Melissa S. Parker sold this home at 2930 Derbigny St. in Metairie to Christopher E. Lee and Rachel G. Lee for $444,900.

Daniel Erath


Transfers for Jan. 4-9


Armbruster subdivision, lot M, square 9: $204,000, Anne M. Wolff to Jessica Keating.

Bailey St. 122: $175,000, Mary B. H. Harris to Diana S. Cole.

Hickory Ave. 1900: Donation, CNB Hickory LLC to Alvin J. Nissen II.

Roddie St. 6200: $159,900, First Baptist Church of Harahan to Silvia K. North and Billy J. North.

Roseland Park subdivision, lot 5, square 5: $132,000, Bank New York Mellon, Bank Of New York, Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust and Novastar Home Equity Loan to Casacorp LLC.


Audubon Trace condo, unit 1401: $184,500, Jean B. Derbes to Tashal Williams.

Gelpi Ave. 560: Donation, Edward Ware III to Ann R. Ware.

Jefferson Park Ave. 613: Donation, George F. Houck Jr. to Cielena C. Houck.

Jefferson Park condo, unit 118: $40,000, Giang H. Dinh to 158 S. Roadway LLC.

Linden St. 416: $100,000, Eleanora Toups to Celso E. Hernandez.

Pecan Grove Lane 744: $200,000, Sean M. Hillis to Manuel R. Despascual Jr. and Linda C. Despascual.

Senator Tobey St. 4422: $152,500, Tracey J. D’Hemecourt to Allison M. Herrera.


Antigua Drive 28: $267,500, Barbara H. Wanko, Daniel S. Wanko Jr., Michele W. Broome, Christopher D. Wanko and Mary W. Clement to Alan Veronese and Eva B. Veronese.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 17D: Donation, Ava M. Darensbourg to Alicia C. Darensbourg.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 5C: $125,500, Brittney L. Maitrejean to Michael G. Breaux.

Chateau La Tour Drive 114: $425,000, Jeffrey B. Fariss and Claire Fariss to Edgar A. Caro and Lauren Lipscomb.

Clay St. 1714: $79,000, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Xue Y. Zhang.

Cognac Drive 4153: $266,000, Ronald W. South Jr. and Deni C. H. South to Jeaux Peaux Property LLC.

Cumberland St. 2208: $240,000, Christine Z. Guilbeau and Justin Guilbeau to Hartley Ray III.

David Drive 5412: $292,500, Craig J. Canizaro and Emily Canizaro to Megan E. Ryan and Spencer J. Dussouy.

Lake Trail subdivision, lot 152, square 8: $332,000, Janet M. Boudreaux to Brittany R. Reynolds and Donald A. Thomas III.

Loire Drive 4228: $213,000, Danielle C. Upshaw to Stephen A. Lechler and Kathleen E. Lechler.

Montrachet Drive 4153: Donation, Michael C. Bilbe and John E. Weber to Nicholas Molay.

Veterans Heights subdivision, lot 11A, square 201: $120,000, Andrew V. Restivo III and Brandi T. H. Restivo to Samuel P. Sporer.

Vintage Drive 700: $238,500, Brian S. MacKenna and Tracie E. S. MacKenna to Nathan J. Martin and Heidi L. Mueller.

Westgate subdivision, lot 21, square T: Donation, Troy A. Moore, Timothy A. Moore, John G. Moore Jr. and Thersa E. Hall to Edith M. Moore.

Westgate subdivision, lot 35, square G: $134,000, Ann Landeche to Morgan Landry.


49th St. 3405: $138,000, Celso E. Hernandez to Jason C. Montegut and Renae R. Montegut.

Airline Park Blvd. 804: $60,000, Dennis M. Clancy, Curtis J. Clancy, Caylee J. Webb and Stacey Roth to RRL Real Estate LLC.

Akron Ave. 1616: Donation, Anita Crosby to Josh A. Crosby.

Athania Parkway subdivision, lot R, square D2: Donation, Rita C. Meyer to Melissa A. Meyer.

Bauvis St. 3620-22: Donation, Quality Dwellings LLC to Stanley A. Chin-Bing.

Beverly Garden Extended subdivision, lot 45: $220,000, Maximus Development Inc. to 45 Beverly Gardens LLC.

Bridgedale A. subdivision, lot 5, square 10: Donation, Gerard J. Goar to Steve G. Cruz.

