St. Charles

  • Transfers for Feb. 2 to Feb. 6


  • MAGNOLIA MEADOWS SUBDIVISION LOT 1A-1B: $20,000, Harris J. Matherne III and Melissa Dutreix Matherne to Jonathan P. Folse.


  • PANTHER RUN AT ORMOND SUDIVISION PHASE II SQUARE A LOT 31: $53,000, Michael T. Scifres and Deborah Taylor Scifres to John P. Thayer and Kristen W. Thayer.


  • FASHION PLANTATION III, FASHION ACRES LOT 358: $85,000, Michael A. Tassara Jr. and Rebecca Labat Tassara to A Plus Construction, LLC.


  • KILLONA PARK UTILITY SERVITUDE: Donation, Latricia Woods White to St. Charles Parish.


  • ALLIE LANE 308: $162,200, Precision Built Construction Inc. to Roy Thomas Gibbons.
  • ALLIE LANE 310: $166,200, Precision Built Construction Inc. to Shelby Madeline Chiro.
  • ARLINGTON DRIVE 216: $196,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Donald J. James and Penny A. James.
  • ASHTON PLANTATION PHASE 1-A SQUARE 2 LOT 10: $71,000, Renovate Inc. to Nathaniel Matherne and Megan Chestnut Matherne.
  • ASHTON PLANTATION PHASE 1-C SQUARE 7 LOT 10: $70,200, Ashton Plantation Estates LLC to Maria Miro-Narlock.
  • CHOCTAW DRIVE 104: $259,000, Michael H. Haydel and April Minnich Haydel to Martin Adam Eilers.

Lac Sauvage Drive 117: $55,000, Frickey Brothers Construction Inc. to Athony J. Lassere and Holly H. Lassere.

  • OAK RIDGE PARK SUBDIVISION BLOCK C LOT 1: $40,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Sidney A. Stabile.


  • JENNY COURT 118: $40,000, Wayne Bienemy and Irene Bienemy to Ashley Marie Sylvester.


  • ALLEMAN STREET 505: $250,000, Patrick Charles Poche and Donna Madere Poche to Jeremy David Morgan and Amanda Juneau Morgan.


  • NORTH PIN PAK DRIVE 104: $230,000, Jason H. Mayes and Darrell J. Price to Andrew R. Bartholomew and Sara G. Vega.