• Transfers for Jan. 21 TO Jan. 28

    • HELEN DRIVE 172: $67,516, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development of Washington DC.
    • JEANNE DRIVE 149: Donation, Timothy T. Clark to Jon B. Gibson Jr.
    • KENNEDY HEIGHTS 1. SUBDIVISION, LOT 8, SQUARE F: $20,000, Terry D. S. Draughn to Terrance Reddick and Ganea J. Griffin.
    • NICOLLE BLVD. 164: $80,000, Barbara Roberts to Henry D. Drabik.
    • SOUTH JAMIE BLVD. 613: $35,000, Danilo Perojo to Alex P. Reveron.

    Washington Place Phase Ii subdivision, lot 10, square 118: $29,970, US Bank National Association to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development Of Washington DC.


    • DEBORAH ANN DRIVE 4890: $180,000, Julian D. Smith to Brandon J. Smith and Dena M. Smith.
    • LEPINE ST. 4967: $32,500, Brittany N. Bourg to Clarence J. Wiseman Jr.

    Privateer Blvd. 5293: $130,000, John C. Barichivich to Desiree Lewis and Southerner M. Lewis III.


    • GORMLEY SUBDIVISION, LOT 14, SQUARE C: $76,000, Francis X. Fabacher Jr., Eulalie Fabacher and Jeanne Fabacher to Vincent D. Diez and Francis E. King.
    • GULF VIEW SUBDIVISION, LOT 5A: $169,000, Gary L. Lovette to Michael P. Broussard and Theresa E. L. Broussard.
    • ISLAND BEACH SUBDIVISION, LOT 19, SQUARE F: $120,000, Maloy B. Guilbeau and Philip E. Guilbeau to Laurie S. Hebert and Patrick R. Hebert.
    • PTL2 SQ7 PLAYA GRANDE 1: $23,500, Natale A. Maestri Jr. to Nellie Waitz.
    • SAXTON SEE: $110,000, William P. Honeycutt Sr., Emily O. Honeycutt, Donald R. Broussard, Betty O. Broussard, James W. Bennett, Leigh A. Bennett, William W. Bennett and James M. Bennett to Clint M. Gaudet and Carmen Gaudet.
    • GRETNA

      • CALDER ST. 1712: Donation, Leone G. Ferrari to Brandon A. Ferrari.
      • CITY OF GRETNA SUBDIVISION, LOT 9, SQUARE 22: $217,000, Drooksee LLC to Kuzma I. Tesvich Jr. and Melissa W. Tesvich.
      • FAIRLAWN DRIVE 628: $142,500, Marilee Bass and Robert B. Bass to Johana Lagos.
      • GIBSON ST. 2165: $145,000, Gail Wicks to Richard T. Cheramie.
      • GUARDIAN AVE. 2188: $210,000, Caokids LLC to Mark Perez-Sandi and Genelle P. Sandi.
      • ISBELL 1105: $125,000, Michael A. McMahon and Teri Barrilleaux to Alan L. Fisher.
      • JEFFERSON PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 25, SQUARE 39: donation, Alejandro A. H. Sytnik to Fernando S. Alvarez.
      • KATHY ST. 836: $120,000, Jascot Investments LLC to Raquel T. Scott.
      • KINGSWAY DRIVE E. 1056: $170,000, Rashain Carriere and Kellom A. Williams to Michael W. Tebbetts and Autumn R. Tebbetts.
      • LAWRENCE DRIVE 810: $126,232, Wells Fargo Bank Na to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
      • LAWRENCE ST. 817: $10, Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development Of Washington DC to Kelvin L. Bourgeois.
      • OXFORD PLACE 2404: $10, Geraldine G. Haugh Trust and Haugh Geraldine G. Trust to Harry T. Kelley Jr. and Diane B. H. Kelley.
      • OXFORD PLACE 2404: $10, Diane B. Haugh and Harry T. Kelley Jr. to Harry T. Kelley Jr. & Diane B. H. Kelley Trust.
      • TOWN OF MCDONOGHVILLE SUBDIVISION, LOT 10, SQUARE 98: $130,000, Historic Properties LLC to Thomas R. Harrell Jr.


      • ACACIA LANE 3853: $61,655, Bank of New York Mellon to Ivon Moise and Gephta Moise.
      • BROWN AVE. 636: $110,000, Cathy P. Pitre, Michael C. Pitre Jr. and Cathy P. Pastrana to Ryan M. Michell.
      • BURNTWOOD DRIVE 3837: $25,913, Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development Of Washington D.C.
      • CLOVER LANE 3808: $39,900, Leachel McMillan to Jordan D. Roque.
      • HARVEY CANAL SUBDIVISION, LOT 43, SQUARE 36: $88,000, Tyrone G. Hodges Sr. and Avis E. J. Hodges to Lee R. Brown.
      • JOSEPH LANE 621: $90,000, Manuel Rotolo III to Darren P. Livandals and Brooke N. Fremen.
      • MAX DRIVE 2733: $85,000, Suong T. Le to Hussein A. Shabib and Marwa A. Shabib.
      • ROSEWOOD ESTATE SUBDIVISION, LOT 10: $30,000, Rosewood Estate LLC to Tubas LLC.
      • W. SUNNY MEADE DRIVE 2449: $10, US Bank National Association to Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development.
      • WOODMERE SOUTH 3. SUBDIVISION, LOT 614, SQUARE O: $32,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Terry Jefferson.
      • LAFITTE

