• Transfers for May 1 to May 6


  • DIALITA DRIVE 109: $39,299, Decision One Non Litigation to Alexander Morales and Julia C. Morales.
  • PHYLLIS DRIVE 653: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Richard Preston and Monique Preston.
  • S. TISH DRIVE 128: $102,000, Brian R. Russo and Carolyn C. Russo to Joshua J. Pickens and Jill F. Pickens.


  • DEBORAH ANN DRIVE 567: $147,000, Succession of Herbert J. Schouest Sr. to Rodney J. Enclade and Stephanie P. Enclade.

Near Barataria, portion of ground: $3,900, Floyd Belsome and Huey Belsome to Russell Rojas and Madeline B. Rojas.


  • ADAMS LANE 105: $75,000, Tracy L. Talbot to Bryan Benigno and Melanie H. Benigno.

Cheramie’s Landing condominium, Unit 15-D: $82,500, Cheramie’s Landing LLC to Raleigh J. Galiano Jr. and Dawn G. Galiano.

Grand Beach no. 7 subdivision, lots 10, 11, square O: $9,000, Succession of Jacques D. Toups and Brenda F. Toups to Michael J. Clements and Diana R. Clements.

Grand Beach no.7-A subdivision, lot 10, square L: $3,000, Succession of Jacques D. Toups and Brenda F. Toups to Randy S. Barbara.

Louisiana Highway 1 2466: $220,024, Tracy P. Young and Wendy H. Young to James D. Dauzart Jr.

Near Grand Isle, lot 15-B: $275,000, Paris J. Theriot, Rebecca L. Theriot and Martha T. Martorello to Benjamin Bordelon.


  • BANNERWOOD DRIVE 336: $98,000, Clarence P. Badeaux and Anna N. Badeaux to Kensy M. Alfred.
  • DOLHONDE ST. 636: $226,000, William E. Naquin to Cynthia A. Williams.
  • GARDERE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 20, 21, SQUARE 1: $115,000, Succession of Barbara P. Herzog to Michael L. Mavormatis and Elizabeth M. Mavormatis.
  • GLENBROOK DRIVE 2844: $128,000, John A. Vieira and Roslyn C. Vieira to Jose Jimenez and Belkis H. Jimenez.
  • GUARDIAN AVE. 2177: $115,000, Mary M. Fortmayer to Jhonny R. Pham and Rose P. Strong.
  • KINGSWAY DRIVE EAST 845: $134,900, LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Travis Leonard.
  • LAKE LYNN DRIVE 3613: $210,000, Anita L. T. Cameron to Cesar G. Eyzaguirre.
  • MADISON ST. 904: $185,000, Jessie W. Lataxes and Amanda M. Lataxes to Tyson Foley and Samantha L. Babylon.
  • MASON ST. 64: $125,000, Allison C. Reyes to Jay L. Christman.
  • MONROE ST. 405-07: $53,655, Sringleaf Mortgage Loan Trust 2012-2 to Charles Augustine.
  • NINTH ST. 418: $335,000, Troy V. Cox and Tori L. D. Cox to Daniel A. Vichot and Claire Pivach.
  • NINTH ST. 515: $64,880, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • OAKWOOD DRIVE 572: $113,825, Geneva H. Landry to Sophie D. Sherman.
  • STONEBRIDGE SUBDIVISION, LOT 26, SQUARE 1: $420,000, Edward W. Kennedy Jr. and Jo Ann P. Kennedy to Nakhle Saba and Carole Bitar.
  • WILLOW DRIVE 170: $180,000, Patricia S. Hoppe to James W. Hoppe and Christina R. Hoppe.


  • BARKLEY ESTATES, LOT 29, SQUARE 6: $55,000, Ander D. Pellerano and Miriam B. Pellerano to Antonio Valdespino and Bertha M. Valdespino.

E. Bamboo Drive 3924: $75,000, Randall S. Arrington and Jeanise S. Arrington to Nicholas Griffin and Shelby S. Griffin.

  • FOS AVE. 408: $129,000, Brandon J. Burke to George Debelis Jr. and Ashley D. Debelis.
  • GLENOAK DRIVE 3804: $139,900, Ted Nguyen LLC to John L. Johnson.
  • OAKMERE DRIVE 2332: $133,000, Derbigny St. LLC to Crandell D. White.
  • SHADOW LAKE COURT 1601: donation, no value stated, Nam V. Tran and Khuy T. Nguyen to Truc V. Tran.
  • TIMBERLANE WAY DRIVE 3256, UNIT 108: $117,697, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • W. CATAWBA DRIVE 2724: $45,125, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-WF2 to Eric C. Veal and Jannies M. Veal.
  • WOODMERE SUBDIVISION, LOT 829, SQUARE R: $55,000, CWABS Inc. Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2005-4 to Tuan Tran.


