• Transfers for Dec. 29 TO Dec. 31

1st District

  • CARONDELET STREET, SQUARE 219, LOTS 8, 8-A, 22: $610,000, 630 Carondelet Street LLC to Carondelet Partners LLC.
  • EARHART BLVD. 4334: $350,000, Mendy Properties LLC to Colmex Construction LLC.
  • ERATO ST. 1525-27, 1533, ST. CHARLES AVE. 1220, 1224, UNIT 309, 1228: $159,000, Owen S. Shugard, Leslee P. Shugard and Diane Phillips-Burnette to Ariane M. Livaudais.
  • PALMYRA ST. 2528: $176,000, PFD One LLC to Jonathan D. Rogers.
  • PALMYRA ST. 4141-43: donation, no value stated, Kurt W. Zarwell to Meagan B. Zarwell.
  • RIVER PLACE CONDOMINIUM, UNIT P14-A: $2,375,000, Lynn T. Weiss to Charles M. Smith.
  • S. DUPRE ST. 633-35: $222,000, PS-Two LLC to Michael A. Addkison and Andrea Caillouet.
  • S. MURAT ST. 133-35: $175,000, Saundra D. Alessi to Miramar Designs LLC.
  • S. PETERS ST. 901: $100,000, 901 South Peters Street LLC to 901 S. Peters St. II LLC.
  • ST. CHARLES 1205 CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 902, LOTS X, B, C, 4-A, SQUARE 213: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Monica P. Lindholm to Portal Family revocable trust.

2nd District

  • BARRACKS STREET, SQUARE 319, LOT 23-A: $39,900, U. S. Bank NA to Cory L. Parker and Lauren E. Hodges.
  • BOURBON ST. 1221, 1225-27-29, BARRACKS ST. 822: $3,500,000, Lauricella Bourbon Properties LLC to Barda Properties LLC.
  • BOURBON ST. 1231, UNIT 1231: $100 and other valuable consideration, Lauricella Bourbon Properties LLC to Ray Gilliam and Randa B. Gilliam.
  • BRAGG ST. 995: $488,000, Katherine Cauvin S. Taaffe-deKay to Kitrina G. Cordell.
  • CANAL BLVD. 6911: $235,000, Frank M. Scurlock and Patricia M. Murphy to K&S Homes LLC.
  • CANAL BLVD. 6919: $235,000, Frank M. Scurlock and Patricia M. Murphy Scurlock to Schmidt Construction Co. Inc..
  • CANAL STREET CORNER SALCEDO STREET, SQUARE 422, LOTS 1, 2-A, 3-B, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, 11, 12, B, Y, PORTION OF LOTS 10, 13, 14, 15,: $1,650,000, 3125 Canal LLC to Orleans Parish School Board.
  • FILMORE AVE. 130: $140,000, New Orleans Redevlopment Authority to Ryan E. Fischer and Elaina N. Mitchell.
  • HOMEDALE ANNEX SUBDIVISION, SQUARE 5, LOTS 33, 34: $330,000, James G. Rogers III and Joann M. Rogers to Harlon S. Miller and Adele T. Miller.
  • LOUISVILLE ST. 6775: $502,500, Terrence C. Forstall Jr. and Rachel R. Forstall to Katherine C. Taaffe.
  • MARSHAL FOCH ST. 6744: $499,000, Charles R. Bergeron and Jaimie Ann Gambino Bergeron to Christopher B. Chamberlain and Jennifer C. Chamberlain.
  • MARSHALL FOCH ST. 6509: $635,000, Gregory F. Rouchell to Mark A. Bagnetto and Tammy A. Harvey.
  • N. DERBIGNY ST. 329-31: $35,000, First National Bank USA to Daniel Gibbons.
  • N. RENDON ST. 215: $225,000, Oak Tree Renovations LLC to Sandra Gerhold.
  • ST. ANN ST. 3128-30: $89,900, Rhonda L. Landry to Jason Feder and Rachael Kansas.
  • ST. ANN ST. 625, CHARTRES ST. 809-11-13-15: donation, no value stated, Valentino Investments LLC to American Easement Foundation Inc..
  • ST. LOUIS ST. 2500: $900,000, Flick Real Estate LLC to Lafitte Ventures LLC.
  • ST. PETER ST. 2741-43: $46,500, Carmel Investments LLC to Nitale Investments LLC.
  • TOULOUSE ST. 3150-52: $109,000, Next Level Properties LLC to Moshe Shargian.
  • TOULOUSE ST. 517, WILKINSON ST. 520: $6,100,000, RK Restaurants Holdings Inc. to 515 Toulouse LLC.
  • URSULINES ST. 718, UNIT D: $160,000, William E. Bertrand to Patricia F. Dragovan Foster.
  • VICKSBURG ST. 6135: $325,000, Bernard G. Aronstam to Marlon Aronstam.

