St. Charles

Transfers for Sept. 18-22  


Sellers Village Subdivision, Block F, Lot 11A: $135,000, James L. Driggers and Lise Lemoine Driggers to Jamie M. Borras.


Pleasant Valley Subdivision, Block B, Lot 12: $145,000, Taylor J. Hebert and Cameron C. Freeman to Brandt Bourgeois and Jeanne Palmisano.


Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 1, Square 9, Lot 6-A: $70,000, Jason J. Guidry and Kasi Lindsey Guidry to River Point Construction.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Square 5, Lot 327: $260,000, Dee Ann Latta Craft and Barry Clayton Craft to Catherine A. Porthouse and Frederick M. Sinclair.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Square 27, Lot 1019: $343,000, Gerard R. Guidry Jr. and Lannie Cumbo Guidry to Paul Steven Smith and Toni Worth Smith.

Ormond Plantation Estates, Section 1, Square 8, Lot 9: $60,000, Robert W. Harrell to Kay Untereiner Wagner Boutte and Brian E. Boutte.

Ormond Village Subdivision, Square D, Lot 17: $240,000, Charles E. Thaxton and Brenda Moore Thaxton to Stacy Slimmer Bergeron.


Hahnville, Square 4, Lot 1-A: $31,050, Maria Hiliare AKA Maria Hiliare James to Valerie Fleig to Jonathan Whittom.


Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-A, Square 2, Lot 24: $350,000, Samro Construction Company, Inc. to Justin M. Pigford and Shelbi M. Pigford.

Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-C, Square 8, Lot 36: $318,521, Reve, Inc. to Courtney T. Moses and Shaina M. Harper.

Hidden Oaks Subdivision, Phase I, Lot 5: $162,000, Stuart V. Massimini Jr. to Matthew J. Duet.

Hidden Oaks Subdivision, Phase I, Lot 15: $154,000, Harold Charles Chestnut Jr. to Jeffrey M. McWhirter and Ashley McMurry McWhirter.

Lone Star Park Subdivision, Block 5, Lot 2: $107,000, Ernest Joseph Cambre Jr. to Ridge P. Rogers.

Luling Parkway Subdivision, Block C, Lot 14: $109,000, Irvon J. Gomez to Jean B. Thibodeaux Jr.

Kellogg Subdivision No. 2, Block G, Lot 17: $205,000, Connie Danford to Jacob Danford and Angela Tram Danford.

Willowdale Country Club and Subdivision, Lot 129: Donation, William T. Elrod to Angelique E. Naquin.

Willowdale Subdivision, Lot 21 and Parcel 21-A: $285,000, Neal J. Bernard to Breanna H. Cook and Sean D. Cook.


Evangeline City Subdivision, Unit 3, Square 3, Lot 157-A: $192,000, Karen Bourgeois Bergeron to Mons M. Monson.

Evangeline City Subdivision, Unit 2, Square 1, Lot 50, 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55: Donation, Marie Violet Villani Vicknair to Marvin Glenn Vicknair.


Good Hope Plantation Subdivision, Lot 2, and Lot 32, Portion of Tract F: $122,000, Shane A. Duhon to Tanner F. Hayes.


Dianne Place Subdivision, Square 5, Lot 3: Donation, Earl H. Collin, Sr. to Barbra Ireland Collins.