Transfers for Dec. 21-22


Posey Ave. 554: $230,000, Fatone LLC to Dwayne J. Munch Jr.

Woodward Ave. 615: $294,000, Carole C. Ritchie, Lorraine C. Hebert, Linda C. Bateman, Christian Koerner, Chantal Koerner, Cheri K. Faurie, Caroline Koerner, Conrad Koerner and Christopher Koerner to D106 LLC.


Sherling Gardens subdivision, lot 14, square B: $175,000, Allen J. Polizzi Jr. to Sharon T. Thomassie.


Boimare Ave. 25: $256,000, Alicia D. Waguespack, Janet W. Damiano, Alicia D. Shull and Janet D. Williams to Erin R. Anderson.

Chateau Trianon Drive 22: $451,770, Joseph Abramowicz and Theresa S. Abramowicz to 22 Chateau Trianon Drive Intervivos Revocable Trust.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 132: $105,000, Tafoor U. Hameed and Nabila T. Hameed to Jared H. Golemi.

Lisa Ave. 93: $230,000, Stephen M. Murray to Salem Lemine and Fatma E. E. Lemine.

Morningside Park subdivision, lot 25, square 9: $160,000, Jane T. Jacobi, Lisa B. Theriot, James P. Theriot Jr. and Lisa T. Brickley to Edwin A. Sabillon.

Roosevelt Blvd. 2108: Donation, Darryl I. Woods to Jessica N. Woods.

Sequoia St. 73: $395,081, Reve Inc. to Justin C. Rice and Tara S. Rice.


21st St. 2218: $160,000, Michael F. Letto to Yudany Piedra.

Athania Place subdivision, lot A1: Jec Funding Inc. to Kel Kat Land LLC, $1,452,500.

Bridgedale subdivision, lot 27, square 141A: $325,000, Steven J. Schnauder to Christopher Rodriguez and Alicia M. G. Rodriguez.

Haring Road 3509: Donation, Jennifer Gassen to Mervin J. Eberhardt II.

Jefferson Lakeshore Park subdivision, lot 59A, square O: $217,000, Norman W. Groh to Robert Scallan Jr.

Lemon St. 4017: $297,500, Bulliung Properties LLC to Susan J. Borner and Clare L. Jung.

Manson Ave. 701: $185,000, Sean P. Martin and Jennifer B. Martin to Danny & Nicky Schmidt Investments LLC.

Metairie Heights Ave. 4031: $195,500, Cynthia M. Ratliff to James C. Maes Jr.

Metairie subdivision, lot 8, square 124: $50,000, Claire Anthony and Clare R. Anthony to Best Rents Investments LLC.

N. Upland Ave. 1400: $148,000, Kerry L. Gordano to Caroline Doell.


Rebel Ave. 105: $204,000, Susan S. Canavello to Virginia R. Gregory.

Rebel Ave. 188: $155,000, Joseph D. Sanford Sr. to River Ridge Car Wash LLC.