        • CENTRAL ST. 4984: $10, Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development of Washington D.C. to Brandon Smith.
        • GIAISE SUBDIVISION, LOT 25, SQUARE B16: $29,000, George E. Street Jr., Inez Street, Clifton E. Street Sr., Clay E. Street, Jonathan D. Songy, Tania A. Street, Travis I. Hebert and Courtney L. Hebert to Travis G. Moore.
        • MARRERO

          • ALLO AVE. 1146: Donation, Nathalie Stein to Ralph J. Hinojosa.
          • ARTESA DRIVE 1080: $2,812, Glen J. Smith Sr. to Troy Barthelemy.
          • BALD EAGLE PARK 4321: $211,500, DSLD Homes LLC to Maurice W. Charles and Maxcine H. Charles.
          • BALD EAGLE PARK 4341: $207,900, DSLD Homes LLC and DSLD LLC to Lonnie J. Greco Jr. and Kayla C. Greco.
          • BOWDON ST. 5056: $56,729, Beneficial Louisiana Inc. to Kim Tran and Nhi Tra.
          • CHERRY BLOSSOM LANE 10: $149,000, Donald R. Stodghill to Rondell Barber.
          • CREOLE COURT 2725: $240,425, Jbl Properties Ltd to Kevin V. Simmons Jr.
          • GENTRY ROAD 7124: Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development Of Washington DC and Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development to C&P Freedom Homes LLC, $10.
          • GRAND BAYOU DRIVE 4708: $165,000, Jamie Wattigney and Korey W. Walker to Aswald J. Falgout Jr.
          • JAMES DRIVE 2016-2018: $72,000, John E. Edmond and Josette Edmond to Weixian Xiong.
          • KATHLEEN DRIVE 2213: $199,900, Bjorg Grondahl and Kjetil Grondahl to Whitney Poleto and Jason C. Legaspi.

          Lapalco Blvd. 7017: $474,300, Hospital District 1 of Jefferson Parish and West Jefferson Medical Center to Lapalco Westwood Investments LLC.

          • MARRERO ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 11, SQUARE 12: $59,000, Andrew Matute Rooks Testamentary Trust and Rooks Andrew Matute Testamentary Trust to Matthew M. Moline.
          • OAK KNOLL SUBDIVISION, LOT 143: $124,000, Wells Fargo Financial Louisiana Inc. to Mitchel D. Haydel, David M. Haydel and Tina M. Haydel.
          • PAGE ST. 5132: $93,500, Bank Of America NA to Eagle Investments Inc.

          Regina Coeli Court 4005: $89,900, Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Craig P. Benton Jr. and Tiereeca S. T. Benton.

          • ROBERT J. PERKINS TRACT SUBDIVISION, LOT 27, SQUARE 1: $53,500, Ioana Properties LLC to Paul D. Alombro and Donna Portier.
          • RUSSELL DRIVE 2777: $95,000, Nolan A. Gisclair III to Brooklyn Lobell and Zachery Adams.
          • SEAGULL DRIVE 2661: $176,900, DSLD Homes LLC and DSLD LLC to Ronnie C. Williams Jr. and Sharell S. Williams.
          • SOUTH OAK DRIVE 5828: $40,101, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to L. Frilot Investments LLC and Frilot Investments LLC L.
          • TETON ST. 4004: $113,700, Bobbi M. Ulrich to George Hawkins.
          • WESTMINSTER PARK EXTENSION 7. SUBDIVISION, LOT 8, SQUARE 14: $33,000, HSBC Bank USA NA to Michael Odoms and Erica Odoms.
          • WILLOWTREE ROAD 5008: $200,000, Judy A. H. Womack, Roy Womack Sr. and Judy A. Moore to Jeffrey B. Calamia.


          • APPLETREE LANE 315: $153,500, Academy Place LLC to Kemper Martin.
          • DUPONT DRIVE 2116: $125,000, Jennifer J. Boutwell to Gabriela E. Nassar.
          • EAST BUTTERFLY CIRCLE 413: $85,000, Kenneth R. Doby to Wendy M. Usannaz.
          • TERRYTOWN 7. SUBDIVISION, LOT 3, SQUARE 107: Donation, Joseph Richard Raymond Couturier Trust, Couturier Joseph Richard Raymond Trust, Craig T. Couturier, Danielle A. Couturier and Derek L. Couturier to Barbara Couturier.
          • TERRYTOWN 8. SUBDIVISION, LOT 25, SQUARE 131: $127,000, Margy Barrilleaux to Nolvia R. Ortiz, Jorge Ortiz and Wendy J. Ortiz.


          • AVE F. 780: $84,900, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Ricky M. Malbrough.
          • DEVEREAUX COURT 3705: Donation, Huu V. Pham to Doan V. Pham.
          • EAST DRIVE 1308: $125,000, Scott J. Percle and Tammy R. Percle to Cody T. Hepting.
          • RIVER ROAD 7225: $185,600, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Tue T. Pham and Thuy T. Pham.
          • THE THICKET SUBDIVISION, LOT 86: Donation, Julie A. Normand and Danny D. Normand to Normand Family Living Trust.
          • TOWN OF SALAVILLE SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE 122: $103,000, John A. Bergeron and Patricia M. Bergeron to Philip J. Leblanc III and Lisa A. Leblanc.