Transfers for Sept. 14-22


Elmwood Oaks condo, unit 615: $85,000, Francis J. Kiernan and Jo A. Kiernan to Jodie Bua.

Franklin Ace 718: $155,000, Glenn S. Maffe and Erin F. Maffe to John J. Weigel Jr. and Gigi A. Weigel.

Gordon Ave. 538: $290,000, Paul C. Naccari and Rachel L. Naccari to Jared D. Taylor.

Grove Ave. 537: $210,000, Jill W. Bongiovanni to Thomas H. Gray and Jennifer G. Gray.

Murelsan Ave. 8351: $500,000, Vaila Hew and Harold Y. O. Hew to Gerald E. Herbert and Lucy Sikes.

Ravan Ave. 125: $140,000, John L. Lauricella III GST Trust 1B to Don C. Gardner.

Woodlawn Ave. 166: $125,500, Jeanette Marek and Margery Western to Dale Lebrun.

Woodward Ave. 524: $120,000, Zoe M. Daniels and Arthur W. Daniels Sr. to D106 LLC.


Hunterbrook Drive 657: $81,100, Live Well Financial Inc. to Adam Isas Properties LLC.

Labarre Road 522: $192,000, Jayur M. Mehta and Haley H. Mehta to Mauro P. Porto.


21st St. 2400: $206,000, K&S Real Estate Group LLC to Bohannan Investments LLC.

Avant Garde condo, building 10, unit 153: $89,000, Curits J. Armond and Bertrand E. Pomes Jr. to Corneliu Pinzari.

Avant Garde condo, building 20, unit 66-A: $75,000, J. Benjamin Avin and Jean Reeves to Randy R. Whelan.

California Ave. 3921: $151,000, Keith W. Jacobs Sr. and Cynthia S. Jacobs to Rhody A. Smith.

Cannes Brulees subdivision, lot 10, square 5: $241,500, Wilfred J. Millet and Bonnie Millet to Raigan K. Prange and Nicholas J. Prange.

Carmenere Drive 622: $410,000, Maureen McCarthy and Daniel R. Martiny to Todd R. Laine, Jennifer Laine and Jennifer L. Brown.

Chateau Blvd. 3297: $186,000, Kenneth L. Burnsed III to Raymond Luminais.

City Of Kenner subdivision, lot 20, square 31: Donation, City of New Orleans to BB&R Properties Inc.

Clay St. 1709: $67,000, Fidelity Bank to JBS Property Group LLC.

Continental Drive 3373: $175,000, Edward P. Lotz Jr. and Kathey Lotz to Anthony Washington Jr. and Nikeishia M. Washington.

Driftwood subdivision, lot 8, square 10: Donation, Muhannad M. Qanadilo to Muna Qanadilo.

Fairway Drive 1308: Donation, Sundie A. Willis to David B. Willis.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 35: $490,000, HSW Investments LLC to Satishkumar P. Patel and Pareshaben S. Patel.

Georgetown Drive 427: $57,500, Margaret Plount to Juan H. Olivares.

Grandlake Garden Homes subdivision, lot 1: $27,000, Digital Development LLC to Manuel Torres and Manuela C. Torres.

Iowa Ave. 1902: $159,000, Investment Return LLC to Consolidated Investment Properties LLC.

Iowa Ave. 2511: $194,000, Andrea H. Tornabene to Marcus E. Howard and Heather C. Howard.

Iowa Ave. 4212: $210,000, Louis B. Ogier and Linda M. Ogier to Andrew Z. Williams and Melissa F. Williams.

Lake Trail subdivision, lot 49A, square 5: Donation, Davis REI LLC to Jeffrey M. Viosca and Nicole W. Viosca.

Loire Drive 4124: $109,900, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to David Gonzales and Bianca Gonzales.

Nassau Ave. 59: $288,500, John D. Fridge Sr. and Mark D. Fridge Sr. to Robert A. Scharwath and Ashlyn Scharwath.

Plantation Drive 320: $40,500, Selene Finance LP to MAD III LLC.

Rhine Drive 10: $360,000, Lisa Patrick and Shawn A. Patrick to Edgar Fuentes.

Teton St. 13: $367,500, Glen M. Guillot and Eleanor Guillot to Tambi Delcambre and Richard P. Delcambre.

University City subdivision, lot F, square 57: $78,000, Nrz Reo to Johann B. Treadway.

Upland subdivision, lot 9A, square 13: Donation, Christopher A. Guillard to Alvin L. Guillard.

Upland subdivision, lot 9A, square 13: Donation, Zachary J. Guillard to Alvin L. Guillard.

Veterans Height subdivision, lot 64, square 186: $145,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bradley Mayeaux.

Zion St. 28: $319,900, Ramond J. Schiele Sr. to Alana H. Breaux and John A. Breaux Jr.


41st St. 3016: $670,000, Kyle T. Marks to Louise Walshe and Paul A. Hogan.

Alabama Ave. 4301: Donation, Luis A. Sotomayer to Katie Ledet and Arthur T. Ledet.

