Transfers for Dec. 19 and 20


Bayou Harbor subdivision, lot 31B: $50,000, Gary G. Gegenheimer Jr. and Francine Gegenheimer to Joseph J. Christiana and Helen Sanderson.


Third St. 160: $35,000, Helen E. Johnson to Viola C. Washington.


Grand Beach 10 subdivision, lot 2, square R: Donation, J. Raymond Fryoux and Vicki L. T. Fryoux to Bassett Land Company LLC.

Memory Lane 155: Donation, Uptown Rentals LLC to Nicholas P. Lusco and Michelle P. Lusco.

W. Central Ave. 155: $229,000, Scott M. Robichaux and Teresa B. Robichaux to SLC Development LLC.


Emerald Ave. 617: $149,000, Donald E. Hoffman Jr. and Tracey F. Hoffman to Nigel L. Garbutt Jr. and Tara L. Garbutt.

Franklin Ave. 1731: $82,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Lien T. Duong.

Hinyub Ave. 716: $144,900, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Vu Ngo and Daren Danh.

Marlene Drive 817: Donation, Jose A. Chacon to Aracely A. Chacon.

Milton St. 1211: $20,000, James T. Archibald, Michael T. Archibald and Mabel L. Eughes to Mark J. Cambre and Bonnie P. Cambre.


Apollo Ave. 2500: $112,500, VFC Properties 25 LLC to Nedal & Sons LLC.

Arapahoe Drive 3513: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to John Bowie.

Lake Arrowhead Drive 3829: $285,000, Frank J. Borne Jr. and Schlise S. Borne to Martin Mayfield Jr. and Gloria B. Mayfield.

N. Dells St. 4037: $110,000, Danny Jasmine to Igenie Joseph.

Oak St. 2121: $175,000, Genzollo Whitley to Carlos A. Padilla.

Spanish Oaks Phase Ii subdivision, lot 128: $110,000, Bank of America NA to Christopher J. Mercadal.

Sweet Gum Drive 3140: $156,000, Independent Real Estate Investment Group LLC to David R. Aufrecht and Ebony M. R. Aufrecht.


Fleming Plantation subdivision, lot IJ2: $40,000, Gareth R. LeBlanc Jr., Lavin LeBlanc, Lannin J. LeBlanc and Keenon A. LeBlanc to David M. Fazende.


Ames Blvd. 4104: $98,000, Louise S. Tate to Mark G. McCandless.

Colony Court 2737: $32,500, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Veronica C. Henriquez.

Manor Heights Extension subdivision, lot 11, square 5: $60,000, Donald W. Pertuit and Gloria T. Pertuit to Daniel P. Pertuit and Sarah M. H. Pertuit.

St Ann St. 529: $30,000, Corey W. Ardoyne and Ethel W. Ardoyne to Karim Taha.


Fielding Ave. 503: $40,000, Margaret E. Reeves, Linda M. Rogers, Leslie J. Christensen, Martin L. Christensen and Karl J. Christensen to Jeffrey M. Reeves and Tanya Reeves.


Helis Drive 208: Donation, Cheryl L. Monk to Charles W. Veneralla Jr.


Fourth St. 222: $157,500, Tuyen T. Le and Thanh V. Ho to Georgios Mazarakis.

Salaville subdivision, lot 18: $80,000, Simon P. Frickey to Norman J. Mcevers and Karen F. Mcevers.