St. Charles

Transfers for Oct. 2-6.


Ama Heights Subdivision, Block G, Lot 18A: $35,159.42, Alan Homes  Inc. to Alan Mark Homes Inc.

Lot B Subdivision, Lot H-1: $45,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sidney A. Stabile.

Village of Ama, Lot E: $138,000, Barbara Ann Champagne, Allen J. Champagne and Audrey Herbert Champagne to Austin Troxclair.


Smith's Green Acres, Lot 62: $215,000, Christine Naquin Carter to Kathryn E. Espinoza aka Kathryn Ellen Grant.


Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 3, Square 5, Lot 755: $119,900, Pamela Wilson Palmer and Eddie B. Palmer to Michelle Nicole Cato and Gary Kenneth Cato.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Segment 2, Section 12, Square C, Lot 202: $218,500, Dawn Ellerbrooke Ortego and Joseph Brent Ortego to Kaitlyn Nicole Surmik and Cedric M. Roberts.


Hahnville, Lot 4 and one-half of Lot 5: $116,000, Annabel Matherne Hogan to Nicholas Everett Foster.


Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-A, Square 2, Lot 26: $ 365,255, Landcraft LLC to Heather Olivier and Lionel Aaron II.

Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-B, Square 1-B, Square 1, Lot 13: $74,200, Zno Benjamin Green to Barrios Builders LLC.

Ellington Garden Subdivision, Block D, Lot 1: $145,000, Ebdon P. Verdin and Sharlene Bagley Verdin to Raymond G. Millet. 

Ellington Plantation, lot 13 B-1: $500,000, Caire Colonial Apartments LLC to Barrios Colonial Apartments LLC.

Hidden Oaks, Phase II-B, Lot 48: $174,500, Vernice Lorraina Simon to Paige Heurtin Fremen, Tommy A. Heurtin and Michelle Dupont Heurtin.

Lakewood Estates, Phase II, Lot 1: $329,900, Barrios Builders LLC to Nikole M. Colly.

Willowridge Estates, Phase 1, Square 6, Lot 21: $153,000, Nora Connick and Stephen K. Mainville to Mickey J. Schmill.


Mule Subdivision, No. 2, Section 3, Square 13, Lot 8: $1,000, Charles Peter Mule to Phuong Thi Hoang.


Dianne Place Subdivision, Square 1, Lot 4: $88,000, U.S. Bank Trust National Association to Michael A. Donsbach.