St. Charles

Transfers for Jan. 1-5


Kellogg Subdivision, Block C, Lot 12: $220,000, Susan Donahue and John A. Thibodeaux, III to Jessalynn B. Newell.


Modoc Plantation, Block B, Lot 9: $21,767, St. Charles Parish to Keith M. Maurin and Brittany Frick.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 12, Square G, Lot 280: $285,000, Peloton Properties, LLC. to Scott P. Kidder and Jennifer Hezeau Kidder.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Square 2, Lot 40-A: $115,000, Michelle Elizabeth Mire Cancienne to Adam Gurry.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Lot 17B: $95,000, Alvin R. Beaubouef Jr. to Taylor Layne Harris.

Ormond country Club Estates, Section Y, Lot 17A: $130,000, Alvin R. Beauboef Jr. to Maria Genovese Beaubouef.

Vitrano Section of Murray Hill Subdivision, Lot 14 and 15: $235,000, Chad M. Faucheux and Nori Gomex Faucheux to Elizabeth Faucheux Canizaro.


Ashton Oaks, Lot 30: $189,900, DSLD Homes, LLC to Kristen Nicole Guilbeau.

Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-C, Square 9, Lot 2: $360,000, Reve, Inc. to James S. Park and Alison Kim Park.

ellington Subdivision, Square 2, Lot 5: $80,000, Debra Tusa Griesardt to Ruby Higgins Sheefel and Charles V. Sheefel.

Gassen Villa, Lot GV-2X: $180,000, Mimosa Homes, Inc. to Wells One Investments, LLC.

Lagattuta Addition No. 2 to Mimosa Park Subdivision, Section 46, Block 12-A, Lot 36: $285,000, Lisa Vial Prosser and Timothy P. Prosser to Jessica Fugua Mason and Scott M. Mason.

Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block C, Lot 85A: $179,500, Kevin Michael Matherne to Justin M. Goodson.

Willowridge Estates, Phase V-A, Square 13, Lot 19: $327,000, Mindy Stanfill and James T. Jones, Jr. to Christopher J. Griffin.


Country Cottage Estates, Phase 2, Lot 49: $320,000, Wesley J. Middlebrook to Todd M. Lozano and Heather Andry Lozano.


Subdivision of East Half of Lot B, Block E, Lot 2: $92,000, Ashley Nicol Gros to Cain Property Management LLC.


Town of Paradis, Lot E: $210,000, Rhonda Simmons Debautte and Kelly P. Debautte to Danny O. Waterman.


Sarpy Farms Subdivision, Lot E-1: $7,210, St. Charles Parish to William J. White.


Oakland Estates (Formerly River Road Estates), Square 2, Lot 15: Donation, Mario Santana, Jr. to Darlene Dourrieu Santana.