Bridgedale D. subdivision, lot 20A, square 122: $490,000, Josephine L. Poche, Darlene A. Robert and Patricia J. Horn to Salvadore J. Dicarlo.

Brockenbraugh Court 142: $580,000, Robert D. Rogers and Susan K. D. Rogers to Oster Developers LLC.

Cleary condo, unit 503: $155,000, NPK LLC, Parish Partners Company LLC and Parish Partners LLC to Angela G. Borgstede.

David Drive 4213: $242,000, Brandi L. E. Saucier to Michael P. Deris.

Derbigny St. 2930: $444,900, Melissa S. Parker to Christopher E. Lee and Rachel G. Lee.

Edenborn Ave. 808: $395,000, West Custom Homes LLC to Toni D. Sins, Glen E. Sins Jr. and Toni S. Durr.

Elmeer Ave. 809: $335,000, MDMP LLC to Carter D. Paddock and Edelweiss D. Paddock.

Gillen St. 6905: $155,000, Sharon H. Lemond and Edwin J. Hoffa to Bulliung Properties LLC.

Gilmore Addition subdivision, lot 84, square F: $86,000, Residential Asset Securities Corp. and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to J. Warren Gardner Jr. and Monique G. Gardner.

Green Acres 3. subdivision, lot 2, square 6: Donation, Secretary of Housing & U*rban Development to JKM Diversified LLC.

Harlem subdivision, lot 1, square 37: Donation, Mid City Finance Company Inc. to Andreas Inc.

Hastings St. 6300: Donation, Isabel M. Berrigan and Jack O. Berrigan to Jack O. Berrigan and Isabel M. Berrigan.

Judith St. 2700: Donation, Christina M. West to Robert S. Hillery.

Lynn Park subdivision, lot 14A: Donation, Frank H. Walker Jr. to Frank L. Walker.

Manson Avenue 2500, unit 408: $45,000, Bharpur Singh and Ranjit K. Singh to Ducote Property Investments LLC.

Merlot Court Townhomes Phase Ii subdivision, lot 44: Donation, Mary J. T. Mitchell to Kathryn M. Hite and Robert B. Mitchell Jr.

Metairie Towers condo, unit 209: Donation, Lucille Tittle, Jack A. Tittle Jr., Mary J. Tittle, Suzanne Brue, Richard L. Brue, Thomas V. Tittle, William P. Tittle and Elizabeth Tittle to MMH LLC.

N. Arnoult Road 1800: Donation, Robert L. Tash to Gina Tash.

New Carrollton, square 23, no further data: $160,000, Michael Vincent Pizzolato III Revocable Living Trust to Susan L. M. Jarman.

Park Manor Drive 6532: Donation, Jose D. Castro-Carias to Rosaura R. Romero.

Pasadena Ave. 705: $174,162, Wayne P. Whitman and Diane Y. Whitman to Inspired Designers LLC.

Pontchartrain Gardens B. subdivision, lot 23, square 10: $318,000, Amenta Enterprises LLC to Tonielle L. Greenlee.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 7, square 70: Donation, Jody L. Johnson to Peggy Johnson.

Rye St. 5021: $110,000, Investment Holdings LLC to Gem Investments LLC.

Senac Drive 4921: $201,000, Norris M. M. Sartin to Donnette S. Sartin and Glen F. S. Becker.

Tartan Drive 4800: $382,000, Glenn H. Langdon and Laurie Langdon to Casey M. Hillis, Sean M. Hillis and Casey Hillis.

Trenton St. 4113: $480,000, Cool Homes LLC to Bob & Crystal LLC.

Trudeau Park subdivision, lot 44: $120,000, Anthony R. Pizzolato Jr., Shirley N. Pizzolato, Robert J. Hartshorn and Joell B. J. M. Pizzolato to Tracy Fabacher.

Whitney Place condo, unit 336: $133,000, Sarah G. Gerber to Lonnie A. Moore III.

Zuma Ave. 1309: $89,000, William C. Sturm Jr. to CKCC Bell LLC.


Hermitage Place 8816: $620,000, Janet T. Helwig and Frederick C. Helwig III to Eric W. West and Leah Z. West.

Justin Place 9624: $430,000, Lima One Homes Inc. to Andrew Quiggle and Agnes T. Quiggle.

South Bengal Road 631: $17,000, Victoria Carrillo to Yesenia Guillen, Yesnia Amaya, Yesenia G. X. Lopez and Jose E. H. Amaya.