3rd District

  • ALABO STREET CORNER N. PRIEUR STREET, SQUARE 960, LOTS 12, 14, 15: donation, no value stated, Old Pathway Baptist Chuch to Cornerstone Missionary Baptist General Association Inc..
  • BRITTANY COURT 4886: $17,000, Jason E. Thompson and Zendre T. Miranda and Erskin R. Thompson to JCC Construction LLC.
  • BULLARD AVE. 7420: $160,000, Armstrong N Construction LLC to Tonia M. Johnson.
  • CAMELIA ST. 4963-65: $48,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Taylors Investments LLC.
  • CAMERON BLVD. 5316, ST. ROCH AVE. 5919, 5934, BACCICH ST. 5515: no value stated, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to St. Bernard Project Inc..
  • CHARTRES ST. 2337-39: donation, no value stated, Raymond J. Spicuzza and Johanna L. Spicuzza to Raymond J. Spicuzza and Johanna L. Spicuzza revocable trust.
  • CHARTRES ST. 2401: $905,000, Dan M. Storper and Amy S. Storper to Matthew J. Jones and Jenelle E. Boucher.
  • CURRAN BLVD. 8200: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Anthony L. King and Nancy R. King.
  • DALEWOOD ROAD 7311: $68,000, Eric A. Cayette and Anne Marie Dupaty Cayette to Charles C. Morell Jr..
  • DESLONDE ST. 1305: $28,600, Federal National Mortgage Association to Hamilton Howard.
  • DWYER BLVD. 14408-10-12-14: $14,000, Khamhieng D. Xayaboupha and Phieng Doungsy to Hector Enrique R. Sanchez.
  • ESPLANADE AVE. 1233: $215,000, Mark Anthony LeBlanc II to Stephanie Claire Bourque.
  • EXPEDITION DRIVE 7620: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Nam V. Nguyen and Lien K. Nguyen.
  • FAUBERG SUBDIVISION, SQUARE B, LOT 4: $132,000, Anthony J. Angelain to Janard L. Taylor.
  • FOCH ROAD 6743: $31,000, Anthony J. Biagas and Michelle Biagas to Maria Alonso.
  • GENTILLY BLVD. 3611: $275,000, Dennis Hartenstein to Webb A. Haymaker and Freya A. Zork.
  • HAYNE BLVD. 5900, 5910: $257,000, First National Bank USA to Daniel Gibbons.
  • JEANNE MARIE PLACE 4528: $190,000, Clayton Ventures LLC to Michael A. Cappo.
  • LOMBARD ST. 2120: $173,000, Liberty Bank Community Development Corp. to Curtis Newsome and Dora Whitfield.
  • LUCERNE ST. 7900: $127,187, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Developmnt.
  • MANDEVILLE ST. 1722-24: $8,616, Ida Mae Angrum to Shannon N. Allen.
  • MUSIC ST. 1216-18: $65,000, Isaac D. Nelson to Champion Services LLC.
  • N. RAMPART ST. 2331, UNIT A: $230,000, Joseph A. Hennessy to Matthew J. Hennessy.
  • N. ROCHEBLAVE ST. 1466-68: donation, no value stated, Joan Mitchell Center on Bayou Road LLC to Strategic Infill Development Initiative LLC.
  • NEW ORLEANS ST. 2526-28: $125,000, Boulaki Proerty LLC to Adam Ramsey and Abdelrazek E. Amer.
  • PAUL MORPHY ST. 1818: $267,000, Fairgrounds Property Management LLC to Laura S. Livoti.
  • ST. CLAUDE AVE. 3419: $1,100,000, St. Margaret’s Daughters to St. Margaret’s Ice Cube LLC.
  • ST. CLAUDE COURT 27: no value stated, Sankofa Community Development Corp. to New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.
  • ST. CLAUDE COURT 27: no value stated, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Sankofa Community Development Corp..
  • ST. ROCH AVE. 1724-26: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kym Valene.
  • ST. ROCH AVE. 5819: $17,200, Frances B. Martin Williams to Yu Zhang.
  • VENUS ST. 4978: $168,000, Brian Saacks and Jessica B. Saacks to Brandon G. Poythress and Rachel N. Poythress.
  • VERMILLION BLVD. 6026: $110,000, Marillyn H. Brou and Brou Family Trust to Amelia M. Hatheway.
  • WALES ST. 13165: $130,000, Calvin W. Britt and Gretchen H. Britt to Monique H. Washington.
  • WIMBLEDON SUBDIVISION, SQUARE D, LOT 16: $119,900, CMLTI Asset Trust to Amonie Johnson.

