St. Charles

Transfers for Jan. 29- Feb. 2


Ellington Plantation Subdivision, Lot X-1: $600,000, Zydeco Corporation to St. Charles Foods, Inc. 


Bayou Estates South Subdivision, Lot 39: $292,900, Edwin Louis Sternberger III and Eugene Hardy Perez Sternberger to April Hodges AKA April Huffman Hodges and Sean Hodges.

Dufrene Subdivision, Block B, portions of Lots 1 and 2: Roxanne Martin Comardelle and Rory Paul Comardelle to Michael J. Parr.


Ormond Country Club Estates, Section Y, Lot 15A and 15B: $132,900, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Requel Lashay Compton.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 12, Segment 2, Square A, Lot 143: $249,900, Katherine Songy Telschow to Luis Alejandro Laitanao and Michel A. Aragon Espinosa.

Ormond Plantation Estates, Section I, Square 7, Lot 1: Donation, Donald Vernon Bankston to Beverly Bankston Chaiban.


Fashion Plantation III, Fashion Acres, Lot 316: $80,000, Chase Rivers and Allison Treadway Rivers to Aaron Loup and Leighann Williams Loup.

Land of Aquarius, Lot 12: $165,000, Delores Silva Troxler to Joyce Guillory Walters and Michael Wayne Walters.


Ashton Oaks Subdivision, Lot 29: $189,900, DSLD Homes, LLC to Charly Diamante Emnace and Joselyn Escamos Emnace.

Lagattuta Addition No. 1, Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block 2-A, Lot 11-A: $280,000, Betty McKeon Bye, Sharon Bye Lietake, Dwayne Michael Bye, Denise Bye Husbands, Lisa Bye Prejean and Timothy E. Bye to Deanna Bauer Burke AKA Deanne Burke and Christopher G. Burke.

Oak Ridge Park Subdivision, Lot 59, 60 and 61: $52,000, Ivory W. Marbley Jr. and Ethel Rodney Marbley to Norris M. Revader Jr.

Town of Luling, 925 Paul Mailard Road: Donation, John Manuel Jr. and Barbara T. Manuel to Sylvester Turner.

Willowridge Estates Subdivision, Square 6, Lot 16: $408,000, Jason P. Christensen and Michelle Crowell Christensen to Robert List and Emily List, born Emily Michelle Cates.


A portion of Lot 8; located at 137 Vicknair Lane: Donation, Robyn Wade Vealey to David J. Cambre Jr.

Country Cottage Estates, Phase 2, Lot 32: $290,000, Karen L. Heath AKA Karen Hoover LeBlanc Heath and Michael D. Heath to Patrice K. Williams AKA Patrice Kettenring Williams and Joseph Pete Williams Jr.


Hiland Park Subdivision, Unit No. 2, Block 10, Lot 709: $220,000, Rose Loustalot Robin and the Succession of Kenneth Louis Robin Sr. to Julie Lobell Ortego and Benjamin Ortego.

Lot D Subdivision, Square 12, Lot 3: $123,000, Ninka Nkechi Nnnaji to Antorio Palmisamo.

Subdivision of Portion of Lot F, Lot 17, 18, and 19: Donation, Ricky L. Oubre to Darren L. Oubre.


Lesseigne Manor Subdivision, Lot 6: $125,000, Darryl M. Senia and Jennifer Brasfield Senia to Hubert C. Callegan Jr.

St. Rose Subdivision, Square 7, Lot 11A: $205,000, Kelby C. Wuertz and Kaitlyn Elizabeth Robeau to Heather E. Gorman AKA Heather Gorman and Donald E. Clogher.