St. Charles

  • Transfers for April 13 to April 17


  • CHENIERE BOIS CHACTAS LOT 100: $7,000, Leonard J. Dufrene and Charlotte Curtis to Elvin J. Dufrene Jr. and Richard P. Oubre.


  • BRANDON HALL DRIVE 43B: $143,298, John A. Mancina and Vickie Bryant Mancina to Ashley R. Noustens.
  • MEADOWS DRIVE 288-290: $101,000, Alvin Louis Guillard to Theresa Woods Brazile.
  • MELROSE DRIVE 20: $238,500, Elisha Gautreaux Twiner to Brynn Fisher Cleveland and Crawford H. Cleveland.
  • ORMOND PLANTATION LOT 22: $395,000, Derek S. Parker and Leisha Abadie Parker to Azubuike Emejulu.
  • RIVER VILLAGE DRIVE 207: $167,000, Bencloskey LLC to Ashley Ruiz Fairleigh.
  • TREPAGNIER DRIVE 16: Donation, Christopher J. Ortiz to Stacey Blake Ortiz.


  • AVALON SUBDIVISION PHASE II LOT 64: $350,000, Gail Faucheux Roussel to Keith Brignac and Michele D. Brignac.
  • KING STREET 353: $20,000, Carl M. Raymond and Sonya Markey Raymond to Ellray LLC.


  • LAKE CATHERINE DRIVE 115: $350,000, Mark Vincent Chauvin and Wendi Thompson Chauvin to Michael N. Rocco and Denise Rogers Rocco.
  • ST. ANTHONY STREET 210: $215,000, Shane Edward Breaux and Shannon Richert Breaux to Daniel Charles Dugas.


  • COUNTRY COTTAGE ESTATES SUBDIVISION PHASE 3C-A AND 3C-B LOT 83: $70,000, Cypress Ventures LLC to Mark P. Wagner Jr. and Michelle St. Pierre Wagner.


  • EAST EASY STREET 811-813: RTV Real Estate Holding, LLC to Alfred C. Blue Jr.


  • APPLE STREET 471: $130,000, Todd Gregory Duhe and Gina Chenier Duhe to Anthony Paul Duhe.


  • FONDA STREET 508: $75,000, Successions of Thomas F. Cheramie and Cecile Bertrand Cheramie to HD Services & Investments, LLC.
  • FONDA STREET 704: $165,000, Michael N. Rocco and Denise Rogers Rocco to Matthew J. Meyer and Lindsey Tedder Meyer.
  • LEGEND OAKS SUBDIVISION LOT 323: Donation, Wayne T. Breaux Jr. to Amber Aragon Breaux.


  • E. PIN OAK DRIVE 216: $260,000, Elden D. Irving and Bonnie Dinvaut Irving to Angus Ambrose Elliott Jr. and Dorinda Schnell Elliott.
  • RUE LANDRY ROAD 180: $312,500, Chad P. Calongne and Melissa Gilbeaux Calongne to John Gorman Wild adn Lori Ann Hawley Wild.
  • TURTLE CREEK LANE 400: $25,000, Patricia Dillon to Ricco Herman Wheat Sr.
  • TURTLE CREEK LANE 412: $65,000, Walter Simon Wright Jr., Carol Mackenzie Wright and Vincent Perry Wright to Jonathan Lavar Terrell.