Alphonse Drive 4944: $425,000, Dennis Dimarco and Marilyn Dimarco to David J. Normand.

Amanda St. 7001: $285,635, Rene S. Alonzo to Katherine Moreano and Christopher Moore.

Belle Drive 5132: $230,000, Tesalia I. Rener to Mark S. Thevenot.

Belmont Place 2117: $215,000, Sharon Maziarz and Shaon M. Faita to Marissa Brett.

Bern St. 8304: $10,850, Melissa S. Webb to Tranell Franklin.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 20, square 63: $46,250, Angel Dunham to Steven Nagin.

Brockenbraugh Court 411: $790,000, Kevin T. Kwon to Jennifer M. Jeandron and John R. Guenard.

Canal condo, unit K-201: $122,000, Jennifer P. Hughes to Kelsey A. Lacoste.

Cardinal Ave. 1108: Donation, Napoleon Sorto to Adilia P. Sorto.

Clearview Parkway 4721: $509,000, Rudolph T. O’Dwyer III, Mary A. Rowan, Joseph E. P. O’Dwyer, Ronald R. O’Dwyer, Richard R. O. Smith, Ryan L. Smith, Kennedy O. Smith and Linda Smith to Jade Generation LLC.

Delimon Place subdivision, lot 43, square A: $737,500, William Stein III and Mary Stein to Peter B. Waters and Barbara Waters.

Elizabeth St. 3004: $70,000, Susan B. Brignac to 3F Properties Of Louisiana LLC.

Elizabeth St. 3004: $85,000, 3F Properties of Louisiana LLC to Delise Investments LLC.

Ferran Drive 4312: $295,000, Wayne Lassen to Juan Hernandez.

Fulton St. 8828: $85,000, US Bank Trust NA to Alma O. M. Loredo.

Fulton St. 8852: Donation, Ana P. Sanchez to John A. E. Quintero.

Green Acres Road 2100: $321,000, Carlos H. Ebanks and Mariajose D. Ebanks to Phyllis Aalderks and Duane A. Grussing.

Green Acres Road 2112: $69,000, Carol Robert and Carl M. Robert to Janet Wood.

Grove Ave. 708: Donation, Anna Bernard to Pijus Debnath.

Haring Road 1304: $80,000, Karl G. Barron to John & Chad Development LLC.

Hessmer Ave. 2611: $510,000, Veterans Land Company LLC to Bergeron Motors Inc.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 1B1, square 464: Donation, VK Investments LLC to Agree Stores LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 6, square 3: Donation, Fred D. Arch to Laura Pagoaga.

Homestead Ave. 1357: $320,000, Bentley Babin to Jane Ellis and Michael Samaha.

Houma Blvd. 2943: $342,000, Dardeb LLC to Big Easy Investment Properties LLC.

Houma Blvd. 2947: $342,000, Darlene L. Landry to Big Easy Investment Properties LLC.

Houma Blvd. 404: $257,000, Raymond B. Gonzales III to Caitlin S. Caiado and Jorge A. Idiaquez Jr.

Huron Ave. 1513: $120,000, JSW Properties LLC to Jeffrey F. Simno.

Jasper St. 5036: $240,000, Joseph V. Mancuso and Faye F. Mancuso to John Swafford III and Alexandra R. P. Swafford.

Lake Castle condo, unit 1132: $100,000, Aaron Mauffray to Alicia D. Square.

Lakeshore subdivision, lot 13A, square 11: $285,000, Justin J. Farge, Alexander J. Farge and Jolleen L. Farge to Raymond E. Lewis.

Lakeshore subdivision, lot 73A, square 15: Donation, Zahra J. Eshaghi to Abdolmajid Jafartehrani.

Laudun St. 4620: $221,650, Janice J. Parker, Linda A. Gleason and Sharon L. Hartdegen to Melissa E. Hahn and David V. Stano Jr.

Lemon St. 223: $540,000, Landcraft LLC to Eduardo Oliver and Cristina Clawson.

Lower Pontalba of Metairie condo, unit 204: $200,000, Harriet Nicholson and Jerry K. Nicholson to John J. Brink Jr. and Sally Brink.

Mason Smith Ave. 1712: $156,945, Carl Bergeron II and Katherine Bergeron to 1712 Mason Smith LLC.

Meadowdale St. 4624: $120,000, James R. Poole, Theone Poole and Richard J. Poole to Jesse T. Poole III.

Metairie Court 141: $310,000, Thomas Aleman to Joseph F. Rodriguez.

Metairie Court 2944: $240,000, Gaynell B. Lyeki to 4908 Harris Ave LLC.

Metairie Lawn Drive 247: Donation, Homestead Investment LLC to Stephanie Dudenhefer and Roy E. Dudenhefer.

Metairie Ridge, lot 14, ptl 13, square 11: $174,000, Patina 226 LLC to Bradley Case.

Metairie Road 3333 and 3335, and Athania Avenue 110: $515,000, Salvatore Tranchina Jr. to Christopher E. Dodge and Gina Dodge.

