marie Arvie to Kemyra Arvie.


  • EAST 7TH ST. 166: $80,000, Joseph C. Hebert and Mica M. Webre Jeffers to Donavon Lee Webre.
  • GARYVILLE S. CHURCH ST. 256: $105,000, Robert S. Miano and Frances Miano Troxler to Jessie Scioneaux.