Harold L. McCollough Jr., Patricia L. Pryor, Donald K. Overheim II and Alicia Aldy sold this home at 778 Heritage Ave. in Gretna to Jessica L. Holguin for $125,000.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Jan. 19-26


Gerrie Court 316: $52,000, Brendon J. Gautreaux and Jamie M. Gautreaux to Rhonda H. Foret.

Pat Drive 348: $112,000, Tommy L. Barrett Jr. and Leslie A. Barrett to Gage Kampen.


Kinta Plantation Estates subdivision, lot 11C: $604,900, Michael P. Mille and Mary E. D. Mille to Prevent Human Suffering Foundation Inc.


Barnes St. 916: Donation, Gene L. G. Galino, Jean E. G. Leblanc and Gene L. Eiskina to Sheila E. Fish.

Bridge City Ave. 1600: Donation, Kippering Coffee House Inc. to Michael G. Woodbury Jr.


Pirates Cove Landing condo, unit 33: $310,000, South Lafourche Bank & Trust Co. to Alan B. Fortier Jr. and Kristin K. Fortier.

Pirates Cove Marina, Dock O, unit 77: Donation, Marc P. Couvillion to William A. Couvillion.


718 Third St. 716: $192,000, John H. Bienvenu and Vilma Bienvenu to TKE LLC.

Cherry Blossom Lane 343: $70,000, Douglas J. Poche Sr. to Baron Construction Co.

City Of Gretna subdivision, lot 15, square 13: $34,000, Galridge Inc. to Imperium Builders Ltd.

Claire Ave. 2707: $53,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Mauro F. Perez.

Cranberry Drive 411: $50,000, Holly Denmark to R&D Designs LLC.

Derbes Park subdivision, lot 1A, square H: $110,000, Floyd A. Gegenheimer and Olive Gegenheimer to Shirley Kleinpeter.

Goucher St. 757: $172,000, Traci D. Howerton and Christian M. Howerton to Lien B. Trieu and Khai L. Cao.

Gretna Blvd. 77: $75,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae.

Heritage Ave. 778: $125,000, Harold L. McCollough Jr., Patricia L. Pryor, Donald K. Overheim II and Alicia Aldy to Jessica L. Holguin.

Holmes Blvd. 418: $89,000, Nationstar HECM acquisition trust 2017 1 Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Huong Vu.

Lake Aspen West Drive 3624: $388,000, Anita Procido and Joseph J. Procido Jr. to Tony Dean.

Louise Court 268: $83,334, Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A.

Lynnmeade Drive 548: Donation, Zahwa Juma to Mohammad Ahmad.

Morningside Drive 896: $150,000, Linda L. Snay and Julius J. Lips Jr. to Hector L. Torres.

Promenade condo, Phase I, unit 118: $47,500, NRZ REO VI Corp. to Alecia O. Robertson.

Solon St. 1121: Donation, Terrell L. Osborne and Charles Hebert to Isaiah C. Brown.

Timberlane Estates 6. subdivision, lot 6, square C: $160,000, Roy J. Gattuso II to Cesar C. Ochoa and Haidy T. Ochoa.

Willowbrook Drive 134: Donation, Thuy T. Nguyen, Thang H. Dao and Thuy T. N. Dao to Thung H. Dao and Lianne Dao.


Barkley Estates subdivision, lot 46, square 1: Donation, Sei K. Cheng to Sau Cheung.

Dogwood Drive 1701: Donation, Sadie J. Terrebonne to Debra W. H. Terrebonne.

Estalote Ave. 1540: $47,000, Jessica J. Lott to Phillip W. Dziubla.

Fairmont St. 424: $60,000, Olive B. Gegenheimer to RTE LLC.

Floral Acres Addition 1, lot 8, square 14: $667,675, Arns Inc. to Nitale Investments LLC.

Hampton Drive 1804: $145,000, Moseley E. Mellinger and Robin D. Mellinger to Fonsy N. Vargas.

Orange Blossom Drive 1120-22: $45,900, Astrid Properties LLC to Nguyen & Nguyen Investments LLC.

Orange Blossom Lane 1120-22: $29,000, Selene Finance LP to Astrid Properties LLC.

Pointmere Drive 2449: $145,000, Charles Vincent Jr. and Antoinette H. Vincent to Willie Burrell Jr. and Alicia Christoph.

Redbud Lane 3841: $89,250, Mellon Bank of New York and Cwalt Inc. to Balram Mirchandani and Priya Mirchandani.

Stonebridge condo, unit 142: Donation, Joyce M. Morris and J. Morris to Napoleon Morris Jr.

Woodmere E1 subdivision, lot 40, square A: $380,000, Lester P. Plaisance and Kathleen G. Plaisance to Julep Properties LLC.

Woodmere South 1. subdivision, lot 25, square B: $10, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.


Fleming Plantations, no further data: $163,000, Katie Victoriano and Christopher L. Stann to Gator Adventures LLC.


Bayou Carencro Drive 2732: $126,732, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Bayou Estates subdivision, lot 21, square G: $103,000, Van J. Dixon to Erica Lemieux and Corey D. Lemieux.

Bent Tree Blvd. 2590: $214,200, Aurora Financial Group to Michael R. Chauvin and Victoria C. B. Chauvin.

Cohen St. 901: Donation, Montrice Preatto to Jonathan M. Preatto.

Eiseman St. 416: $26,000, Donna R. Painter to Susan E. Bankston.

Highland Meadows Drive 2516: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Duc Phi.

Jared Lane 2583: $217,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Matthew T. Freeney.

Lincolnshire 4. subdivision, lot 34, square 29: $57,800, Adrienne L. Harris to Smail Property Development Ltd LLC.

Michael St. 1001: $82,000, Phuong B. Le to Ngoc T. N. Tran.

Mount Kennedy Drive 2972: $70,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Norton St. 40: $28,000, Michael J. Tillman Sr. to Amanda H. Wilkerson.

Parc Helene Drive 1004: $167,000, Charlene M. Jackson to Jessie J. McKnight III and Faythia Lockett.

Rue Voltaire 5832: $27,000, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. to Rickie Bourg.

St Ann St. 1001: $122,000, G&M Investment & Development LLC to Chau A. Le.

Teton St. 4120: $119,900, Craig Szewczyk and Crystal Szewczyk to Tammy M. Fazende.

Townsite 2. subdivision, lot 12: Donation, Wallace F. Gomez to Beauford P. Gomez.


Catalpa Loop 9534: $357,900, Coast Builders LLC to Robyn Crossman and Corey F. Crossman.

Modern Farms Road 550: $3,000,000, Avondale Engineering & Construction Co. to Lapeyre Properties LLC.


Floral Acres Addition 2A, lot 3, square A: $92,400, Bank Of America NA to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC.

Floral Acres subdivision, lot 9, square 11: $10, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Prairie View Court 176: Donation, Stacy C. Collins to Gary J. Collins Sr.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 13, square 12: Donation, Harry G. Billiot to Brenda Billiot and Melvin S. Chighizola.