Metro View condo, unit 236C: $95,000, Natalie A. Guccione to Shannan T. C. Miller.

Michigan Ave. 2529: $67,800, Christine G. Sanderson to CKCC Bell LLC.

Miller Lane 2: $450,000, Cam S. Barrett Jr. & Margaret S. Barrett Revocable Living Trust to Matthew S. Lionnet and Elizabeth M. Ernst.

Mitchell Ave. 6404: Donation, Melba Collura to Michael S. Collura and Lori Collura.

Newlands St. 4012: $212,000, Alexandre M. Benjo and Zilda S. Benjo to Keith Juneau.

North Bengal Road 420: Donation, George J. Allen to Katherine M. Allen and Denise A. Lindsey.

North Cumberland St. 1716: $230,000, Colleen Graham to Linedya Lorenzo and Mario R. Medrano Jr.

Northline St. 414: Donation, Elizabeth H. Depass and William K. Depass IV to Olympian Castra LLC.

Park Drive North 4617: $375,000, Michael A. J. Adragna and Mary L. Adragna to Ralph J. Embree and Darlene L. Embree.

Peggy Ave. 1304: Donation, Kevin C. Schexnayder to Phillip S. Bayer.

Pelham Ave. 32: Donation, Marianne Vanmeter to Angela Horn and Michael C. Horn.

Richard St. 7816: Donation, Melba B. Collura to Michael S. Collura and Lori Collura.

Richland Ave. 2813: $915,000, Picolo Zeller Properties LLC to Picolo Properties LLC.

Rickey St. 5900: $203,000, Edna S. McLeod, John L. McLeod and Barbara E. McLeod to Steven R. Geller and Jessica Geller.

Ridgelake Addition subdivision, lot Z, square 91: $145,000, Michael B. Macinnes to Orillion Contractors LLC.

Ridgewood Drive 176: Donation, Ronald L. Karcher Construction Company LLC, Sandra Boulion, Sandra B. Karcher and Ronald L. Karcher to Stephanie Karcher and William C. Newell Sr.

Riverside Court condo, Phae II, unit 155: $30,000, LSN Ventures LLC to LAN Investments LLC.

Riverside Court condo, Phase II, unit 285: $40,000, Abel L. Losoya and Susana Z. Losoya to Little Angel Properties LLC.

Riverside Court condo, unit 457: $28,000, Carole C. Lumpkin to Michael J. Oney.

Riverside Court condo, unit 539: $45,000, Youhana S. Ford to DZ Lot LLC.

Rosedale Drive 426: $110,000, Daniel Tubre to Richard A. Rogers Jr. and Tracey Rogers.

Sena Drive 717: Donation, Linda Alvarez to Amanda Alvarez and Ryan J. Alvarez.

Shirer subdivision, lot A: Donation, Robert J. Shirer to Gulf South Pipeline Company LP.

Shirer subdivision, lot B: $52,000, Robert J. Shirer II and Lynn A. Shirer to Gulf South Pipeline Company LP.

Sycamore Drive 203: $100, Catherine Schmidt and Charles W. Schmidt to Miller Building Company LLC.

Town Of Harlem subdivision, lot 10A, square 152: $86,075, Joseph P. Lasseigne, Edward J. Lasseigne III, Toyika R. L. Seay, Tanja M. B. Lasseigne, Judy L. Brown, Shirley L. Parker and Pearl M. Perez to S. Causeway LLC.

Transcontinental Drive 4617: $238,000, Dianna K. Dyer and Byrne W. Dyer III to Tamilita Schayot.

U102 LANCASTER COURT CONDO: $108,000, Rebecca Terrell to Jeremy A. Stoufflet.

U4417 B RILEY COURT CONDO: $112,000, Bruce J. Parkhurst and Irene E. Parkhurst to Donna Callegari.

Waltham St. 701: $106,000, Mellon Bank of New York to Roger Irion and Judy Irion.

Warren Park subdivision, lot 44: Donation, Ross A. Shields to Josephine A. O. Shields.

West William David Parkway 400: $187,500, Kirby B. Smith Sr. to Margaret Royerre and Albert D. Royeree.

Whitney Place condo, unit 316: $80,000, Charles J. Vicari Revocable Living Trust to Susan M. Mickley.

Whitney Place condo, unit 608: $72,500, Maria Stohn to Tami Manale and Ryan P. Manale.

Wilshire Blvd. 851: $249,000, Lacey N. Faucheuz to Ryan J. Nocito.

Yale St. 5019: $367,500, Thelma Y. R. Demorales to James R. Martin Jr.


Arnold Ave. 219: $195,000, Kathy E. Perkins to Kaylee Lowery.

Diane Ave. 312: Donation, Sarah Roberts and Kenneth I. Roberts to Joann R. Mendez and Edward A. Mendez.

Jane Court 10133: $245,000, Angela S. Breedy to Michael C. McCoy and Norman D. Norris.