4th District

  • CHESTNUT ST. 1915: $310,000, Charlene M. Sinclair to Owen Schafer.
  • EIGHTH ST. 913: $393,400, Thomas A. Alexander Jr. and Tamieka A. Frazier Alexander to Amy S. Storper.
  • FIRST ST. 2127: $62,500, William C. Alexander III to Darrell R. Kennedy and Ashley N. Kennedy.
  • THIRD ST. 912: $250,000, DGT Investments LLC to Peter B. Sloss and Kelly W. Sloss.

5th District

  • BRIGHTON PLACE 5843: $196,500, Brett M. Barbier and Jennifer S. Barbier to Andras J. Toth.

Brooklyn Ave. 1030: donation, no value stated, Edward Fields Thymes Jr. to Betty Thymes Williams, Edwina M. Thymes Gillard, Adrienne Therese T. Leflore and Laurette Ann Thymes.

Brooklyn Ave. 1030: $71,000, Adrienne T. Leflore, Edwina T. Gillard, Betty T. Williams and Laurette A. Thymes to Ryan M. Murphy and Elizabeth G. Millsaps.

Brunswirk Court 6227: $39,000, Morgan Stanley ABS Capital 1 Inc. Trust to Triple H. Enterprises LLC.

Pinewood Court 90: $12,000, Beverly A. Gibson Couto to King Ramses LLC.

Stratford Place 6130: $55,000, Octave J. Borne Jr. to Huong Pham and Van D. Pham.

Vallette St. 524-26: $269,000, John B. Wardlaw and Thanh T. Tran to Jessica W. Hayes.

6th District

  • CHESTNUT ST. 4422-22 1/2: $340,000, Michael T. Drury and Ann W. Drury to Ray M. Paternostro.

Laurel St. 5348: $570,000, Michael T. Kochie to Michael C. Eastman.

Magazine St. 3935-37: $1,035,000, Dorian M. Bennett and Micaela K. Bennett to Richard H. Williams LLC.

Magazine St. 5109, 5115: donation, no value stated, Vincent J. Landry to Vincent J. Landry II.

Octavia St. 2714: $333,900, Federal National Mortgage Association to Liliana G. Davila.

Patton St. 6110: $320,000, Albert E. Carpenter Jr. and Sally Logan to Kyle Carpenter.

Prytania St. 5210: $786,618, Lawrence K. Van Hoose and Myra J. Singel Van Hoose to James R. Holmes and Soline D. McLain Holmes.

St. Charles Ave. 4200-02: donation, no value stated, Michael S. Eddins and Katherine H. Eddins to Preservation Alliance of New Orleans Inc..

Valence St. 700-02, Laurel St. 4711: $479,000, Matthew B. Devall to Richard J. Hossfeld.

7th District

  • 40TH ST. 417-19: $170,000, Michael H. Hennessey, Michelle L. Hennessey and Yvette L. Murphy to Ricco V. Impastato and Rhonda C. Impastato.
  • AVENUE A 6555: $320,500, Judy L. Bernard to Rami W. Badr.
  • CHEROKEE ST. 248, UNIT 11: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, donation, Joseph Geller and Edith S. Geller to Edith H. Geller Living Trust.
  • DANTE ST. 2921-23: $115,000, GMAT Legal Title Trust 2013-1 to John M. Lemann.
  • HAMILTON ST. 2701: donation, no value stated, Clarence P. Wineburg and Paulette S. Wineburg to Conchetta T. Wineburg.
  • HEATON ST. 9020-22: $40,100, JP Morgan Acquisition Trust 2007-CH3 Asset-Backed Certificates to St. Joseph Lane LLC.