St. Charles Parish property transfers, Aug. 24 to Aug. 28, 2015 _lowres

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Edward Francis Hoffman, II, sold this home at 159 Dianne Drive in St. Rose to Dan J. Lantz Jr. and Jordan Elizabeth Canizar for $160,000.

St. Charles

  • Transfers for Aug. 24 to Aug. 28


  • MELROSE DRIVE 93: $91,000, Chad Kenneth Cozzo and Candace Louise Cozzo to Albert J. Garribot.
  • ORMOND PLANTATION SUBDIVISION PARCEL H-1 LOTS 1,2,3,4,5,6, A PORTION OF LOT 7, A PORTION OF LOT 8 AND SECTION 11, T-2-5 R-8-E, PORTION OF H-1: $60,000, Joel T. Chaisson Sr. and Bobbie Nell Gulledge Chaisson and the Succession of Irvin John Carmouche Jr. to Jack N. Cali III.
  • RIVER VILLAGE DRIVE 235: $88,000, Marilyn Sanchez Babin to Mark A. Babin.
  • ROSEDALE DRIVE 280: Donation, Melissa Difulco to Douglas G. Dosenberg.
  • VALCOUR LANE 113: Donation, Lisa Vinterella Ferrara Poirier to Jules Poirier IV.


  • GENERAL LEE DRIVE 120: $255,000, Nicole Marie Lopez Little to Terry Mark Thompson and Brenda Strickland Thompson.
  • KELLER ACRES SUBDIVISION LOT P2: $40,000, Donald J. Hogan and Annabel Matherene Hogan to Rita S. Bernal.


  • ADDENDUM NO. 1 TO DAVIS HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION BLOCK 2 LOT 8: $42,000, Brett Charles Chiasson, Adrian Jules Chiasson, Terry Louis Chiasson and Richard Paul Chiasson to Michael David Stephany.
  • ALLIE LANE 306: $170,500, Precision Built Construction Inc. to Mycah Justine Schexnayder.

Gassen St. 130: $70,000, Neal Joseph Berthelot, Glenda Berthelot Clause, Nanette Berthelot Sissac, Avis Berthelot Weaver, Brice P. Bertelot, Gavin David Berthelot and Darby James Berthelot to Robert Stephen Lendle and Jenny Burch Lendle.

  • HIGHWAY 90 12807: $3,000,000, Laissez Faire Properties LLC to Blockbuster Inc.
  • LAC CYPRIERE DRIVE 210: $333,000, Lettie E. Pleming and Noelle M. Klibert to LaTasha Darensbourg Lumar.
  • LAKEWOOD DRIVE 145: $166,000, Val J. Harmon to Aaron C. Walker and Chelsea C. Janice.
  • LAKEWOOD RIDGE ESTATES SUBDIVISION LOT 31A: $79,900, Willowridge Estates, LLC to REVE, Inc.
  • ST. ANTHONY ST. 231: $175,000, William H. Mince Sr and Jilane T. Mince to HAO BUFFET, LLC.


  • VICTORIA ACRES SUBDIVISION LOT 66: Donation, Ronnie Madere, Gregory Madere, Kim Ann Madere-Graham, Deborah Marie Madere-Hemby and Amy Elizabeth Madere-Durant to Claudette Helen Madere.


  • GIACOMO ST. 618: $156,500, Cesar I. Cruz Jr. and Christy Boudreaux Cruz to Jared David Matherne.
  • HILAND PARK SUBDIVISION UNIT NO. 2 SQUARE 4 LOT 723: Donation, Robert T. Heriard Jr. and Diane Heriard Roohi to Mary N. Heriard.


  • DIANNE DRIVE 159: $160,000, Edward Francis Hoffman II, to Dan J. Lantz Jr. and Jordan Elizabeth Canizaro.
  • MOCKINGBIRD LANE 501: Donation, Shervone Cummings Bickham, Brenda Lee Cummings Walton, Oscar Cummings Jr. and Cheryl Lynn Cummings Bolian to Mary Ann Cummings.
  • WHITE OAK DRIVE 212: $255,000, The Thomas Frank Grillo Estate to Patrick S. Proutey and Tiffany Monique James.