  • IDA PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOTS 49-F6, 49-F7: donation, no value stated, Leah V. Diaz and Michael L. Breecher Jr. to Michael L. Breecher and Alberta D. Breecher.
  • JEAN LAFITTE BLVD. 1341: $130,000, George G. Harris and Rose L. R. Harris to Christopher A. Harvey and Kristi L. Ducoing.
  • PALMETTO ST.1963: $191,217, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
  • PERRIN ST. 5525: donation, no value stated, Sal J. Schaffer and Dawn C. Schaffer to Melanie D. Cochran.


  • ACORN ST. 2724: $124,900, Federal National Mortgage Association to Howard D. Darr and Stephanie B. W. Darr.

Asphodel Drive 45: $315,000, Lyle C. McDonald and Jamie M. McDonald to William J. Haas IV and Tracy J. Haas.

  • BAY VIEW DRIVE 4473: $172,845, DSLD Homes LLC to Nicholas Mills and Ashland M. Thibodeaux-Mills.
  • CARDINAL DRIVE 2941: $48,000, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to RNC Ventures LLC.
  • CARRIE LANE 2513: $96,212, Bank of America NA to James T. Armand and Stacey F. Armand.
  • DOREEN LANE 2708: $73,250, Christiana Trust to Colby Creppel and Jade Creppel.
  • DUELING OAKS AVE. 5105: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust Mortage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2004-WMC2 to Khoa Vu.
  • EIGHTH ST. 704 1/2: $30,200, donation, Dorothy J. Allemand to Tammy G. Allemand.
  • FAMILY COURT 1817: $1,739 and other good and valuable consideration, James B. Nutter & Co. to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • JARROTT DRIVE 2529: $181,500, William J. Haas IV and Tracy J. Haas to Sherlander L. Sanders.
  • JEANNE ST. 2549: $82,307, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • KAREN DRIVE 5217: $179,900, Tuyet T. Vu to Duong V. Tran and Chi T. Tran.
  • LEE PLACE 5132: $77,500, Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Craig Szewczyk.
  • LONG BRIDGE DRIVE 1725: $157,600, Harold J. Griffin Jr. to Timothy S. Smith and Karen C. Smith.
  • MIDDEN DRIVE 2708: $155,000, Casie G. Hope and Titus W. Hope to Britni E. Taylor and Kimberly M. Taylor.

Ranch Acres subdivision, lot 11, square 1: donation, no value stated, William D. Cook to Toni N. Cook.

  • RAY ST. 6144: $19,900, New Century Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2003-3 Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates to Shaik A. Mujid.
  • SAUVAGE AVE. 2356: $35,000 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to 3 Boys Investments LLC.
  • SIERRA ST. 4105: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Mauro F. Perez.
  • WILKERSON DRIVE 2621: $118,900, Nolan J. Ockman Jr. and Kathy R. Ockman to Ashley M. Rodrigue.
  • WYOMING DRIVE 2624: $60,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Federal National Mortgage Assoication.


  • DOVER LANE 570: $157,000, Derek J. Dessens to Michael R. Bazemore.
  • FAIRFAX DRIVE 837: $75,000, Frank J. Major Jr. to Tuan H. Nguyen and Hanh T. Tran.


  • SWEET BAY LANE 9517: $279,900, Coast Builders LLC to Derrick T. Perkins and Henrietta M. Johnson.


  • 10TH ST. 632: $85,000, Loretta M. Meyer, Bernard A. Matherne, Marion M. Alberado and Jeffrey P. Matherne to Carlos T. Lugo.
  • AVENUE G 764: $40,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Corey C. Warren.
  • BARBE ST. 620: $110,000, Donovan J. LeBlanc to Jody L. Dauzat.
  • SALA AVE. 354: $100,000, John A. Alario Jr. to Raymond A. O’Quin and Anna H. O’Quin.
  • TOWN OF SALAVILLE, PORTION OF GROUND: $2,000, Ruby H. Gassenberger to Terry J. Alario Sr.